Finals are Over

May 10, 2008 at 7:01 am (Life, Stress, university, UWI) (, , , , , , , , , )

Yes. Finals are over. 90 Level II and Level III credits have been satisfied. No more group projects, mid-terms or final exams. After 20+ years, I’m finally completely done with school. I say this because anything postgrad I imagine would not be as bad, more complex, but certainly not subject to the rigors of undergraduate life. The gap is so wide that postgrad students usually teach undergrads.

What now? Well, I plan to do like the elderly at Retirement homes. My first impression of retirement homes was “Wow, why do they send their parents there? And What do they do? Just sit around and wait to die?”. Depressing, but in actuality thats what it is. So far I’ve planned to laze around and watch out the rest of  La Femme Nikita Seasons 2 and 3. In a way that can be classified as waiting to die as well, both literally and figuratively, as I still believe university life is one of its own that I am about to lose or lost already, and I’ve heard the saying that scientifically once you start living you start dying.

Oh well. Fact of the matter is, my exams are over. A massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Call me crazy but I can see colours brighter and I literally just feel better. Its amazing what stress can do to you. The feeling of relief, exhaustion, accomplishment and happiness is indeed a great one.



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The Curse of Coursework

March 19, 2008 at 11:11 pm (Life, Stress, UWI) (, , , )

Unlike a mid-term exam, a coursework project is an ongoing curse that keeps you busy from the time the due date is announced. I haven’t seen morning in over 3 days, yet little progress is being made because I have 3 projects to do simultaneously, given the fact that they are all due around the same time. It raises the question, which is better? An exam for which you can cram the night before, go in, finish in 2 hours and be done with, or a project, with no studying, but a constant pain in the ass until it leaves your hand and into the lecturer’s? The answer I  think, neither. School on the whole just sucks. I much rather just have a 100% final. Times like these make me wish I could fast-forward through it all like Adam Sandler in Click..

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