Neon Genesis Evangelion Sucks

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“Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Shin Seiki Evangerion?), commonly referred to as NGE, Eva, or Evangelion, is a commercially and critically successful, influential and popular Japanese anime that began in October 1995;”

“A titanic and compelling show. The most controversial series ever made. The greatest anime of all time. These are just some of the things you will hear if you mention Evangelion”

” Mere words cannot do Eva justice. Neon Genesis Evangelion is just incredible. I am in asolute awe of its genius and depth. I loved the combination of religion, philosophy, and science fiction. This series stands as the best anime ever.”

“Evangelion is a genius work of storytelling. The way it can make 26 episodes make one great story with the most definite solution to a problem (mankind) I have seen yet, makes me feel really happy inside.”

“If u had to pick among all of the Japanese anime ever created… Neon Genesis Evangelion has to be one of, if not THE most influential animes ever created. “

These are just some of the things people are saying about NGE on the net. Its basically a global worship of it. And I can go on until tomorrow finding quotes.

It baffles me though. Why??? Well, I think I qualify as an almost veteran-level Otaku now.  Just some of what I’ve seen and continue to follow include : 

  • Sailor Moon
  • Dragonball/Z/GT
  • Inuyasha
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Death Note
  • Naruto/Shipuuden
  • Fooly Cooly
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Bleach
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Elfen Lied
  • Tokyo Majin
  • Gundam Wing
  • G Gundam and..over the Carnival holidays..Neon Genesis Evangelion

So I’m no n00b. However, I’m yet to see what’s the big deal about NGE. It isn’t deserving of most of the worship of anime fans as its been subjected to, and for crying out loud, stop saying its the work of a genius.

I really did try to like NGE, after having read some of the above comments about it. But I tried and failed, as not only does NGE not live up to its hype, but I think it SUCKED, to the point of, after watching all 26 episodes and the movies, being angry for wasting approximately 1000 minutes of my time.

NGE is a mishmash of religious symbols with inexplicable, very loose or even non-existent connections to the actual storyline, bundled together with a cast of some sick, seemingly sociopathic and weird characters, plus a large dose of confusing science fiction. And I’m not just deducing all this based on the fact that after much thought, research and second viewings of episodes that I still don’t understand what the fuck most of what was injected into the story means as it was said : 

Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool.

Kazuya Tsurumaki, Assistant Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion

“Evangelion is like a puzzle, you know. Any person can see it and give his/her own answer. In other words, we’re offering viewers to think by themselves, so that each person can imagine his/her own world. We will never offer the answers, even in the theatrical version. As for any Evangelion viewers, they may expect us to provide the ‘all-about Eva’ manuals, but there is no such thing. Don’t expect to get answers by someone. Don’t expect to be catered to all the time. We all have to find our own answers.” 
Hideaki Anno, Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion 

Not that I needed to find quotes from the people that actually thought up NGE to support my opinion, but wow. “Find our own answers”?  Sounds like lecturers who come to class, don’t do anything remotely relevant to the actual course they’re lecturing for, and then when students complain they say that they’re not into spoonfeeding.

Calling evil robots names of angels from in the Bible, including the scene of a 14 year old masterbating over an unconscious girl and having vague endings isn’t “classic” to me. The Human Instrumentality Project is a bunch of artsy-fartsy bullshit that makes no sense to anyone not fond of thinking in the extreme abstract. Anno urges us to find our own answers because he himself has no answers for the very thing he created. Viewers on the other hand see NGE, not understand half of it, and thus equate this misunderstanding and vagueness to a great work of art. I appreciate the fact that the characters were complex, but who really cares? Is this a soap opera? Is it really a selling point to say that they’ve taken an extraordinary amount of screen time delving deep into the psyche of….animated characters? The protaganist, Shinji Ikari, is as annoying as they come. In the final episode/movie, he behaves like such an absolute pussy that it was painful to continue watching.

Its stated on Wikipedia that

“Hideaki Anno, the director of the anime series, had suffered from clinical depression prior to creating the series, and the psychological aspects of the show are based on the director’s own experiences with overcoming this illness.

