The Horror of the New Windows XP SP3 and How to Escape it

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I would have liked to spend the last 7 or so hours doing something more enjoyable than cursing, hitting my head on the wall, praying that time would turn back itself, wishing there was an “undo” button for life, and being brought close to tears, but the good folks at Microsoft were determined that I should complete such actions here last night into this morning.

“The Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3.”

“Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), the update scheduled to release next year, runs Microsoft Corp.’s Office suite 10% faster than XP SP2, a performance testing software developer reported Friday.”

I made the mistake of downloading this shit from DOWNLOAD.COM/CNET.COM, a site I consider reputable, as I’ve been experimenting with lots of software from that site since I got my first computer. The comment on the board there were also positive..when I scrolled down I saw some people saying negative things but I thought forget them, this is an official Service Pack from Microsoft, what could happen? They probably did something wrong. Had I googled about downloading it from before though I would have realized that its actually a serious problem with the SP3…

After rebooting to supposedly finish the installation of the SP3, my computer came to a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH which read :

STOP: c0000139 {Entry Point Not Found}
The procedure entry point GdiGetBitmapBitsSize could not be located in the dynamic link library GDI32.dll.

The only option is for you to reboot, where it will come right back to that screen, effectively stopping the user from accessing Windows, putting the PC in an endless loop of inoperability. It doesn’t stop there, you cannot boot up in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking nor Safe Mode with Command Prompt. If you manage to get a boot cd to work, you won’t be able to access your C: drive, at one point I got the message access denied. So basically you can’t boot up, you can’t uninstall the service pack, you can’t use XP system restore from a saved point, my HP non-destructive system recovery didn’t work and you can’t access your files. Now that is one hell of a service pack. The only viable option seems to be to reformat your hard drive. But, seeing that over 50,000 people downloaded the SP3 at alone, there just has to be someone who had the same problem, and managed to solve it harmlessly.

After hooking up my other PC, I found great help over at Tip and Trick which saved me a ton of trouble and headaches :

The solution is to restore the GDI32.dll from the service pack into Windows system folder with the following steps:

  • Boot from aWindows CD or BartPE.
  • At Welcome to Setup screen, press “R” to start repair option and open up a Recovery Console’s command prompt window.
  • Select the Windows installation to use:
    Normally is C:\Windows and just one option. If so, press “1″ and hit Enter.
  • If prompted for administrator password, enter the password (normally blank) and hit Enter.
    (If unsuccessful because you can’t remember your admin password, use this program to reset it to blank. Also mentioned at the end of this guide.

  • Make a backup of existing GDI32.dll in system folder with following command:

REN C:\Windows\System32\GDI32.dll C:\Windows\System32\GDI32.dll.orig

(One line command, Replace “C” of the drive letter of your Windows installation drive if necessary.)

  • Copy backup GDI32.dll from c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386\gdi32.dll to the system folder with the following command:

copy C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\GDI32.dll C:\Windows\System32\GDI32.dll

(One line command, Replace “C” with your own system drive letter if applicable.)

  • Restart computer.

    Problem here is you may not be able to access your C: drive because your access is denied for some reason so you may have to use this great program to clear out your admin password as mentioned before (usually is blank, but it may contain a password which you conveniently may not remember) and then repeat steps 1-7.

    You will also need an original Windows XP cd from which you will boot from as stated in the guide. If you don’t have one, get a copy of a friend’s. The process doesn’t require any serial numbers so you won’t be into any kind of full blown piracy…but you might as well since this is what Microsoft does to legit customers! Another problem you may encounter is it may not detect the CD, especially if its a burnt copy. In that case keep trying, and it should detect it eventually, as it did with mine after about 15 tries. If that doesn’t work you’ll just have to source and use an original copy of Windows XP. Luckily I got mind working with a burnt copy. I had no choice as I lost my serial number and the original CD got shattered into pieces in a drawer.

    Last but not least, I hope you have another internet connection on your phone or Wii or something in order to find guides such as these else you’re screwed on your own 😉

    Voila. It will work from there on once you had the prerequisites and you’ve followed that guide, don’t worry it worked for me and SP3 is now installed on my system, and its also operational, after much ado. When the PC boots up and you see the Windows logo and the message “Thank you for installing service pack 3”, it feels like you’ve completed training or passed a test.

