A Video Portrait of Barack Obama

June 24, 2008 at 5:09 am (Barack Obama, Entertainment, Misc, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Please see this video here :

Video Portrait of Barack Obama

Very damaging. John Edwards really bashed him at that debate…ofcourse that was never covered by the 527 political action committees AKA the mass media.


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Trinidad beats Bermuda 2-0 to Advance into Next Round of WC Qualification

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A first half strike from Dutch-based striker Daryl Roberts and a controversial header by Stern John pushed Trinidad past Bermuda into the next round of WC 2010 qualification. The Bermudan side had serious problems with John’s goal as it was allowed to be scored by the referee while the Bermudan players waited for a substitution to be made, with some 20 minutes left to be played in the second half. Darryl Roberts, one of very few new names who continue to impress, converted within 10 minutes of the first half.

Funny. When I heard Stern John scored I held by breath till I heard it was ruled off-side…but no…it could have just been disallowed entirely seeing that the entire Bermudan defense except for their goalkeeper wasn’t paying attention, as they were waiting for their substitution to take place. Darryl Roberts on the other hand did well with an early goal.

So wow, they did it, but just barely, and with a large degree of controversy, against Bermuda i.e. At one time they only left ONE defender behind the ball in their onslaught of attacks against the Bermudan goal. The problem is, such strategies cannot work against the likes of Mexico, USA, Guatemala and Cuba who Trinidad will face in the next round of qualification. As a matter of fact its extremely worrying that Trinidad only managed to scrape past Bermuda, ranked #139 in the world, when the USA is making light work of such teams as they beat Barbados 8-0 earlier this month. For now Trinidad supporters can breathe a sigh of relief, but a lot of work has to be done if they are to advance any further.

Regardless of the outcome today or in the future : BRING BACK THE REAL TEAM, DOWN WITH JACK WARNER.

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Trinidad and Tobago in Do or Die Match vs Bermuda for World Cup Qualification

June 22, 2008 at 6:00 am (Football, Politics, Rants, Sports, Trinidad)

Yes..That’s no typo. The team that shocked the world and drew with Sweden at the 2006 World Cup, the team that had Sven Goran Ericsson reaching for the Pepto Bismol up until Peter Crouch’s Hairpull of God’s Goal..has to beat Bermuda today, by atleast 2 clear goals in order to escape elimination from the 2010 WC qualifiers. This predicament is a result of them losing to Bermuda last week 2-1..

Surely I expected a poor performance but certainly not a loss. With a team whose average age is about 30-something…with obscure, no talent players with names such as “Ming” and “Frick”, I never in 2 lifetimes would have expected this result. And then the after match commentary by the space cadet of a coach Francisco Maturana had me on the floor rolling. Speaking to the press, Maturana attributed the loss to a “overconfident attitude” by the Trinidad side….the idea of this man to attribute multiple wasted chances and ridiculous defensive blunders to an attitude problem.

How does the goalkeeper lying down on the ground for seemingly an eternity after a slight collision with a Bermudan player and in doing so allows another Bermudan player to easily score a goal an attitude problem?

What does attitude have to do with Osei Telesford, supposedly a star of the local league, and more capable of playing on the team rather than the more experienced, World Cup experienced, Brent Sancho, chasing down Bermuda attackers, only to not tackle them and simply spectate while they score a goal or make passes?

What the fuck does he take us for? Jack Warner is clearly pulling the strings again and telling Maturana not to select the black-listed players who opposed him after it is clear that he is misappropriating FIFA monies that are due to them.

Where are Marvin Andrews, Christopher Birchall, Cornell Glen, Shaka Hislop, Avery John, Russell Latapy, Dwight Yorke, Cyd Gray, Densil Theobald, Evans Wise, Tony Warner, Ricky Shakes, etc????

Probably crying somewhere for seeing their disgrace of a successor or laughing at Jack Warner for thinking he could just throw any idiot on the team to achieve the greatness they did. I’m indifferent to the result tomorrow because may the best team win, and I don’t see how the following team, even though its comprised of remnants of the real T&T team can ever be the better team when matched up against most football teams :

GK Clayton Ince, Jan Michael Williams

DF Kern Cupid, Kareem Smith, Dennis Lawrence, Ancil Farrier, Michael Edwards, Makan Hislop

MID Stephan David, Osei Telesford, Hayden Tinto, Carlos Edwards, Keon Daniel, Aurtis Whitley, Khaleem Hyland

FW Stern John, Jason Scotland, Darryl Roberts

So what must happen will happen. Paraguay beat Brazil 2-0 in the South American Qualifiers, Russia beat Holland yesterday 3-1 in the Euro 2008 quarterfinals..maybe Trinidad’s defeat and yet to be seen early exit will be deemed another sporting anomaly or upset….If only the consequences were that simple.