Um, I guess that meant he just injected his own crazy talk he used to mumble to himself when he was depressed or high into the dialogue after they ran out of money towards the end of the series (“There were serious budget and schedule restraints in the later episodes of the series”) and needed something to “to help distinguish”  EVA from…well other anime that make sense. Interestingly, the themes of the last several episodes reflect the preceding sentence.

 All in all, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a bunch of bullshit, on a level as verbose as its title, designed to wow us into thinking it should be placed on a high pedestal over other anime as one of outstanding artistic integrity, when in fact its just an average mecha anime, thinly veiled with nonsensical messages pulled out of Psychology textbooks and Religious texts, injected with the “personal experiences” of its director, at an attempt of making it much more that it actually is.



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  3. viekevie said,

    Where are your old blogs? I’m intrigued.

  4. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    archives of old blogs are on the right viekevie, if u mean old blogs as in those on another site, i deleted them ages ago.

  5. Craze said,

    So what you’re basically saying is:

    “Evangelion sucks because I’m to stupid and/or lazy to try and understand.”

    Quoting the creators about how it’s possible to create your own meanings is a cop out. Yes, Evangelion wove a wide range of bullshit into its science fiction and drama, but that’s what sets it out from the pack. The fact that Evangelion has such wide appeal even now stems from the fact that it IS possible to put the puzzle of possibly random bullshit together into a fair semblance of order, with a few things here and there left for speculation and your imagination. Some people actually LIKE having a puzzle to put together, and not many animes do that nearly as well as Evangelion did (or Serial Experiments Lain…though that’s another discussion entirely).

    • vishnu r said,

      i’ve gone as far as the 17th episode & there’s still no explanation of any sort about the angels, the precedence for the story, the characters’ M.O,etc. it was a bad anime beyond any doubt. they just kept going, padding the episodes with fan service and stupid angsty moments of that complete pussy shinjie. i don’t understand how anyone can find it in their hearts the strength or in their minds the valid platform for a plausible arguments as to it’s enjoyability. everything was thrown in last minute by a bunch of basement nerds at the water cooler on a sunday morning. i mean, even gurren laggan sort of redeemed itself as the episodes went by, but this, the empty characters, and the director’s “no questions! that’s how it is, you better accept it” apprach didn’t help.

  6. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    I’m not familiar with Serial Experiments Lain, but thanks for identifying it as something similar to NGE so that I won’t waste my time on that either. Its not that i’m averse to stories that leave some things to the user’s imagination. I liked the Matrix and the Da Vinci Code. I however did not like the ending of the Soprano’s which was similarly PRAISED by some people as NGE was, as being overly “artistic”…why? For being totally vague? To me the directors of the Sopranos and NGE are the ones who copped out…but to each his own I guess.

  7. Greypowered said,


    Like you, I’m quite an old anime watcher (I literally grew up with animes in the 80’s and 90’s) and I must say that on my first watching of NGE, I was also completely puzzled and did have the feeling that the creators simply combined a classical mecha-series with a bunch of far-fetched Christian religious symbols that they don’t even seem to understand themselves. I also went into searching what meaning there could have in linking such antic stuff as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Japanese science fiction future and couldn’t find anything, because probably the authors have only a very vague clue about these Dead Sea Scrolls. Then, I realized something that made me find the whole series interesting from another angle. All the babble about Christian (and also quite a bit of Buddhist) symbols, alongside the weird science and well, plot line, is just there to divert us from the main issue. It’s actually something that one can find quite often in cinema and literature. In my opinion, the main theme of the series are the relationships between the characters, who all have some kind of violent trauma in their life, and the not-so-far-fetched issue of integration in society. As you pointed out, Hideaki Anno has had some real psychological troubles in his life. To be more precise, he and his comrades at Gainax have all been otakus at one point of their life and they simply found a useful inspiration in this experience to run a successfull animation studio. Thus, the only somewhat “deep” meaning I could really find in NGE is a sort of message to other otakus telling them that they should get out of their bubble and meet the world, no matter how painful this could be. From our point of view, this might sound like a huge waste of cellos and energy, but if you consider the dimension of the otaku issue in Japan in the mid-1990’s (and NGE was made for Japanese audience first and foremost), then, it becomes more understandable that a whole team would want to make a series dealing with such social problems.