    But what got me the whole while is….WHY THE FUCK IS THIS FILE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD??? Its there, stated as being from MICROSOFT and legit and everything…but it totally FUCKS up your system! The amount of hell this thing caused me warrants an apology from Gates himself! Some people have reformatted their systems just because of this! Do I hear the words “class action lawsuit”?? I’m totally sick of Microsoft. I can’t wait to have a totally clean new system with absolutely no Microsoft software..

    BTW direct all thanks to the people at, that is their guide which I slightly edited and I’m just spreading the gospel of it. Glad to see that I actually helped some of you guys.


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    *Breaking News* – Obama’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Speak at 9AM ET

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    Yes there will be a live speech of the ever so colorful Rev. Jeremiah Wright at 9 AM ET. See at LIVE…(hehehe)..on MSNBC or see it soon posted up on :
    This is his second speech in 2 days. One was addressing the NAACP which interesting, clips from it are making waves on cable news channels now…more about this later 🙂

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    More Slaps in the Face from the Producers of Bleach

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    Well early Thursday morning I watched the first filler episode of Bleach, only to be hit with the following facts :

    1) Its not just a set of filler episodes, its a fiiller ARC. Dumb observation you may think, but there were loose filler episodes in the past.

    2) There are new cool, but toned-down beginning and ending themes which suggest the previous point as other new characters were shown

    3) Amagai Shuusuke is…awkward. His zanpakutou is like a fricking knife or something and so far he isn’t really convincingly cool. One of the lower seats of the 3rd squad even said that “he lacks poise”.

    4) Last not certainly not fucking least, THE NEXT EPISODE WILL BE ON MAY 7th.

    Yes. Its the beginning of the already unwanted filler arc and they’re already taking another break. I’m this close to abandoning Bleach. Have they no respect for their fans? We’re not asking for shit like, naked pictures of Matsumoto, but just to see something worthwhile after waiting a week to see the show. Lately however its been shit, or nothing.  What a waste. I’m open to suggestions for something better to follow weekly..

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    Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters is an Idiot

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    And a ghetto fabulous, embarrassing-ass one at that too. Handkerchiefs have been used for centuries, said to have been invented by Richard II of England. When used as an accessory to a suit, a handkerchief is known as a pocket square. Wikipedia lists several ways in which a pocket square can be folded :

    • The Presidential is folded at right angles to fit in the pocket.
    • The TV Fold is folded diagonally with the point inside the pocket.
    • The One-point Fold is folded diagonally with the point showing.
    • The Two-point Fold is folded off-center so the two points don’t completely overlap.
    • The Three-point Fold is first folded into a triangle, then the corners are folded up and across to make three points.
    • The Four-point Fold is an off-center version of the Three-point Fold.
    • The Cagney is basically a backwards version of the Four-point Fold.
    • The Puff or the Cooper is simply shaped into a round puff.
    • The Reverse Puff is like the Puff, except with the puff inside and the points out, like petals.
    • The Astaire is a puff with a point on either side.
    • The Straight Shell is pleated and then folded over to give the appearance of nested shells.
    • The Diagonal Shell is pleated diagonally and then folded.

    And here are some pictures of the pocket square in action :

    Pocket Square

    proper pocket square


    However, what the fuck is this?

    Winston \'Gypsy\' Peters in Parliament

    That’s NO pocket square people. That is in fact, a TIE HANGING OUT OF MR. PETERS’ POCKET. And not just any tie, its identical to the one he’s wearing with his shirt! Yes, its not just an embarrassingly, ignorant, fashion disaster choice, he’s color-coordinating it! A grown man, a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT in the Lower House of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago thinks its fucking proper to hang a tie out of his pocket! Either that or he foolishly thought that the people he saw with fabric hanging out of their pockets (pocket squares) were hanging ties out of their pockets too!

    And it gets worse!

    Bling bling????

