UWI is F^%$ Retarded

February 27, 2009 at 8:42 pm (Rants, Stress, Stupidity, Technology, Trinidad) ()

Seriously, the University of the West Indies is full of shit.

Bored today I thought I’d throw in an application for a Master’s degree at UWI. The deadline is tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen between now and September, the start of the new academic year, I may change my mind, but I think its better to apply now to at least qualify, as changing your mind does not require an application.

I knew beforehand that the application as claimed by UWI is online-based, so no worries. They state this here :

Please note that The University of the West Indies has moved to ON-LINE APPLICATIONS and you will therefore be required to visit our website at http://www.sta.uwi.edu/postgrad where information on all programmes to be offered for the upcoming academic year and instructions on “How to Apply” are available.

Let me pause for a minute and share the Wikipedia definition of “online”.

Online – Describes a system which is connected (generally electrically) to a larger network; Available over the internet; Available on a computer system, even if not networked.

However upon completing the application form, I’m being told that I must send my referees a form which they must print out, complete, sign, put in a sealed envelope, which I must then collect, and bundle that along with other hard copy documents including a printout of the completed application form to be submitted by post or by hand to UWI

In other words UWI is fucking retarded. The application process is NOT ONLINE. Its like saying let me give you this book for free, but excuse me while I hold your wallet and take $5 out of it for no particular fucking reason. Needless to say I’m not making the deadline, and can only hope its accepted by next week. Assholes.



  1. Mike said,

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  2. sexythang said,

    umm now they r completely online…thats how i applied and i got in

    • Nik said,

      Are you sure?

      And if so, that only took something like 6 years to accomplish. How world-class of UWI to take a minimum of 6 years (it may have been longer) that any other international university accomplished in 1 year…in the 1990s!

  3. k brown said,

    It really is full of crap cuz i tried to apply but i only see 1 graduate program to apply for and im an undergraduate,i really dont get it.I put all my information in but i can’t see any of the other programs to click on so now im stuck.

  4. Rosalie said,

    it is not completely online you do have to print the forms for the referees.
    The University needs a complete overhall. The staff needs rotating and some need dismissing. They are among the most ill-mannered staff i have ever met. If I am the 100th person that ask the same question, it is not my fault – do not chew me up and spit me out. High salaries, good surroundings, what’s the problem, especially with the female staff in the library, student services, medical facilities, the female bus driver, the male driver than wears the glasses (he is so moody). And the supervisor, out a messenger to supervise and look what you get.

    Online my tail, you can renew your book on line but can’t take it out; security will take it away from you. Then give security a computer so that he can check the book. You should not have to stand in a long line with the other persons that have not used the online facility to get your book stamped, as if it was not renewed online. ,

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