    So, I somewhat agree with you that calling NGE an absolut master work simply because one doesn’t understand half of it, meaning that it should be a mark of high art, is of course absurd. However, I have been able to find a lot in it that makes me think of it as an important series, actually both in artistic and commercial terms. But it’s definitely not my favorite anime and I’m not about to worship it as the best of the best in all times!

    As for Serial Experiment Lain, it is true that the plot line is also confusing and it is actually somewhat difficult to identify with the main character. However, I wouldn’t shy away from it simply because it is complexe. If you are interested in the way commercial products can account for some contemporary issues, especially that of the relationships between human being through the Internet, then, you might want to check it up. But you don’t have to watch the whole thing either, if you don’t feel like it!

    P.S.: One of my favorite series is Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex. Not the easiest plot lines or even characters, but I think it is easier to see where the stories goes than in NGE!

  8. unexplained_anomaly said,

    thanks for the comment Greypowered. I’ll check out Ghost in the Shell when exams are over. I’ve been hearing about for a while but it never appealed to me as it seemed too…marketed towards men as it contains all that unnecessary female nudity..but then again Bleach is filled with women with big breasts so..

  9. Greypowered said,


    The female nudity in Ghost in the Shell (GITS) happens more in the 2 movies than in the series, although I would say that they emphasize more the “feminine” attributes of the main character (Motoko Kusanagi). However, they come as a contrast to her very “male” and dominating temper, with the result that both somewhat cancel out each others to leave the impression of a quite charismatic and out-of-the-ordinary female character. The 2 GITS series are quite long (over 30 episodes each), but I think they are well-made, both from a scenarist and a technical point of view. But it does require a lot of concentration, because there are several stories intervowed. So, yes, you might want to wait until exams are over. 😉 Good luck for these tough moments!

  10. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    Sounds interesting, thanks. Will need luck desperately

  11. TORU said,

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    Please link to this site.

  12. not closed minded said,

    put your helmet back on, and go help dora find her little fox friend. “Sounds like lecturers who come to class, don’t do anything remotely relevant to the actual course they’re lecturing for, and then when students complain they say that they’re not into spoonfeeding.” you are the worst. think for yourself. adapt.

  13. usernametakenistaken said,

    Yep, this is exactly what I thought about the anime. Good to know I’m not the only one, who found this series to be both uninspiring and vague. Ultimately it had no substance whatsoever. Thinking for yourself is all fine and dandy, but if the whole show consists of only thinking for oneself, why the hell is the show necessary then? Just to give “impulses”? Banging ones head against a concrete wall several times has the same effect, including falling into a coma.

  14. B said,

    What a hell?
    Evangelion sucks? Must be kidding….
    It’s the best anime I ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of great animes.
    And the angels are not “Robots” they are possible forms of evolution of mankind, and neither Evas are robots.
    You miss all point of anime and didn’t understand.

    Evangelion is a complex anime that you must watch, rewatch to understand 100%.
    I understand all the content of Evangelion except the last thing asuka said in the end.

    For what I’ve read i can assume that you only like superficial animes (gundam, sailormoon, dragon ball z)

  15. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    “possible forms of evolution of mankind”

    How does that even make sense? There are a lot of other far more complex things within a sci-fi universe that do. From what I’ve read you only like pseudo-intellectual anime like Evangelion, and you too “found your own meaning” to it.

  16. Chris said,

    Okay… This is a good blog just because it is another opinion that you don’t hear very often. Especially interesting because all of the things that I like most about it are the things the author seems to dislike. It may be ridiculous or nerdy to quote the series, but Kaji explains to Shinji at one point that you can never understand anything 100%. That, I feel, is the one and only truth contain in Evangelion.

    When you think about it like that, relate to the characters (which, despite their exaggerated issues, I feel are very easy to relate too. Who does not suffer from pride, or loneliness, or inferiority, or uncertainty about life, etc.). Even until their end, the characters don’t even know the real ends to their means and because they do not understand the goals of Nerv and Seele, they fight for personal worth any way they can.

    The point of the series, I feel, is lost if you try and understand the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or get hung up about what exactly the angles are. How many of the conflicts, and how much of the character building, existed solely because of that ambiguity. But if the plot didn’t bring in at least some elements of reality, it would not have been so engaging.

