Crime, Trinidad & Tobago and Carnival

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I opted out of the Carnival celebrations this year. I’m fedup of Carnival.

With what’s going on in the world right now the whole idea of Carnival is just stupid. $500US for a fuckin bikini to jump around Port-of-Spain all fucking day and make a spectacle of yourself primarily for those back at the office and to keep up with the Jones’.

Ofcourse there are nice girls around in those bikinis, but does that matter if you’re not single?

You can actually really have fun just jumping around, but given the current crime rate, will you risk your life to do so?

I won’t, so I went to Tobago.

What a surreal start to that.

I only started planning like early February so ofcourse everywhere except maybe a garbage bin in a public toilet was completely, receptionist-laughing-on-the-phone-at-you, booked to capacity with waiting list systems that I would be at the bottom of. I got lucky one day as I found an ad for Summerland Suites in the local newspapers. Called, spoke to a nice German-sounding lady named Claudia, succeeded in booking, saw its a nice place from its website, took the plane, and landed in Tobago on Friday 20th February ready to chillax. Called Claudia, no answer. Called the other 3 numbers for Summerland, no answer. No worries, I figured that it was early and they probably weren’t up or something. So I took a taxi to the hotel right away.

When I arrived the grim news mercilessly struck me. Ms. Claudia Feldmeier, who I arranged reservations with, was murdered the night before I arrived in Tobago. Sad, stunned and shocked, I managed to get a room at another nearby hotel, which actually turned out to be better than Summerland Suites in my opinion.

I’m so sorry that this had to happen to Ms. Feldmeier. I hope she is at rest and her family is doing well. The first thing that came to mind is if only I could have told her something on the phone so that such a terrible thing may have been prevented.

The aftermath however is classic. Tobago police held a South African man who has been assisting them in their investigations. 2 days ago his lawyers came in from overseas, and the latest is yesterday he has been released. The murder weapon was recovered, but that’s about it. The police are now looking for a man believed to be have been seen fleeing the scene of the crime.

Here is his description according to Tobago police (public should be aware) :


Slim build male

Wow he doesn’t stand a chance now. Some solid police intelligence there. Matter of fact according to that description I’m a suspect.

This crime thing is getting scary now, and the police are getting stupider and more incompetent by the second. The story of this murder is already making waves, Tobago is now even being declared “no longer safe” for foreigners anymore.

I can only hope they catch this piece of shit soon and see that he receives swift justice. If they don’t, I expected that, they’re archaic, shitheads anyway, if they do, cool, but they’re still archaic, shitheads.

On the bright side, Tobago was beautiful. If only there were more jobs there I’d love to move over.


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Trinidad’s Prime Minister Illegally Spies on Citizens, Opposition

November 22, 2008 at 5:06 am (news, Politics, Technology, Trinidad, Weird) (, , , , , , , )

TV6 has begun a multi-part series on the topic of spying in Trinidad. Here is what they’ve reported so far :

1) Prime Minister Patrick Manning used state agencies and state funds of over $60 million to funnel and smuggle Israeli spying equipment consisting of Carnivore-type software that harvests text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. of ALL citizens of the country.

2) He has been using this to persecute the opposition through an undisclosed, illegal “State security agency” as he is strategically releasing information on what he has “learnt” through his illegal spying on opposition senators when his party is criticized strongly by them.

3) The government has therefore no absolutely excuse for failing to control the increasing crime rate which includes an all-time high in murders for the year as with such spying equipment on hand, they should easily be aware and therefore able to counter the activities of criminals, druglords, etc. Its like losing at scrabble with a blind opponent when you have a dictionary and computer in front of you.

Appalling. $60 million dollars. Even if it were $1, the government of a democratic country has secretly and illegally bought something with tax payers money to spy on tax papers and suppress democracy.

I don’t really have any further comment on this. I am totally speechless, shocked, angry again and further disenchanted with the direction the country is going. The saddest part is idiots everywhere will most likely just say “hmph” or worse yet agree with this, or there may be some controversy over this for a week or so, then it will all die down, and life goes on, no MASS RESIGNATION of government officials as normal, civilized people of a normal, civil society would expect, absolutely nothing.

But, that’s that, i’m not about to get riled up now. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to come back and give more of my opinion on this, right now I need to sleep.

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Prime Minister Storms Into Radio Station to Complain About Comments on Program

November 9, 2008 at 6:52 am (Funny, Politics, Trinidad) (, , , , , , , )

Sometime last week, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Patrick Manning, happened to be listening to 94.1FM, a local radio station while he was somewhere in San Fernando. A talk show was on and one of the hosts raised the issue about the government imposed increase in the price of premium gasoline.

