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It’s been a while. Recently I’ve taken up online gaming as another pastime…probably a cause and effect situation there..Traditional RPGs and strategy games are continuing to bore me with either their impossible or idiotic AI. As a matter of fact all games are boring to me. I look forward to getting a Nintendo Wii as the control dynamics are a radical departure from what we’ve been accustomed to in gaming for the last 2 decades.

However, so far PC games still manage to interest me, particularly Warcraft 3 with the Frozen Throne expansion. The replayability of the game is infinite. The ability to design and play custom maps is the most valuable feature I’ve ever seen in a game. It gives the game a DVD player feeling…you can never get fed up of it as long as new DVDs (maps) come out. Its gotten to the point that some people know about a particular custom map more than the client, WC3, itself.

That custom map is Defense of the Ancients (DotA), and its taking the world of gaming by storm. DotA is played at countless worldwide gaming tournaments, including Blizzard’s BlizzCon, a DJ guy from Sweden made a song about it (almost 5 million views), approximately 50,000 people play it everyday on the Garena Gaming client, its popular at LAN parties and its by far the most widely supported, most popular game mod of all time. I play DotA on Garena, mostly the Caribbean, US, Canadian or Australian rooms. I learnt a lot since my first time playing online :

1) Computer AI even on the Insane setting can never compare to Human players. They aren’t necessarily harder than AI, but they mostly use cheaper methods to win.

2) Online gaming sucks because of people who leave in the middle of a game.

3) If you’re playing DotA online, 99% of the time its AP (All Pick) mode.

4) Most DotA players are rude, nerdy, cool-in-their-own-world, assholes.

Number 4 is the most annoying. Many of a time I’m teamed up with people through random meets who take the game too seriously, they abuse you with the word “noob” if you make the slightest mistake or can’t literally work magic in game situations, and ban you from their hosting a game if you’re not an obsessive asshole like them. The banning thing is another out of the loop with reality situation. What if one person bans you from their host out of thousands of people including yourself who can host games? Is that a power thing? It makes them feel important? What’s next you gonna take down my IP address and cross it out with red ink?

Another thing is some people leave if they don’t like the hero or mode they got, if they get killed too often, or if they’re upset that after making money (farmining) for the entire game without helping out, that they don’t make much a difference to its outcome. Some players know every single detail of DotA as if it were the alphabet, anally stick to skill and item builds, use scripted, cheap moves, and call themselves “Pro” as a result. They also laugh at and tease people who don’t share these inane “skills”.

I have no problem with “pros” but the attitude of some, is the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen on the net. They believe that real noobs, or accused noobs like me, are….losers. lol. The skills, items commands and strategies of DotA are so vast it would likely take someone new a good few weeks into months of excessive gaming to halfway master. In other words, you’ll have to truly devote your life to it, memorizing item recipes, using complicated shorthand like ww, vang, chick, mid mia, SK, DC, AoM, PotM, FF, etc…In other words…be a total frickin geek.

Therefore if I was “pro”, I’d keep that on the DL, I think its pretty embarassing to people who live a normal life that you’ve mastered a custom map of a dated game and u can pwn noobs using lycan in 30 mins. So what if someone sucks at DotA, there’s no need to be an unadulterated pompous dickhead to them for asking questions which you happen to have the answer to because you spent hours of your life mastering a videogame or for simply beating them. I won’t say “better than” because most losses I’ve had in DotA and mainly because of lack of communication and teamwork There were many instances when I would lose in a 5v5 game then come back and have long winning streaks against the same people in 1v1 games. I’d love to know the stats for the average amount of times “pro” DotA players have sex, with the opposite sex or how many have girlfriends…jobs…cars…you know, real things you should really be “pwning”. People may suck at DotA…but for those who don’t, they most likely suck at life.  Which is more important to you?


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