    To me, the most memorable parts of the show have little to do with Nerv vs. the angles. Everyone is into different things, but I think that

  17. createmo said,

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  18. Jimbo said,

    I personally feel that, seeing as Evangelion /is/ a psychological work first and foremost, it is wise to observe it and look at it’s merits based primarily on that. The entire series is designed to force the viewer to answer their own questions, and if you expected it to be merely another mecha mash-up, naturally you’d be dissappointed. The entire series (to me at least) is about Shinji and his mental state, and the final two episodes capture the finale of his character arc brilliantly (once more, in my humble opinion).
    The very fact that the core characters are ‘sick’, or rather mentally ill, provides Hideaki Anno with ample room in which to explore their psyches, ‘what makes them tick’, and to provide the audience with questions and provide their own answers to the riddles that Anno devises.
    Lain is merely the spiritual successor to Evangelion, however it takes a far more narcisstic approach.
    And also, the angels aren’t ‘robots’. They are strange visitors, the children of Adam, and are living, breathing creatures.
    Feel free to tear me to shreds, I’m merely stating my own personal opinion on Evangelion and why it appeals to me.

  19. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    Well, evidently by its success NGE has appealed to a lot of people. My qualm is the reasons behind it.

    Fight Club, The Sixth Sense, Primal Fear, Jigoku Shoujo, those are psychological works by nature, not because they ran out of money in production at the last minute and decided to go cheap and dazzle us with bullshit and arbitrarily go radical with the character development and story just to break the mold.

    I just don’t appreciate vague, worthless, “art”, that’s all. The questions raised in NGE are indeed many and complex, but they are questions I don’t even care to find the answer for. “Can the world only be saved by the unification of all human minds”?

    If airy-fairy stuff like that is what you like, cool, no offense to all fans though, but there are anime and movies more worthy of my praise.

  20. AT said,

    You guys don’t know what Evangelion means, Anno doesn’t know what evangelion means, because it doesn’t fucking mean anything. It’s not “deep and meaningful” it’s a convuluted and pretentious pile of crap that Anno made because he went to therapy. I could go around all day speaking in stupid riddles and you wouldn’t think I’m smart, just annoying. So why do you tolerate that kind of shit when it happens in a show?

    The characters are nothing more than a list of fatal flaws cobbled together with a dime store novel plot and sprinkled with meaningless symbolism.

    You could argue that that’s the way it was intended to be… but a show that’s intended to suck still, in the end, sucks

  21. Sean said,

    If you don’t like EVA, you either didn’t get all the messages and sybolism, didn’t understand the story or just plane biased because its a well received anime, this anime has more sense than the bible

    • Table said,

      The bible has no sense, and eva is an inferior copy of Giant Robo.

  22. SC said,

    Wow, I basically felt the EXACT same way as you after watching it. It was a total waste of time. Before I even read the Wiki article (which I confess I read because I didn’t understand the ending AT ALL) I knew this guy was either going insane himself, or he was just becoming unbearably pretentious. Most people simply defend themselves with empty words such as “it has meaning” without even explaining it. It was very intriguing in the beginning (minus the b*tching to his father in the first episode), but it slid really far downhill from then. The ending was nonsensical. There’s no way anyone could have gotten anything from it. It’s just a jumble of contradictory “philosophies” and rants that just get plain annoying. There are absolutely no references to Christianity…the guy simply named some aliens after angels. This is an incredibly overrated show by pretentious people made for pretentious people.

    Also, you know a show sucks when you WANT the characters to die and shut the hell up. This is a friggen TV show, not some philosophy lecture. Give it a sense of closure, Sadamoto.

  23. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    heh, that guy said it makes more sense than the BIBLE. You are too stupid to watch anime. People like you give a bad name to Otakus. You disrespect the Bible as well.

  24. MRW said,

    I agree entirely. I suffered through all those episodes interested in seeing how they would end the series, and got left with a terrible ending. The action was dull, characters were all just crazy except a few, and the plot was WTF-incarnate.

    If you want a real, awesome “mech” anime, check out Gurren Lagann.

  25. Ciprian said,

    NGE sucks!

    It is by far not the worst anime series of all times, but that’s about all.