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Command and Conquer 3 : Kane’s Wrath

June 5, 2008 at 4:33 pm (Uncategorized)

While basking in my free time and vacation I’ve been seriously playing this game. I just finished it after 2 days. Why the hell is it so addictive? I think its the non-linearity of it all. The fact that I can complete a mission in a seemingly infinite number of ways : sit back, defend and drop nukes, rush the enemy base with tanks, bombard them with air attacks, strategically use a commando…good stuff. Gamespot gave it a 7.5..but these are the people that gave Jak 2 a 9.1. For me its a 9.5. The guy who acted as Kane since the first few C&C games is back, there’s the “evil” bimbo who gets killed mid-way in the campaign, there are aliens…wonderfully entertaining.

See a video to understand

The end of the game described spoiler-free leaves you hanging as to what happens next, and to make it worse :

According to German fansite CnC-Inside, Mike Verdu confirmed in an interview that there’s not going to be a second expansion pack for Tiberium Wars – http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/news

So we probably won’t know what the hell happened till C&C4. It doesn’t really matter however as the story is and has always been a sort of crazy, wayward, almost nonsensical one, particularly for the NOD campaign. Thankfully there is the Skirmish mode to keep us busy till the next release.

There is however an interesting new C&C game scheduled for release soon, C&C:Red Alert 3 which is based on a hypothetical WW3 between Japan, the Allies and the Soviets which theoretically could have took place if Hitler never rose to power. It ofcourse, isn’t out yet else I would still be in awe behind the screen making stuff blow up, but it is one of the most anticipated games at E3 this year (July 15-17) along with the sequel for another past obsession, Fable.

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Postmortem of England vs Trinidad International Friendly

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What can I say more? Since the day the date of the match was first announced I’ve been saying it : You can’t beat England with a local based ‘C’ team. Should I cite myself? Great international embarassment. Undisputed Truth (2008)? Some quotes from the English announcers during the match :

(T&T 0 – Eng 2)
Announcer 1 :
“A score to settle they’ve been calling this match…so called ‘revenge’ for the World Cup, hahaha”

(T&T 0 – Eng 3)
Announcer 1 :
“This team…well certainly not this personnel..this country
drew with Sweden at the World Cup”

(T&T 0 – Eng 1)
Announcer 1 :
“The right back…Keon Cupid..he hasn’t been applying any pressure at
all…(replay shown)look at him there…he isn’t even running with
Ashton he’s just been…”

Announcer 2 :
“Ball watching”

Announcer 1 :
” Yes!….and he’s the rightback!”

(T&T 0 – Eng 3)
Announcer 1 :
“There’s Dwight Yorke…expected to come on maybe for the next 20

Announcer 2 :
“..probably telling the manager “make it 10, make it 10”

Announcer 1&2 :

(T&T 0 – Eng 3)
Announcer 1 :
“Well we’ve come to the end of a poor display by Trinidad and
Tobago…. it must be said”

Me : Absolutely pathetic. The “score” still isn’t “settled”…T&T needed about 5 more goals for their rank lackluster, shitty, embarassing performance. From Kern Cupid unnecessarily kicking the ball out of touch to give England a corner, to Khaleem Hyland’s slow, sloppy uninspiring “debut”…to the 1,000,000,000th time Stern John has been caught offside (because it wouldn’t be planet Earth if Stern John wasn’t caught offside) to the unfortunate injury and 7th minute exit of Kenwyne Jones, to England having like 70% of possession and running circles around the defenders..it was just a total train wreck.

Good performances were there however, like diamonds buried in mud in a pigsty, from Carlos Edwards, Aurtis Whitley, Dwight Yorke and to some degree Daryl Roberts. Clayton Ince did his job despite the scoreline, but it doesn’t matter because he’s about to be 36, seems unfit and every dog can have their day once in a while.

Bottom line : I hope it woke up the TTFF that they’re making a mistake by SNUBBING foreign-based, obviously more talented players for so-called “homegrown” players who happen to play in the karate/wrestling with a ball most inferior of all time league they call the Pro League (hilarious)..recent feedback has shown otherwise however, as most people seem to think that the scoreline just indicates how “good” England is. Its funny though that that was the scoreline for England without 7 of their Man. U and Chelsea stars, and with a virtual walkout of most of their players in the 2nd half, where they used 6 substitutions…including the goalkeeper for goodness sake..

“Don’t worry” “Not disappointed” says Technical Director Lincoln “Tiger” Phillips..

Such a display is cause for worry, regardless of it being a friendly. We can only hope they can get it right before the start of the World Cup qualifiers in 2 weeks..

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