Bleach 196 : Best Episode Ever ?

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It doesn’t get any better than this. It seems as if Kubo Tite is paying us back for all those months of horrible, eventless episodes with the most action-packed episode since those from the Soul Society arc.

In summary, the 4th squad captain chick, Kenpachi, Byakuya and Kurotsuchi the blue-haired weirdo captain all just appeared out of nowhere and are facing off Espada adversaries that coincidentally fit theirĀ  personality. I don’t know if anyone picked that up, it may just be fanservice, but Kenpachi, wild, loves to fight, is up against Nnoitra who is the same, Byakuya, the proud, arrogant captain is faced off with Zommari, who is the same, Kurotsuchi also just happens to confront Syazel Aporro, a fellow weirdo who likes to experiment on things/people. As if their dramatic arrival and fortuitous timing wasn’t interesting enough! This is going to be fun to watch again. To download all bleach episodes, head over to Bleach7


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Bleach Fillers From Next Week – Enter Amagai Shuusuke

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Yep. No more relevant content will be seen on the anime “Bleach” for quite some time. They’re going to introduce some lame looking new 3rd squad captain called Amagai Shuusuke in Episode 168 on April 23rd as mentioned before.

But, it was inevitable. The Hueco Mundo arc was one of the best, and ended beautifully with Ichigo destroying Grimmjow, holding out his hand to Inoue and telling her to come with him.

End of Hueco Mundo Arc

The only thing which is sort of weird, a minor plot hole if you will, throughout the entire arc is….why didn’t Aizen, Gin or Tousen just come out in Las Noches and kill Ichigo? Anyone of them easily can, and Inoue is central to their plans so the idea of him just being a unworthy challenge not posing any serious threat to them is moot.

But anyway, when you’re badass enough to stifle people just by your presence, you can afford to do illogical shit.

The fillers I guess won’t be too bad. At least the production crew can go bananas over putting in all the shit that wasted our time for the past few months in entire episodes rather than just stealing 5 minutes of each episode that actually had some excitement. What worries me is the length of this “filler season”..we all know how painfully long the Bounto arc was : 44 episodes, and now with all the work of introd

ucing new captains and getting the audience back in touch with seemingly discarded characters like Kon, etc…will this last until the end of the year?..One of the final shots of episode 167 dims the hopes of many fans in getting the viewing of the fillers over with ASAP. Nel actually said “Me and my buddies won’t be around for a while because the higher-ups said so

Nel, Ichigo, Rukia, signalling the start of filler episodes

How long is this “while” going to be? Well, we can only wait and see, and hope Amagai Shuusuke, Matsumoto’s boobs and the countdown to the release of the subbed 3rd Bleach movie, “Diamond Dust Rebellion” keep us entertained in the meantime..

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