    While watching it I have a very distinct feeling that those created must have been really sick (poor guys). So reading the Hideaki Anno suffered from clinical depression was not a surprise to me. In fact, I would have find it very surprising that he was not… And while Hideaki has all my sympathy and I wish him to get/stay healthy, I would have very much preferred not to subject myself to the creation!? of a very disturbed man.

    Bottom line: it is rubbish, though watching it is an interesting experience with respect to studying the effect of mental illnesses on anime production.

  26. Daniel Knight said,

    Thanks for blogging truthfully about this. I agree with you, and blogged about it as well. Thanks for saving me from watching more than the a few of the first episodes. I was really looking forward to great artwork and twists, but can tell from what I’ve watched so far, and now your blog, I would have sadly wasted my time.

    I wrote about this stupid series here:

  27. Twinky Wonder said,

    I think evanGAYlion is awful, when i first knew that Hideaki Anno was the mastermind behind evangaylion, i was happy. never watched it, but i loved Gunbuster and i though it was going to be something as heroic and beautiful as Top O Nerae, but when i watched it i thought that al guys thts said it was amazing had to be kidding. I wathed nearly twelve episodes and nothing interesting showed up. The characters sucks, everyone. Shinji is a stupid sissy that wont stop crying utill the End Of The World arrives, he sucks, it has no developement, never grows, he is the worst main character i ever watched. The only character there that got potential was ayanami, but she was a clone (lol). I found far more interesting shows like Gundam 0080 and all the other Gundam shows (i´m a gundam fan, but not a fanboy that says things just for saying) than evangaylion, one of the worst anime shows ever made that won the mote of “The Greatest Anime Of All Time” (don’t make me laugh) because nobody got to understand it and all this kind of works (where no one understands a shit) are qualified as “incredible”…

    My last words: Evangaylion is a piece of shit…

  28. Oni Akachan said,

    I mostly agree, while I liked the design of the EVA’s and a little of the humor here and there, I felt the series was terrible overall. I was tolerating it up until about the last 4-5 episodes, and then it just became an inexcusable mess.

    Someone recommended I watch the movie, for a “better ending”, and I almost found it worse than the original and completely unwatchable outside of Asuka’s battle sequence.

  29. TH said,

    I cannot agree with you more. I do have a great deal of respect for NGE, but after I watched through the whole show (director’s cut also) and the two movies, it was simply not that great.

    I don’t want to feel like I’m taking the reading section of a standardised test by answering questions like “What is the author’s purpose” when we all know that it’s vagueness and “depth” is just a load of crap. I want depth, all right, I just want some nice deep, clear water instead of a bunch of mud. I watch a show for entertainment; if I wanted to be like a lot of these other people I’d rather go to an art museum and try to examine things that might not actually be there.

    The show wasn’t clever; it wasn’t the work of a genius. It was the work of a psycho. It’s not to say that NGE wasn’t influential, however.

  30. chris said,

    uhm how dare you not like evangelion it dosent even compare to that garbage dbgt of flcl go kill yourself now btw NGE and akira are the best animes ever 🙂

    • Brother Bro said,

      Lol.. fanboy. I’m sorry, I know this was posted two years ago, but stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I mean, fucking EVERYONE loves Akira, which is, in all honestly, a fairly average anime. Anyway. I believe I’ve wasted enough of my time here.

      And yes, I do agree with the parent post, about how NGE is an inferior series. That’s all. Nothing more.

      Bro out.

  31. Diogo said,

    ok, so i just watched eva for the third time, i understand a bit now. but still i think something is missing and need to watch it again. nothing else will give me that satisfaction, i even tried watching other anime , cant help it need to watch eva again.
    anyway. i think it depends from person to person. everyone likes difirent things.
    for example i dont like anime with 200+ episodes, no story no feeling, the guy just gets stronger and wnats to kill the bads guys. thats with almost all of the action anime is.
    i like to experience the feeling of the anime.
    you are the kind of the person, who just follow what other say. you just watch and follow, probably you will only jump if others jump.
    so go watch bleach and naruto , and sailer moon those are the anime that fit childre the most.
    just because you dont understand doesnt it mean it sucks.
    next time say I DONT LIKE IT. once you grown up and live life maybe youll find eva interesting, leave your computer for while and go outside. LIVE

  32. Jesus said,

    IMHO, if you had to watch something more than once, then you got scrwed. Not aimed directly to this show, just a fact.

