Crime, Trinidad & Tobago and Carnival

February 26, 2009 at 3:19 am (news, Trinidad) (, , , )

I opted out of the Carnival celebrations this year. I’m fedup of Carnival.

With what’s going on in the world right now the whole idea of Carnival is just stupid. $500US for a fuckin bikini to jump around Port-of-Spain all fucking day and make a spectacle of yourself primarily for those back at the office and to keep up with the Jones’.

Ofcourse there are nice girls around in those bikinis, but does that matter if you’re not single?

You can actually really have fun just jumping around, but given the current crime rate, will you risk your life to do so?

I won’t, so I went to Tobago.

What a surreal start to that.

I only started planning like early February so ofcourse everywhere except maybe a garbage bin in a public toilet was completely, receptionist-laughing-on-the-phone-at-you, booked to capacity with waiting list systems that I would be at the bottom of. I got lucky one day as I found an ad for Summerland Suites in the local newspapers. Called, spoke to a nice German-sounding lady named Claudia, succeeded in booking, saw its a nice place from its website, took the plane, and landed in Tobago on Friday 20th February ready to chillax. Called Claudia, no answer. Called the other 3 numbers for Summerland, no answer. No worries, I figured that it was early and they probably weren’t up or something. So I took a taxi to the hotel right away.

When I arrived the grim news mercilessly struck me. Ms. Claudia Feldmeier, who I arranged reservations with, was murdered the night before I arrived in Tobago. Sad, stunned and shocked, I managed to get a room at another nearby hotel, which actually turned out to be better than Summerland Suites in my opinion.

I’m so sorry that this had to happen to Ms. Feldmeier. I hope she is at rest and her family is doing well. The first thing that came to mind is if only I could have told her something on the phone so that such a terrible thing may have been prevented.

The aftermath however is classic. Tobago police held a South African man who has been assisting them in their investigations. 2 days ago his lawyers came in from overseas, and the latest is yesterday he has been released. The murder weapon was recovered, but that’s about it. The police are now looking for a man believed to be have been seen fleeing the scene of the crime.

Here is his description according to Tobago police (public should be aware) :


Slim build male

Wow he doesn’t stand a chance now. Some solid police intelligence there. Matter of fact according to that description I’m a suspect.

This crime thing is getting scary now, and the police are getting stupider and more incompetent by the second. The story of this murder is already making waves, Tobago is now even being declared “no longer safe” for foreigners anymore.

I can only hope they catch this piece of shit soon and see that he receives swift justice. If they don’t, I expected that, they’re archaic, shitheads anyway, if they do, cool, but they’re still archaic, shitheads.

On the bright side, Tobago was beautiful. If only there were more jobs there I’d love to move over.


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