John McCain’s Age

February 28, 2008 at 3:20 am (Politics)

I have utmost respect for John McCain. Being a POW in Vietnam of all places and going through shit like this :

McCain Captured

is no joke. However, after seeing him on TV a few times, I can’t help but notice how frickin old he looks. He’s 73 years old!

Here’s a picture of him now :John McCain

he looks like those old men who “think they still got it”. His hands are like raisins. He needs to chill out, go home, take a cruise around the world with his trophy wife who is 19 years younger than him :


and leave this presidency shit to other people. Seeing him on TV give speeches and debate and be on the campaign grind reminds me of seeing the Pope John Paul II….pretty much do anything in public. You feel sorry for them because they’re out there fighting like hell for a stupid job at this very old age instead of retiring their asses and enjoying life like they’re supposed to at age 70+. Seriously, someone close to him needs to get him to quit., for his own good.


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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore

February 27, 2008 at 7:41 am (Life, Music)

It suddenly hit me that I’m fond of 90’s music the most. I like 80’s stuff too and ofcourse the contemporary top 40 Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, etc…but none to me is as good as music from the 90’s. From A Tribe Called Quest to Zhane, i’m trying to atleast get the song titles of all popular music from this period and buy all the albums someday. But wait, everyone should know by now that their parents always worship music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, i.e, music released when they were young. As I was young during the 90’s , am I then going through the same phase? Is it a common fact that you WILL love the music you grew up on? I guess I’m just getting old..

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We Will Take Revenge on Your Behalf

February 26, 2008 at 5:00 am (Anime, Misc)

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on the net ever, regardless of its simplicity. Fans of the animé “Jigoku Shoujo” aka “Hell Girl” will love this one :

Check it out!

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Missed a Spot?

February 24, 2008 at 6:58 pm (Politics, Trinidad)

The Community Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) was instituted by the PNM government, supposedly designed to provide employment for the unskilled in the form of “community enhancement” which based on the projects CEPEP workers have completed so far seem to be cleaning up the streets and empty lots of Trinidad and Tobago. Reportedly over $1.6 billion TTD has been spent on the programme to date, including $115/day (approximately $2300/month) for all of these hard-working employees. Strangely enough, soon to graduate with a university degree, the only real offer i’ve had so far was a $1000/month internship with an upcoming online company and the all too familiar $2000/month with the government’s On-the-Job Training (OJT) programme.

Ironic? Funny? Strange? You would think that with a wage equal to or in some sad cases higher than someone with tertiary education or secondary education, the streets of Trinidad and Tobago would be clean enough to sleep and have breakfast on. But, from now on, i’ll be taking pictures of all the “missed spots” of the generously paid, useless, incompetent CEPEP workers of the wasteful, unnecessary, slap-in-the-tax-payers-face CEPEP program. Here is one to get the ball rolling : A drain in Curepe close to the Priority Bus Route.

A drain in Curepe

News Article

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Obama Drama

February 23, 2008 at 8:44 am (Politics, Rants)

Obama extends lead

Well, to my surprise, its come to this. Barack Obama, a young, perfect personification of the term “johnny come lately” with negligable experience in politics….has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming President of the United States. John McCain, who looks like he may just collapse at any given time is pretty much already the Republican candidate for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, my choice, confident, strong, clear and committed as ever to bringing real solutions to the table, looks like she may have to wait yet another 4 years or even 8 years if Obama were to win and be elected a 2nd term, given his current lead over her.

But why? Why is he beating the wife of one of the most popular U.S presidents since Ronald Reagan, Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton in the race? Apart from her popularity from just being his wife, Hillary Clinton has decades of stripes in fighting for healthcare and children. On the other hand, the only thing about Obama that is interesting is his race and his public speaking skills.