  33. Jesus said,

    12 Monkeys, now that is the real deal

  34. Jigoku no Kaze said,

    Finally… I’ve been searching forever, and I see that someone actually shares my opinion. I tried to like Evangelion; I watched the entire series, I looked up the meanings, and I tried to piece everything together…

    …And I came to the conclusion that it was pointless to do so. I mean, honestly, who CARES? The series has mediocre animation, piss-poor voice-acting, and a retarded storyline with no real depth. Hell, I got more out of GUNDAM than I did out of EVA.

    Anyway. I was scrolling through your comments, and I find it funny how–for example–someone called “not closed minded” instantly said you were an idiot and a moron–I’m paraphrasing–for not liking Evangelion. Shutting someone down because of different opinions… huh… well, that’s being closed-minded, I believe. Irony!

    Eh… I’m rambling. Still, keep up the good work, as you’ve now got yet another subscriber.

    (Death to shitty anime that people assume are awesome because they lack the intellectual function to differentiate between “artistic” and “poorly derived” !!!)

    (Also, a note: I have a degree in Philosophy. Wanna take me on? Well, then, bring it on, motherfucker.)

  35. OKeefe said,

    Well… you’re wrong

  36. NGEsucksBIGtime said,

    Ciprian’s comment hits the spot!

    The show is not complex. It’s just simply random… random rantings by a poor crazy creator.

    “Evangelion is like a puzzle, you know. Any person can see it and give his/her own answer” – A lame excuse to make it appear complex instead of random.

    I think NGE is similar to a cult… they have constant followers not because it is great but because they have been brainwashed by this lame excuse for an anime. Poor guys… they actually believed in the creator. And to Sean, you suck big time too. Even though I don’t believe in the holiness of the bible, it’s moral is the real thing, not like this shitty show. And to chris – I agree DBGT is way overrated, but NGE is EVEN MORE OVERRATED. That’s how bad NGE is. hahaha

  37. DTU said,

    Seems I’m a bit late to the party.

    I also watched Evangelion, and also thought it was pretty average overall.

    It had its moments: The episode with the twin-Angels that had to be defeated at the same time with the fight being set to music was pretty much the high point in the series for me.

    By the end though it was like the writers had just run out of ideas, throwing in random this-and-that moments. Did I care when the angel-kid got crushed by Eva-01? Not really. He’d been introduced the episode before, and by introduced I mean more just thrown into the mix for no real reason.

    The last 2 episodes… Haha oh dear. I felt like my intelligence was being challenged by this stage.

    Character wise EVERYONE was unlikable. They all had like… massive issues. All of them.

    Mecha design was so-so. The evangelion mecha themselves had pretty good designs, though their weaponry was pretty standard stuff. The angel designs I thought were pretty downright awful, by the end of the series it was like they were just drawing plain shapes and sticking eyes on them.

    However Gainax is forgiven for one reason: Years later, they would go onto make Gurren-Lagann which is IMO one of the best mech-animes of all time, and acted as more or less the polar opposite of what Evangelion was: It was big, silly action, with likable characters and huge doses of hotbloodedness and manliness.

  38. Joe said,

    Oh noes, Chris, he doesn’t like what you like?

    Personally, I’ve watched Eva on several occasions, but frankly, it never appealed to me. Mostly because of the (in my mind) totally unlikable characters. In the end, I felt nothing for them. I actually didn’t know what was posted in the actual blog entry here, that the creators just pieced stuff together and that the christian material was just taken out of the blue on kind of a whim. But I guess that explains a lot, because it certainly did seem like it.

  39. drok said,

    Hello…neon genesis evangelion SUCKS!!!!! thats all

  40. lewis said,

    I only had two problems with the series

    1) The ending, both the series and movie
    2) The opening theme

    1) Don’t get me wrong about the movie, I’m sure poeople loved it. But I guess I’m just one of those people who likes happy endings. Not endings where everyone melts.

    The series ending was a big ‘wtf’. I mean seriously whats going on?