It quickly became a public discussion on how displeased most people are with the price hike. Upon hearing this, Mr. Manning went up into Port-of-Spain with an entourage of police officers, blocked the road where the radio station was located, and physically went up into the radio station to intimidate or “complain” about the content of the talk show. Again, I scanned the article for solid proof of this madness :

Manning the dictator

Patrick Manning storms into radio station

I’m speechless. Has this man completely lost his mind? He’s saying that as the PM he can go any public place he wants as any other citizen can…nice dodge. You didn’t go there to pat them on the back, you went with the intention of using your authority as a tool to intimidate them from exercising their RIGHT to free speech. Patrick Manning is totally unfit to be head of this party, the country, and even his constituency. Why? Well three words : Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

Vulnerability in self-esteem makes individuals with this disorder very sensitive to criticism or defeat. Although they may not show it outwardly, criticism may haunt these individuals these individuals and may leave them feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and empty. They may react with disdain, rage, or defiant counterattack. Their social life is often impaired due to problems derived from entitlement, the need for admiration, and the relative disregard for the sensitivities of others.

My diagnosis is all evidenced by this latest antic of his. Anyone who knows Patrick Manning would know the above paragraph is pretty much his biography.

Are the rights of citizens in Trinidad under siege now because of this? Will Patrick Manning comment on this blog or storm into my house and wave his finger at me because I criticize him? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Ranked #89 of the top 100 visited sites in Trinidad and Tobago which is down about 50 places since introducing a “pay-per-view” system. Am I a hobo or is this wrong? The bright idea of this site is to share porn, Trinidadian porn. Sounds cool, problem is, a lot of what is being shared are just nude pics of girls, not porn stars but just regular trini girls without their consent. Some of what is shared is actual “member produced” content but um, who really cares. The site is basically a forum divided into “levels” of which supposedly the higher the level the more hardcore the stolen porn is. I can vouch that this is true and there actually are a lot of unfortunate people whose very personal pictures have somehow floated into the “elite” section of a sleazy porn forum based in Trinidad.

Furthermore, the pseudo-entrepreneurial admin of the totally ad-free site has recently instituted a “service charge“..effectively now selling and distributing pictures and videos of people who probably did not know their picture was taken or knew it was but never intended for it to be distributed without their consent.

This is a message from “Admin” of :

This is an idea of some of the topic posts that are on the site…includes pictures as well!!!!!!!!!!!

LEVEL 1: folder named ”D Common Cold”

1)Synergy Girl
2)naps girl
3)uwi girl
4)wet-t-shirt event
5)The Queen and her crew
6)central girl
7)Arima! represent
8)shara ramsawak
9)Isabella from Villa
10)Jermaine from Marabella

Well poor Shara Ramsawak better hope her boyfriend is computer illiterate. Additionally the material of a well-known local softcore naughty magazine named Sunday Punch is being sold at trinifever.

Isn’t this all very wrong and fucked up? Needless to say people may lose their jobs and have their reputations ruined over such things. Just ask Sampson Nanton, whose infamous sex pics made public via email 2 years ago are also floating around somewhere on trinifever.

I’m all for sharing porn, but I surely wouldn’t like if a group of people were to share a naked pic of me and refer to it as “porn”, charge people to see it and think they’re doing a service to the world. Not to mention the unbelievable naivete of the people behind the site in thinking that because their little freeware SMF forum software divided the site into levels that its impossible for anyone to hack trinifever and freely mass distribute everything on it, underlying the idea that there should not be such a site or central stash of stolen porn. A further annoyance is the arrogance of the staff there and its sycophantic members who think the site is the best thing since google. Messages from “Admin” and a moderator :

“Trini Fever has become one of the most popular places for trinis to visit online. We have an international audience as well as a caribbean one.I believe that the site has become so popular that we need to start cleaning up our member groups. One method of doing this is to initiate a yearly service charge fee of $100.00 TT dollars”

“International audience”…lol the asininity of these people is boundless. Is there even any site on the *pause* INTER-net that doesn’t have an international audience? Should all bloggers and webmasters get pig-headed and charge per view of a page? $100TT..that’s about $16US. Not much, but after seeing the content offered, its not worth a penny, and its wrong in a number of ways to even charge a penny for seeing unsolicited personal pictures of random, unsuspecting, mildy attractive Trinidadians…and a few idiots who choose to be exhibitionists.

These are some videos that one of Trini Fever’s “competitors” has exhibited as being hot local porn……I decided to share this with you all because I realize that there are several members who purposely try to test the Moderators with fake pics and vids –

So my fellow members enjoy and you tell us (the Moderators) which of these are local and which site is the true leader in local porn……..”

“True leader in local porn” he Who really cares about nationality in porn? See if you can really tell the difference between a Trinidadian and a Barbadian, or a Czech from a Slovak.

Stupid sites like these shouldn’t exist, and such people shouldn’t own a PC, but such is the nature of the internet…apart from having “international audiences”. If you’re ever bored, check out the shameful group of sleazebags over at and guilt-free porno using google 🙂

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