Al Sharpton (a black man), in his bid to capture the Democratic nomination garnered no more than 5% max at each primary and caucus for which he contended. His entire campaign was based on entertaining one-liners (”Unlike Governor Schwarenegger, I do my own stunts”), jokes, and nonsense talk. Here now in 2008 we have the repeat of the same thing, with a bit more finesse and eloquence, yet Obama is WINNING primaries by significant margins.

Why can’t people see beyond the color of his skin? Yes he’s black, hurray for breaking the status quo, but is he really what the media has created him to be? The Lord and Savior of America? Is he really more suitable over any of his competitors? To give credit where it is due, he does indeed have a way with words, but a President is a President, not a motivational speaker. Would you vote for Joel Osteen to handle the affairs of the most powerful and influential country in the world? Or would you leave him to continue giving nice speeches, and leave that up to people who know what they’re doing? America is mixing it up. The democrats are mixing it up, again. Didn’t they learn from John Kerry? Stop fooling around and nominate the best candidate to compete with the Republicans. Before it was Howard Dean, now its Hillary Clinton.

If only people weren’t so blinded by his rhetoric. Analyze his speeches, any speech, even his speech at the Democratic National Convention for the last presidential election which was so inspiring and boldly delivered that he only became a political force to be reckoned with at that moment, they’re all the same.

America is on its way forward
The audacity of hope
They said it can’t be done
It’s time for change
We are the change that we seek
Americans believe in an America where anything is possible

What does it all mean? What the fuck is the “audacity of hope”??? Change what?? Why?? Its all a hot pile of bullshit. Many a time I’ve seen him dodge detailed, specific, bullshit-proof questions, only to come back shortly after with even more of this feel-good rhetoric of his.

This entire situation to me is like someone promoting a product for which you’ve never seen, touched, heard about, smelled or tasted, but keeps brainwashing you of how good the product is, how much different it will make your life, how happy you will become, how brave you will be to use it, charging you a million dollars for it…and…….you happily purchase it.. The product can very well be air or bottled water for all you know, but you choose to put your faith into the description and articulation of it by the person selling it, rather than your own pragmatism.

But, things they say happen for a reason. Its about time the democrats learnt a lesson in character judgement. Let Barack Obama the used-car salesman/Black Joel Osteen/little boy from Sweeney Todd that tried to pass off “piss and ink” as a cosmetic/pastor win the Democratic party’s nomination… that he can be torn to pieces by the Republicans and let them win. OR, let him win both, be the first Black president, the American news channels, A&E and the History Channel will go to town with all of the insight into how siginificant it would be, blah blah blah, and then lets all see Pastor I mean President Obama handle a problem, say, talking to the North Korean President, Kim Jong-Il about stopping nuke programs, using the same drivel and rhetoric without substance as he does now, see that approach fail miserably and with much embarassment, come back here, and allow me to tell you that… I told you so.

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Obey the Sign

February 16, 2008 at 5:16 am (Uncategorized)

On my way to class I found these…..series of signs stuck on a stationery/photocopy store in St. Augustine. It seems that people just refuse to obey the poor lady’s sign for “No Parking”..


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Group Work

February 15, 2008 at 5:42 am (Uncategorized)

I’m really beginning to despise the idea of group work. In my first year of University I groaned, but accepted it as something to aid in my development, as its very likely I may have to work in groups for a job sometime, so its good to get practice now…Here I am in the second semester of my fourth year with FOUR big coursework group projects all due around the same time. Why? I’m in final year, I think I have ample experience with group work projects by now. Quite. And what if I don’t get enough experience or practice before I start my career? Working with people isn’t rocket science, geez, i’ll learn within the first week. Or is it for lecturers to believe that they have “varied teaching methods”. At the end of the day, they read slides, some even plagarize from books, tell us what’s coming for exams, and get paid. Rarely have I ever enjoyed learning in a class. Rarely have I even truely learned.

