Final Thoughts on US Election – Barack Obama and John McCain

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In 15 minutes from the start of me posting this, November 4th will have arrived, and Americans will go to the polls to choose a president between either John McCain or Barack Obama. I do not support neither of them.

John McCain has run one of the most pathetic, transparently-fake campaigns I’ve ever seen. His policies are made up of the traditional Republican garbage : war, bravado, pander to the rich, no abortion, pander to the Jews (repeatedly saying he won’t “allow another Holocaust” in an interview with O’Reilly), race-baiting, fear-mongering, cast guilt by association, numerous desperate moves, etc. Not to mention he’s been beating the “I’ve been a POW and fought in Vietnam” thing to death in this life, its afterlife and in an alternate universe. He’s just sad and boring. Not to mention his clear-as-day reverse-sexist move of adding some random woman from Alaska as his running mate. McCain and the GOP can say what they want about Palin being a reformer, experienced, etc….the truth is that McCain simply picked Palin to attact disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters, nothing more, nothing less, and the simplicity of that move was enough to completely turn me off from his ticket since then. So for me, I would not vote for him.

Barack Obama on the other hand is full of shit, a total conman. His “change you can believe in” is nothing but pretty words and stupid policies. Tax the rich, handouts to the poor, wow is this Robin Hood? The Rev. Wright thing should have been his end. His healthcare plan is bullshit, and proves how ignorant he is because obviously Hillary Clinton’s Universal health plan is better for everyone, but he refuses to replace his plan with hers. He also refused to even vet her as a VP candidate…the person who got more votes than him in the primary stages of the nomination race. The only reason he’s politically alive right now and not in the ranks of someone like Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul is because people are still mesmerized (after 4 years) by the fact that he’s Black and carries himself confidently like all the established White politicians that we know of (Kennedy, Reagan, etc) and gives good speeches. Maybe its because he frequently borrows entire paragraphs from their greatest speeches. As Clinton herself said, that’s not change we can believe in, that’s change you can Xerox. His associations with Wright, etc are frightening, but I refuse to believe he’s some kinda terrorist, radical, racist madman as Sean Hannity would want us to believe…he’s just a user. He used Wright to establish himself in the black community in Chicago, he may have used Khalid Al-Mansour to help him pay for college, he used ACORN to make himself appear as a champion of the working class, just like he used (and later discarded) Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor, to get a crash course on national security. Ofcourse we don’t hear much about that because ole Zbigniew isn’t Black or crazy like his other associations, but thats what I think he is, a user, which obviously isn’t as frightening, but a cause for concern regardless. In summary, his character is questionable, with a ton of unanswered questions, his policies are shit, his record is shit, why vote for him? Because he has a cute smile and could make a good narrator or motivational speaker?

The media will have you believe that this race is all over, but I beg to differ. The whole world is in for a rude awakening. If you add the margin of error with the undecided votes, not to mention factoring in that nasty Bradley effect, Obama will LOSE most or all of the toss-up states. A 51%-40% national poll doesn’t mean shit.

We can only wait and see I guess. Either way the end result is either :

4 years of McCain, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews gets slapped in the face. MSNBC will probably air a marathon of “Lockup” on November 5th because none of their “reporters” AKA Obama operatives would be able to face the screen to say a damn fucking thing other than cry their eyes out. Palin as comic relief here and there for 4 years, with Hillary Clinton contesting and winning for the nomination in 2012.


4-8 years of Obama, with MSNBC being the new FOX News during the Bush years, with PALIN contesting, maybe winning, and maybe WINNING THE PRESIDENCY in 2012 because Obama fucked up, plausibly due to his inexperience in running anything. The end of the world.


4-8 years of Obama. Real change we can believe in. Roses and butterflies wherever you walk. Eternal joy and happiness.

I seriously prefer scenario 1. Lets see what happens.


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Obama’s Smokescreen

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Someone went snooping around in Barack Obama’s passport file at the State Department. Obama’s people are up in arms, issuing the following statement :

“This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an Administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years. Our government’s duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes. This is a serious matter that merits a complete investigation, and we demand to know who looked at Senator Obama’s passport file, for what purpose, and why it took so long for them to reveal this security breach,” Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement.

I personally watched MSNBC cover this for over an hour, nonstop, since the story broke.

Intentional or not, this is a smokescreen by Obama’s campaign, which the media will gladly, with a smile, a “‘shiver up the leg”, a steak and a blowjob, cooperate with. Ok, it is a big deal, people shouldn’t really be snooping around in your records, especially records which detail every country you’ve visited your whole life…but um, don’t try to make it into some kinda conspiracy…”the man’s out to get you” thing. It just isn’t. Its a plain case of a couple of employees recognizing a name and being curious, and well… breaking a few laws in doing so and therefore got their ass fired, end of story. It would be cool to say “if I see coverage of this story continue till Monday I’ll strip off my clothes and roll in dog shit” but I’m pretty sure I would be doing some rolling on Monday if I were to take that to heart. My problem is, its only been a few hours since the story came out but hey, lets move on. What the fuck is next? “BREAKING NEWS : OBAMA’S MISSING HIS SOCKS”?

Its a whole new Pandora’s box being opened, examining and speculating all sorts of bullshit (the Republicans are behind it, Hillary Clinton is behind it, whether they added shit in the file, what they did with it, the timeline, why they did it,…ahh!)…that almost, conveniently I might add, takes our minds off the scandal of the last two weeks. But, give it up, the Obama campaign needs to join the pack and make up more stupid excuses for my entertainment about Obama’s story of “typical white people” or about how much Rev. Wright means to them….because this shit is not going to make us forget it.


Turns out, the 2 nosy employees who checked out Obama’s file….checked out McCain’s file and Clinton’s file as well!! So now the attention is again shared between his diversionary tactic speech, described by MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s (seen in drag in this video) as one Abraham Lincoln would give…and ofcourse his relationship with Rev. Wright.

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