    From this pic its seen that MP Peters is wearing an earring!! What the fuck???? Isn’t that like, disrespectful or something? What’s next platinum teeth?? I wear an earring too everyday but I’m sure if I were elected to Parliament I would have to stop wearing it then….or atleast not begin wearing one, uber-ignorantly thinking it constitutes proper attire.
    How esteemed. From this pic we can also see the TIE HANGING OUT a little more.

    Another pic from my TV on the Parliament channel which identifies this disgrace (Mr. Winston Peters, MP – Member for Mayaro)  that ridiculed the House of Representatives on that day.

    What a joke. What clowns these people are. Would a US Senator or a UK MP come to a sitting looking anything remotely like that jackass???

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    Bleach Fillers From Next Week – Enter Amagai Shuusuke

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    Yep. No more relevant content will be seen on the anime “Bleach” for quite some time. They’re going to introduce some lame looking new 3rd squad captain called Amagai Shuusuke in Episode 168 on April 23rd as mentioned before.

    But, it was inevitable. The Hueco Mundo arc was one of the best, and ended beautifully with Ichigo destroying Grimmjow, holding out his hand to Inoue and telling her to come with him.

    End of Hueco Mundo Arc

    The only thing which is sort of weird, a minor plot hole if you will, throughout the entire arc is….why didn’t Aizen, Gin or Tousen just come out in Las Noches and kill Ichigo? Anyone of them easily can, and Inoue is central to their plans so the idea of him just being a unworthy challenge not posing any serious threat to them is moot.

    But anyway, when you’re badass enough to stifle people just by your presence, you can afford to do illogical shit.

    The fillers I guess won’t be too bad. At least the production crew can go bananas over putting in all the shit that wasted our time for the past few months in entire episodes rather than just stealing 5 minutes of each episode that actually had some excitement. What worries me is the length of this “filler season”..we all know how painfully long the Bounto arc was : 44 episodes, and now with all the work of introd

    ucing new captains and getting the audience back in touch with seemingly discarded characters like Kon, etc…will this last until the end of the year?..One of the final shots of episode 167 dims the hopes of many fans in getting the viewing of the fillers over with ASAP. Nel actually said “Me and my buddies won’t be around for a while because the higher-ups said so

    Nel, Ichigo, Rukia, signalling the start of filler episodes

    How long is this “while” going to be? Well, we can only wait and see, and hope Amagai Shuusuke, Matsumoto’s boobs and the countdown to the release of the subbed 3rd Bleach movie, “Diamond Dust Rebellion” keep us entertained in the meantime..

    Click here for a complete list of Bleach anime episodes.

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    R. Kelly goes Super Saiyajin

    April 12, 2008 at 9:15 am (Celebrities, Funny, Misc, Music)

    I don’t know what to make of this, but I guess he thought that if people were going to look at him as a child molester regardless of the result of his trial (probably because we all saw him on tape molesting a minor), he might as well start looking like one.

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    Giving Up on the Democrats

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    I’m not sure what to think anymore when I see polls showing Obama still has leads over Hillary Clinton. Even after all the controversy. What will it take for Americans to stop falling head over heels for this man? An exposé of his past which suggests he’s a lying, unpatriotic, radical racist? Oops. Happened already.

    Which brings me to think, fuck the Democrats. They seem to have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With an economy on the verge of a recession, a largely unpopular war and the general dislike of Bush and his neo-con entourage, the Dems had this election in the bag. Just like they did last time when Bush was up for a second term. However, just like in 2004, they’re about to nominate a jackass to go up against the Republicans.

    We knew Kerry was an idiot long before he was nominated. He changes his mind on issues according to numbers in the polls, to the point of him sounding like a badly configured robot. We all know his famous line “I voted for the war, before I voted against it”. He’s boring. The whole swift-boat veterans for truth thing raised a lot of questions about his self-proclaimed war hero credentials. Yet they bitchslapped Howard Dean by nominating Kerry, with all those weaknesses just screaming to be exploited by the Republicans for the Presidential race.