    2) The score is beautiful. However it doesn’t lend itself to the charecter it’s talking about. Shinji is a whiny little whipping boy. And this song doesn’t lend t him in the slightest. Simply put it doesn’t fit him.

  41. Frost said,

    I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. Your taste in anime is horrible, and your criticizing one of the all-time best works of Anime (hell, of FICTION) because you can’t understand it, and are too lazy to figure it out. Honestly, your opinion on NGE means dirt considering nine out of 15 of the animes you listed are total garbage. It’s like you’re critiquing Schindler’s List, and the only pool of knowledge you have to draw from is Ice Age and the fucking Rug Rats movie.

    NGE is one of the most thought provoking, complex, and intricate pieces of works out there. The fact that you couldn’t look past the religious symbolism and identify the complete POINT of the anime (interactions between people, how they shape both our views on the world and on our selves) points to me that you’re incapable of any more depth than an episode of your silly Dragon Ball Z.

  42. alyssa said,

    Ok… I always wanted to see Evangelion just to figure out the big deal about it, I read some reviews and stuff like that and I thought that NGE would be fantastic…. very close to the best anime I’ve ever seen.

    BUT I saw it… and I don’t think it sucks but I just think that is kind of average. The characters are so predictable and common, the whole history it’s not that awesome.

  43. varg_vikernes said,

    ah, yet another angry rant from someone who has completely missed the point of evangelion and wants to blame the show for his own misunderstanding. the show is challenging and very flawed but is also a masterfully perplexing, disturbing and esoteric work of fictional art. if all you derive from eva is confusion, it’s your own fault, not the show’s. many works of fiction rely on subconscious, metaphorical, philosophical and spiritual means of communicating a message, rather than the concrete. eva is one of them. don’t like it? then stick to dragon ball z and your other feel-good entertainment, but don’t discredit the masterpiece that is evangelion or the many fans who have been greatly impacted by it (myself included).

  44. meh said,

    Evangelion sucked.

  45. Tara said,

    I agree that those who don’t understand NGE shouldn’t praise it, but they also can’t criticize it as you have. A lot of the references to Christianity and Japanese mythology are vague at best, and are not really meant to be explored by the viewer. The main focus of the show is the characters, their relationships, and their emotional and mental issues. To quote the NGE Wikipedia article,

    “It seems the main goal was to present characters who reflected the deep depression and eventual recovery that Anno experienced before beginning work on Evangelion; the characters all reflect at least a little of Anno.”

    The characters’ flaws can be interpreted as the different phases Anno went through in his depression, and the Human Instrumentality Project which united them all in the end can be seen as Anno’s reconciliation with these thoughts. Is it entertaining to watch a confusing metaphor for a depressed man recovering from his despair? That depends on personal taste. I’m not saying NGE is the best thing ever, but it does have meaning.

  46. Fj said,

    Ok this “HATE” guys are plain stupid,vague? random? You even watch the same anime I did?? The point of Evangelion is to take you inside the mind of three kids,three kids that have been suffering since the day they could talk,each one has problems we can relate to,but magnified so the ENTIRE PLOT consists on their psychological development,leaing to the EPIC “I am….myself”,episode 25,and 26 said things so deep that it took me a while to understand,hings like “You are yourself but you can´t be yourself without the others”
    What´s the point of saying this?? All of you are just a bunch of people that are as deep as a spat in the floor,all you guys wanted to see was giant robots fighting each other (Like that guy who said Gurren lagann was better….it´s good…that´s IT) but when Anno appears and make you try to think a little about yourself and your relationships you all went like “OMG we have to THINK!? screw this…this SUCKS”….I pity you

    Evangelion changed the anime there is even a “Before/After” Evangelion,the story is NOT about giant robots it´s a story about understandin,angst ,hate and the cruelty of science,and NO it doesn’t tell you all the secrets,you have to figure them out YOURSELF,and to do that you need to think,EVA is not going to scream “HEY DUDE REI IS A CLONE OF YUI WITH LILITH’s SOUL ATTACHED! LOLOLOLOL!!” it will give you enough clues to reach that conclussion.

    Mecha Battles are only a PLUS,and if it sucks so much,Why people keep talking about it after 15 years,why the new “rebuild” version breaks records and wins tons of awards??

