Wow, Stop Bitching About the New Facebook Already

October 30, 2008 at 4:06 pm (Misc) (, )

If all the members are unique, there are atleast 5 groups on Facebook based on not liking the new design of the site, totalling over 6 million members. The new design (or the dislike of it) is also getting a lot of attention in the media. My question is, why? I don’t have a problem with the new design. If anything I more have a problem with the new Hotmail that takes longer to load than it used to. If you don’t like the new facebook, adapt or migrate. There are tons of other social networking sites like Tagged, MySpace, etc. It just goes to show how much Facebook has dug into the lives of people that millions of them are ready to throw a tantrum because they made minor little stupid changes to it.


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Facebook Chat

May 2, 2008 at 8:23 pm (Misc) (, , , , , )

As you may have already realized if you’re the average, check-your-wall-every-hour, Facebook
user, they’ve added a chat feature.

I can bet my head on a chopping block that worker productivity atleast across the States and Trinidad have dropped significantly since Facebook introduced this.

Did we really need that? Especially during exam season? No more cyber-stalking people and then sending your friends messages about it later, you can now do it live! I guess this means people’s MSN Messengers will be put down to collect some dust, people who use Hi5 and MySpace instead of Facebook have become even more stupid automatically, and university students and employees who use computers at work may find work and studying even more difficult than usual.

But, you have to give them credit for yet again adding something which we all sorta wanted but didn’t really request. First was Facebook Applications, now Chat. The people at Facebook are like little elves that live in your house who come in when you’re not looking and switch around little things throughout the rooms to make your life easier.

If only it existed earlier

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