    Here we are faced with a similar situation. It isn’t going to be pretty when John McCain et al start attacking Obama about the Rev. Wright incident, given he’s chosen as the nominee. Its a weakness they are happy for, that they can prepare for from now till October, they probably even did the ads already. So then why risk nominating him? Why drive a car with a flat tire? I really don’t know or care anymore. I’ll support Obama to be nominated and embarassed by a landslide defeat, because maybe only then will he and his supporters wake up to the reality that he isn’t fit to be President, and that feeling is likely to be more satisfying than to see him lose now.

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion Sucks

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    “Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Shin Seiki Evangerion?), commonly referred to as NGE, Eva, or Evangelion, is a commercially and critically successful, influential and popular Japanese anime that began in October 1995;”

    “A titanic and compelling show. The most controversial series ever made. The greatest anime of all time. These are just some of the things you will hear if you mention Evangelion”

    ” Mere words cannot do Eva justice. Neon Genesis Evangelion is just incredible. I am in asolute awe of its genius and depth. I loved the combination of religion, philosophy, and science fiction. This series stands as the best anime ever.”

    “Evangelion is a genius work of storytelling. The way it can make 26 episodes make one great story with the most definite solution to a problem (mankind) I have seen yet, makes me feel really happy inside.”

    “If u had to pick among all of the Japanese anime ever created… Neon Genesis Evangelion has to be one of, if not THE most influential animes ever created. “

    These are just some of the things people are saying about NGE on the net. Its basically a global worship of it. And I can go on until tomorrow finding quotes.

    It baffles me though. Why??? Well, I think I qualify as an almost veteran-level Otaku now.  Just some of what I’ve seen and continue to follow include : 

    • Sailor Moon
    • Dragonball/Z/GT
    • Inuyasha
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Jigoku Shoujo
    • Death Note
    • Naruto/Shipuuden
    • Fooly Cooly
    • Rurouni Kenshin
    • Bleach
    • Yu Yu Hakusho
    • Elfen Lied
    • Tokyo Majin
    • Gundam Wing
    • G Gundam and..over the Carnival holidays..Neon Genesis Evangelion

    So I’m no n00b. However, I’m yet to see what’s the big deal about NGE. It isn’t deserving of most of the worship of anime fans as its been subjected to, and for crying out loud, stop saying its the work of a genius.

    I really did try to like NGE, after having read some of the above comments about it. But I tried and failed, as not only does NGE not live up to its hype, but I think it SUCKED, to the point of, after watching all 26 episodes and the movies, being angry for wasting approximately 1000 minutes of my time.

    NGE is a mishmash of religious symbols with inexplicable, very loose or even non-existent connections to the actual storyline, bundled together with a cast of some sick, seemingly sociopathic and weird characters, plus a large dose of confusing science fiction. And I’m not just deducing all this based on the fact that after much thought, research and second viewings of episodes that I still don’t understand what the fuck most of what was injected into the story means as it was said : 

    Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool.

    Kazuya Tsurumaki, Assistant Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion

    “Evangelion is like a puzzle, you know. Any person can see it and give his/her own answer. In other words, we’re offering viewers to think by themselves, so that each person can imagine his/her own world. We will never offer the answers, even in the theatrical version. As for any Evangelion viewers, they may expect us to provide the ‘all-about Eva’ manuals, but there is no such thing. Don’t expect to get answers by someone. Don’t expect to be catered to all the time. We all have to find our own answers.” 
    Hideaki Anno, Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion 

    Not that I needed to find quotes from the people that actually thought up NGE to support my opinion, but wow. “Find our own answers”?  Sounds like lecturers who come to class, don’t do anything remotely relevant to the actual course they’re lecturing for, and then when students complain they say that they’re not into spoonfeeding.

    Calling evil robots names of angels from in the Bible, including the scene of a 14 year old masterbating over an unconscious girl and having vague endings isn’t “classic” to me. The Human Instrumentality Project is a bunch of artsy-fartsy bullshit that makes no sense to anyone not fond of thinking in the extreme abstract. Anno urges us to find our own answers because he himself has no answers for the very thing he created. Viewers on the other hand see NGE, not understand half of it, and thus equate this misunderstanding and vagueness to a great work of art. I appreciate the fact that the characters were complex, but who really cares? Is this a soap opera? Is it really a selling point to say that they’ve taken an extraordinary amount of screen time delving deep into the psyche of….animated characters? The protaganist, Shinji Ikari, is as annoying as they come. In the final episode/movie, he behaves like such an absolute pussy that it was painful to continue watching.