    You people just want to feel special,is just like going “Man TLoTR sucks!! I rather read twilight!!”


  47. nubcakes said,

    dunno how I got here but I just wanna point out that you’re a n00b where you claimed not to be. Having Sailor Moon, DragonballGT, and Inuyasha as the first 3 items on your list makes you a faggot too. You might like to go out with this “girl”:

  48. Gia said,

    You are a fucking noob. Seriously. The anime you listed is enough to qualify you as “almost-veteran”? That’s stupid. Because if so, 12-year olds around the world can be considered a veteran. “Jikoku Shoujo”? “Death Note”? “Bleach”? “Fooly Cooly”? Those are pieces of shit. They belong to the shit pile along with NGE. The only thing I agree with you on is that NGE sucks. The rest? It was a completely egotistical, arrogantly ignorant post. You were just boosting your swelling ego as if you knew what the hell they were talking about. Newsflash, you just sound like someone who tries too hard.

    If you were really near veteran level, you would know more deeper animes than you have mentioned. More philosophical, more deep, not one where it’s filled with fanservice and nonsense.

    Nice try but, try harder. You just ended up looking like a fickle-minded fool.

  49. Piledriver said,

    Evangelion was definitely garbage. Sadly, there’s a lot of bad anime out there, and lousy endings are becoming the standard.

    Like others here, I think that the pretensions of both the creators and the fans are what makes me feel even more disgusted with Evangelion. It’s bad, but if only it weren’t for all the hype, it would at least be forgettable.

  50. Magnus the Red said,

    Thank you for showing me that some people are able to see this series for what it truly is.

  51. Hardhat Larry said,

    Not a fan of it. I was expecting mecha action. This is a drama, perhaps because I was expecting one thing and got another. I’d have to say this show sucks. I don’t like any movies where the main character is emotionally and physically weak, nothing against the art, they draw better than me. I liked the english dub too, not the worst by far. I just don’t like shows where the protagonist has self pity

  52. irisonlineguide said,

    Well said! LoL

    The only thing I liked about it is the robot fights. Most people who liked Eva(as a whole, fans)probably liked it just because of its vagueness and randomness which is non-sense. I think the episodes 25-26 are really bullshit. I mean, sure, the characters have a mystery to them but they are not that interesting that we have to know what they are thinking, which is just as you said, this isn’t a soap opera.

    All in all, it was a waste of time. Ergo Proxy had more sense and better storyline than Eva.

  53. sam said,

    I watched Eva three times o wait……. that’s right I TRIED to watch it three times I got no further than 3 eps it was so boring and I wanted shinji to grow some balls or die seriously that is not a good sign I suffer from anxiety and his behaviour is ridiculous and over the top you know what? fuck eva I’m gonna watch RahXephon again THAT is a true masterpiece fuck Eva

    also why is everyone talking about Lain? I love Lain btw

  54. Blue said,

    NGE is definately one of the best anime series ever imo and to address anyone complaining about the end of series with them running out of money and such, they obviously fixed this by making the absolutely fantastic End of Evangelion movie (although the original ending was cool too)

  55. joe from tampa said,

    i watched it through, and liked it. i would not call it genius though, the ending made no sense, so i didnt bother with the movie.

  56. This guy has a shitty blog said,

    “I appreciate the fact that the characters were complex, but who really cares? Is this a soap opera? Is it really a selling point to say that they’ve taken an extraordinary amount of screen time delving deep into the psyche of….animated characters?”

    ….So you’re an anime fan who doesn’t care about character development!?

    Isn’t it slightly arrogant to think that Evangelion, the creator and all the fans are pretentious just because the series left you pissed off and confused.

    Somehow I don’t think I’m being deluded in saying that its a masterpiece.
    I understood and got a lot out of Evangelion; you didn’t.

    Nice blog.

  57. sam said,

    hello my name is sam and i am a victom of evangelion. my friend told me evangelion was awesome. he showed me the first episode and i was intranced, and began the slow dark downward spiral that was the 25 episodes to follow. He promised the movie would be better, that it would give me everything i wanted, but he was wrong. to this day i suffer from the psychological damage done to me by that godless piece of crap. to any naive young cartoon fans out there thinking of trying evangelion, i have some advice for you. Just Say No

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