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Goals came in the second half.

A brilliant combination among Chris Birchall, Carlos Edwards and Russell Latapy resulted in goal number one with Russell scoring for T&T.

The USA equalized shortly after with a defensive blunder from the Trinidadians resulting in a goal from Davies.

Trinidad and Tobago was then awarded a penalty after Stern John was violently pulled down in the box by Altidore. Dwight Yorke easily converted.

A number of attempts were made by the US strikers after, but they were all off target.

I believe this is one of the few or even first win over the USA by Trinidad in football of all time.

The victory coincides with Cuba also beating Guatemala by 2-1, which places Trinidad in a good position to advance to the next round of qualification should they beat Cuba.

Wow….is God really a Trini??


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Sarah Palin Sex Appeal

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Why do I get excited to see Sarah Palin? She’s obviously an airhead who should just continue being the Governor of Alaska. Her lack of experience is incommensurate with her apparent drive to “reform”, “shake things up in Washington” and perform as either the VP or President of the US. She repeats a multitude of the same sentences from her first speech at the Republican National Convention like she’s some sort of idiot that doesn’t know the media will pick up on it. Its almost as if she has nothing else to talk about other than kiss McCain’s ass calling him a maverick or the stupid “bridge to nowhere” shit that noone cares about. “Thanks but no thanks”..for being a fricking parrot..

But dammit, she’s hot. A damn runner-up for Miss Alaska 1984 and former news reporter (they’re all hot these days) for crying out loud.

Sarah and Todd Palin
Sarah and Todd Palin

She fits the perfect image of the kinky schoolteacher. The smile, hair, glasses, and the infinite skirt suits emit some sort of sex appeal that could probably be that wee little instrument of diplomacy America was missing all along in finally getting Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad to ditch their nuke programs. No wonder McCain always hugs her when they give speeches together, he just can’t get enough of her.

Forget logic and true judge of character and records, the true question that faces American voters, if at all the VP choice is a factor in their choice of candidates, is whether they prefer the occasional prospective VP Joe Biden gaffe for comic relief or staring at and fantasizing over the “VPILF” Sarah Palin

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