    Its stated on Wikipedia that

    “Hideaki Anno, the director of the anime series, had suffered from clinical depression prior to creating the series, and the psychological aspects of the show are based on the director’s own experiences with overcoming this illness.

    Um, I guess that meant he just injected his own crazy talk he used to mumble to himself when he was depressed or high into the dialogue after they ran out of money towards the end of the series (“There were serious budget and schedule restraints in the later episodes of the series”) and needed something to “to help distinguish”  EVA from…well other anime that make sense. Interestingly, the themes of the last several episodes reflect the preceding sentence.

     All in all, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a bunch of bullshit, on a level as verbose as its title, designed to wow us into thinking it should be placed on a high pedestal over other anime as one of outstanding artistic integrity, when in fact its just an average mecha anime, thinly veiled with nonsensical messages pulled out of Psychology textbooks and Religious texts, injected with the “personal experiences” of its director, at an attempt of making it much more that it actually is.

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    Why is Everything in Trinidad Suddenly So Depressing?

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    I usually don’t like to read or link to the Trinidad Express because of its poorly designed website, but this was interesting, or rather, depressing. These are the stories for today, Saturday 5th April 2008 :

    “A Routine Affair” – Minister of Consumer Affairs on looting
    Apparently on Thursday two truck drivers got robbed on the Beetham Highway and their cargo of groceries (juice, milk and flour) was stolen.  When asked to comment, the Minister of Consumer Affairs said in essence, “wtf, dudes get robbed there all the time, what’s the big deal?”. This may be somewhat true, in a  in terms of the random times people inadvertently stop anywhere close to Beetham Gardens (the ghetto), but should he be saying that? Especially since I can’t remember from any of those incidents any trucks with groceries being robbed before? Are we really at this stage now? That the govt can tell us “walk it off” when certain crimes are committed?

    “Issue not about laptops”, says Panday
    The fucking jackass of a wish-he-was-a-revolutionary, red-beret-wearing, foolish, crazy opposition leader of the UNC by the name of Basdeo Panday is still talking about his “wrongful ejection” from the Parliament because he so innocently in the middle of a sitting whipped out a laptop and began doing who knows what on it. MPs or Ministers using laptops while in Parliament is a contentious issue, but the fact of the matter is laptops aren’t allowed in Trinidad’s Parliament. Why then is this idiot all over the news making a spectacle of himself, throwing fucking ridiculous red herrings about a “conspiracy” between the ruling party and the Speaker of the House when all he had to do was to abide by the rules, close the laptop and STFU? Should I come into an exam with a laptop, for some sort of ridiculous reason, and attempt to…omg the stupidity of these assholes…SUE THE UNIVERSITY (SPEAKER) when i’m kicked out?? Yet thousands of people in Couva vote for this man. Downright disgusting.

    Rioting prisoners hurl faeces
    I shit you not…

    And then the combo of :

    Trini Soldier Gets Killed in Iraq..
    Double Road Fataility..
    Guy Dies While Watching Cricket..
    A Soldier Lets Off a Stun Grenade in PoS..
    More Price Increases..

     Wow. So death, inflation, explosions, govt nonchalance to crime, and hurling shit. Those are the stories of the day. Should the newspapers be renamed to “Migrate to Another Country…Because :”.

    Its really sad. For months I’ve abstained from watching the local news because i was fedup of hearing about murders, but now i’m forced to to know if I should walk with a $10 bill or my Debit Card to purchase common groceries at the supermarket..



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    New Rule for After-hours Joggers on Campus

    April 2, 2008 at 6:21 pm (Uncategorized)

    New rule :

    Joggers, old people, old women, people on the whole, need to stop jogging around campus at 3:45 in the fucking morning. Why are they doing this? And its so much of them. UWI is 1, dark and dangerous and 2, has no real reliable security. Buy a fucking treadmill and stop risking your lives or doing something stupid for bragging rights, and not to mention freaking me out.


    (what the fuck?)

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