Bleach Fillers From Next Week – Enter Amagai Shuusuke

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Yep. No more relevant content will be seen on the anime “Bleach” for quite some time. They’re going to introduce some lame looking new 3rd squad captain called Amagai Shuusuke in Episode 168 on April 23rd as mentioned before.

But, it was inevitable. The Hueco Mundo arc was one of the best, and ended beautifully with Ichigo destroying Grimmjow, holding out his hand to Inoue and telling her to come with him.

End of Hueco Mundo Arc

The only thing which is sort of weird, a minor plot hole if you will, throughout the entire arc is….why didn’t Aizen, Gin or Tousen just come out in Las Noches and kill Ichigo? Anyone of them easily can, and Inoue is central to their plans so the idea of him just being a unworthy challenge not posing any serious threat to them is moot.

But anyway, when you’re badass enough to stifle people just by your presence, you can afford to do illogical shit.

The fillers I guess won’t be too bad. At least the production crew can go bananas over putting in all the shit that wasted our time for the past few months in entire episodes rather than just stealing 5 minutes of each episode that actually had some excitement. What worries me is the length of this “filler season”..we all know how painfully long the Bounto arc was : 44 episodes, and now with all the work of introd

ucing new captains and getting the audience back in touch with seemingly discarded characters like Kon, etc…will this last until the end of the year?..One of the final shots of episode 167 dims the hopes of many fans in getting the viewing of the fillers over with ASAP. Nel actually said “Me and my buddies won’t be around for a while because the higher-ups said so

Nel, Ichigo, Rukia, signalling the start of filler episodes

How long is this “while” going to be? Well, we can only wait and see, and hope Amagai Shuusuke, Matsumoto’s boobs and the countdown to the release of the subbed 3rd Bleach movie, “Diamond Dust Rebellion” keep us entertained in the meantime..

Click here for a complete list of Bleach anime episodes.



  1. Craze said,


    *weeps so hard his tears run crimson with the blood of ultimate frustration*

    Naruto AND Bleach are doing fillers A-F**KING-GAIN. I mean, it would be one thing if they actually changed the later story line so that the fillers matter and the anime story-line deviates from the manga, so that it actually mattered whether or not you watch them. BUT THEY DON’T. They’re so freakin lazy they just throw in this CRAP that you could easily NOT WATCH and still perfectly understand the ultimate plot of the show. I gave up Naruto for the first filler, stopped watching it for a damn year, but for some odd reason I made myself watch the Bleach filler. And it was painful. And they’re BOTH doing it AGAIN, and i can’t make myself stop watching either one. So i weep. Blood. And pray for the future.

  2. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    lol i share your passion

  3. al said,

    i so totally agree with you
    i didn’t even watch the first bleach fillers and started again afta
    even the friggin ichigo and grimjow fight was disappointing…T_T yer and then naruto..i even started watchin shippuudeenn and yet it was similar with stupid fillers so i stoppped
    bleach is tempting me to just go to the manga which i did for a bit but now i feel bad cuz i found out somtin crazyyyyyy to do with nel
    stupid fillers dam u
    quit anime I SWR
    i wish

  4. Jonathan said,

    they did NOT just end the Hueco Muendo arc like that. WTF has happened, wtf is going on, and once again… WTF!

  5. Kazelzgx said,

    Hi!mhwi! xxlqr egyjx rnyyc abdjt

  6. invoked said,

    excuse the bad grammer toward the end of my post, but you get the idea.

  7. zero said,

    umm yea….they did the right thing by putting in fillers b/c the anime was neck and neck with the manga……only like 5 chapters apart thats a little too close….
    puls the episode b4 fillers left a nice cliffhanger…(don’t want to spoil the story)…………the best parts are yet to come…..after the fillers ofc

  8. Jamie said,

    How long do you think that the fillers will last this time around?
    I suppose the only reason I watched the Bounto arc was because
    i wasn’t even familiar with the concept of “fillers” and thought that it was relevant.
    But even so, I still thought that the whole Bounto concept sucked.
    I’m annoyed that just after I was getting really eager about every new episode
    because of the whole Ichigo vs. Grimmjow fight (which I think are the
    absolute best two episodes ever) they go and throw Lurichiyo at me. 😦
    Because of how annoyingly slow this filler seems to be going (yes, i am
    still watching it) I peeked at the manga and…. HOLY F**KING CRAP!!
    That’s what I call a storyline. The whole things with Nel and Nnoitra, Byakuya and Leroux, Zaraki and Nnoitra and Szayel Apporo Granz are amazing. I hope I haven’t said too much. 8= |

  9. deeeee said,

    Dude this filler is a bunch of crap! Gosh! And that Grimmjow Ichigo fight wasn’t as glorious as I saw in the manga. Oh and that stupid hand holding thing is SO FILLER! Omg. I wonder how they’re gonna cover up the fillers this time. >.>

  10. Sigh said,

    Those are really painful, although they are still better the cake baking episode from last summer *grabs her knees and starts rolling on the floor just from sheer memory of it*. I wish they did more of the 2-3 episodes fillers like the Gillian forest in order to let the manga catch up. Those weren’t as bad and didn’t get the viewer all jaded as it jumps right back into the story. Long filler arcs are terrible =(. Reading the manga and watching other series in the meantime…

  11. Dark said,

    0.o NOoooo.. why they have to get my hopes up fully loving this season then den drops me like a brick and wanting more.. 😦

  12. Norbert said,

    I don’t really give a crap about fillers and shit, but this new filler is total shit. At least the Bound Arc was fun to watch kinda, but this new one even has crappier drawings

  13. erika said,

    I was just wondering what episode is that pic with nel,ichigo and rukia?

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