Worse thing is, group work can affect your grades negatively if fate bands you together with a bunch of assholes. The thing is, UWI is full of assholes. I’ve been lucky thus far to get to work with some smart, hard-working people…most of the time…Everyone’s not as lucky. What will you, the person who would like a good grade in a course through your dedication and hard work, do or be bestowed with if all the people you have to work with can’t spell, use ridiculous grammar, don’t show up for meetings, use only google for research and are just plain stupid? Three options : fail, get a shitty grade, or kill yourself doing the project solo with the large possibility of ending up with the 2 aforementioned results.

Then there’s the drama factor..especially in all-girl groups as I’ve witnessed. Girls always seem to take the whole accepting another girl as the leader or “someone-who’s-done-more-work-than-me” thing…really badly. There’s infighting, backstabbing, sabotage, going to the lecturer to complain about other members, the forming of camps against each other, lying,  power-struggling, crying…real “Real World – Las Vegas” stuff. And all over nonsense. I once witnessed 4 girls not show up for a group meeting called for by another girl because “she arranged the time without consulting with them”..even though they were closeby (they purposely left just before the meeting was planned to be commenced) and their schedules were totally free. Its obvious that they were bitching about the idea of the girl being perceived as the leader…cuz if she’s the leader that would just be the end of their world…6 credits aside.

Its just unfair bullshit. Group work should be optional, peer marking mechanisms should be stronger, or atleast just let the first year students have the fun of doing them….

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The Unbelievable iPhone

February 11, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Uncategorized)

What a waste. I found this so funny :

Feb 6, 2008 12:48 AM

Hi, I have
put customised ringtones on my iPhone which is great, is it possible to
put customised text message tones on the iPhone, the limited selection
is pretty poor?


Unfortunately no we cannot customize our message tones presently. It
may be possible in the future once the SDK(software development kit) is
released later this month.

Shane Brauer

LOL. You can’t customize your $399-iPhone’s message alert? lol. MAY be possible? My year-old Nokia 6103 can do that. Just goes to show how some expensive things usually are really just filled with a bunch of useless shit and neglects the simple things that consumers actually would like to have….or that Apple just blows.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Midnight Bother

February 11, 2008 at 5:19 am (Uncategorized)

After 10 years of blogging (in some form or fashion) sporadically, i’m back. Why? I don’t know..I have a life and a significant other, and i’m certainly not just jumping on the blogging what is it? Well after analyzing what I’ve always yapped about online I’ve realized that most of my posts share the common denominator of ranting. Politics..relationships… cream flavours..movies…Darfur…I’ve touched on just about everything. It would therefore logically follow that if I only post stuff like this, not consistently, but in the little by little way i’ve done over a period of time, this must be somehow therapeutic to me. Facebook notes and my MSN Live Space just doesn’t add up to venting to anyone who stumbles into here. Its great that I can find this little blurb through google to support my theory :

A new survey finds that 50 percent of bloggers blog as a form of self-therapy. In fact, according to a survey conducted by AOL and Digital Marketing Services, a research firm specializing in Web-based surveys, therapy is a big motivator for bloggers, more so than politics, news, and/or gossip.

“What we’ve noticed is that bloggers aren’t necessarily wannabe journalists, or people out to break news or get noticed by the public. They’re writing for themselves, and their blogs serve as a recreational and therapeutic outlet for their thoughts,” said Bill Schreiner, vice president, AOL Community, in a statement. “In a way, blogs serve as oral history. When it comes to sharing blogs and reading other people’s blogs, we like to connect with people, learn about their lives, and find common ground.”

Other survey findings are in step with the self-therapy theme. For example, 54 percent of those polled say they like to share their thoughts and feelings with others. And in times of high anxiety, nearly one out of three respondents (31 percent) turn to either writing in their blog or reading the blogs of other people who are experiencing similar issues; that’s six times as many as those who prefer to seek help and counseling from a professional (5 percent).”

So to prevent emotional constipation…here’s my first blog for 2008.

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Saturday Morning Sketch

February 9, 2008 at 7:50 am (Uncategorized)

I’m putting my trackers here just to see if I get any visitors at all.

eXTReMe Tracker

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