End of the World?

September 30, 2008 at 5:24 am (Life, Misc, news, Politics, Stress) (, , , )

-778 points down on the Dow..

Worldwide all you can see is red on the stock markets….later today its going to get worse…I wish I had a million dollars right now because I would be able to multiply that at an astonishing rate within some months. As bad as it is now, it’s going to get better eventually. All we have to do now is take the risk and buy cheap, and wait it out. You can’t be in a boom forever.


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DJ Sammy in Trinidad October 4th @ Space La Nouba

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Wow. DJ Sammy is coming to Trinidad on the 4th October 2008. This is no R.E.O Speedwagon, this will actually be an amazing show. I’m really excited to see him live, I hope he brings the girl that sang Heaven then it would really be great. See you there.

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The Honourable Patrick Manning

September 30, 2008 at 5:12 am (Misc, Politics, Trinidad) (, , , , , , )

Well in researching about the Minister of Finance, I realized the Parliament’s website is cool in terms of its graphics and layout of information. While idling there I couldn’t help but click on “Prime Minister” for kicks…there’s a short biography about Manning there, no surprise..but the ending paragraph to me was LOL-ass funny :

“Mr. Manning is married to Senator the Honourable Hazel Manning (current Minister of Local Government) and they have two sons – Brian and David.”

They seem to cutely suggest they got married while in Parliament as senators…if only it were that cute. The Undisputed Truth however is :

In 2001, Mr. Manning led his party’s campaign against nepotism as claimed to be exhibited by the now opposition party, the United National Congress (UNC). In an unbelievably hypocritical move, Manning promptly after winning the election appointed his wife of 29 years, Hazel Manning, as a Senator.

Believe or not that is the truth. Not to mention that Manning re-appointed her as Minister of Local Government in 2007. Demockcracy.

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2008/2009 Trinidad and Tobago Annual Budget Summary

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Trinidad is doomed. We are in the age of darkness, i.e. the political lifespan of Patrick Manning and Basdeo Panday. The oblivious fool of a Finance Minister by the name of Karen Nunez-Tesheira, who possesses absolutely no qualifications in finance or economics reminded the world of this fact and delivered the most ridiculous budget in the history of the country. Here are the highlights :

“To reduce traffic congestion (and the resultant road rage and stress), Nunez-Tesheira increased the motor vehicle tax on imported private vehicles according to engine-size as of today in a move that would raise $525 million in revenue.”

What a fucking idiot. As if we need to kill people with taxes to increase revenue given the current price of oil. The majority of the country relies on the ever so unreliable public transportation system. How about improving it so that people who rather not act like uncivilized brutes and animals to fight for a seat in an old shitty Nissan Urvan with no seatbelts at City Gate are not forced to buy their own car? How about improving the fucking road and transport infrastructure to accommodate more vehicles? Are we now being punished for wanting to escape being at the mercy of taxi drivers who arbitrarily hike their fares and other stresses of the public transportation system? Are we being punished for working hard and buying a personal motor vehicle? Where is the “rapid rail” transport??

The price of premium gasoline used by “high end” cars will be raised from $3 to $4 per litre bringing “savings” of $200 million, while retaining the old price for diesel and super- unleaded so there would be no fare-hike by maxi-taxis and other public transport vehicles.

Asshole. A 1994 Nissan B13 Sentra uses premium as well as pretty much every other car, so moot rationale of this price increase. Also, you assume all taxi drivers will be honest enough to say “oh well that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t use premium”….what a dunce.

The disability grant rose from $1,110 to $1,300 at a cost of $40 million. The public assistance grant from a current range of $650-to-$1,250 up to a range of $850-to-$1,450, to benefit 21,000 people at a cost of $50 million.

That whopping $200 in each case should really help with a 12% inflation rate, and funny the name of the grant is the “public” assistance grant as its only given to “private” party hacks.

The senior citizens grant increased from $1,650 to as much as $1,950 (to help 80,000 people at a cost of $240 million), the same new level of the retired public servants pension which benefits 27,000 people at a cost of $70 million.

Fair increase, but thats still only $300 with a 12% inflation rate that will get worse this year.

Water taxis start POS/San F’do service early December with a 45 minute travel time.

You said this last year and we’re still waiting. You (your political party) also said that the rapid rail system is to come on stream soon as well.

Free ferry passes for people 65 years and over for travel between T&T from October 1.

Nothing special.

Increase in stamp duties. For example, properties valued over $850,000 but less than $1.2 million will have stamp duty of three per cent and those over $1.7 million will have a stamp duty of seven-and-a-half per cent.

Its already so expensive, why? As if the middle class needed more problems.

Public service vehicles to be converted to CNG usage.

Don’t believe it, and with only like…10 CNG-equipped gas stations in the country or something, it wouldn’t make sense anyway.

Scholarships for honours students at local/foreign institutions.

Oh fuck it, second class honours is good too.

The Interchange’s Phase Two overpass comes on stream in early 2009.

Hard to believe since it was already delayed like 2 years and the workers are currently on strike, evidenced by me witnessing noone working on it when I passed by today.

A restructured National Lotteries Control Board will use its wide network to process Government transactions including selling bus, ferry and water taxi tickets.

Don’t believe it. Just a random insert of something good similar to the promise last year to fix the 5-10 minute waits for some of the traffic lights on the highway.

Pension reform recommendations being considered include introduction of employee contributions for public servants

Nothing special, its standard all over the world.

Review of a “reverse mortgage” system for Government housing sector.

“Review” in public service terms means long process and nothing done at the end of it.

Tucker Valley mega farm on stream by year end

Downright lie I am in strong disbelief it will be completed anytime soon.

Construction of Alutrint aluminium smelter starts in first quarter of 2009 costing (US) $600 million.

You mean the smelter the population is strongly against? The one all the marches and protests were about? The one for which the public is denied information about concerning the price of gas Alcoa will be buying from us? The one numerous independent studies showed will be totally destructive to the environment and is not for a country as small as Trinidad? Downright insulting to even mention that.

University of T&T and Natural Gas Institute of the Americas to partner in (US)$1.2 billion methanol project with the opportunity for virtual pipeline to supply energy to other Caribbean islands.

Doesn’t mean a fucking thing to the average person.

Establishment of T&T Revenue Authority merging the Inland Revenue Division and Customs Division

Oh, even more bureaucracy? Interesting to see if this happens.

Hyatt Hotel becomes profitable in 2009, four more hotels in the works.

Noone cares. Do we benefit from this profit in any way whatsoever?

$2.46 billion in Heritage/Stabilisation Fund for 2008.

Could have been used for a new highway or maybe some hospitals

Unemployment level at 4.2 per cent, external reserves of (US)$8.5 billion.

No meaning

Government aims to reduce inflation to six per cent

..by increasing government spending via numerous mega-projects and doing nothing about the price of food, incidentally those are 2 strong factors which increase inflation but I guess lawyers never did Intro to Economics I.

Between 2002-2007 there has been a 65 per cent decline in AIDS cases

Well with the murder rate at the 10th highest in the world, which incidentally you did not in any way address in the budget there’s pretty much a decline in everything.

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Sarah Palin Sex Appeal

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Why do I get excited to see Sarah Palin? She’s obviously an airhead who should just continue being the Governor of Alaska. Her lack of experience is incommensurate with her apparent drive to “reform”, “shake things up in Washington” and perform as either the VP or President of the US. She repeats a multitude of the same sentences from her first speech at the Republican National Convention like she’s some sort of idiot that doesn’t know the media will pick up on it. Its almost as if she has nothing else to talk about other than kiss McCain’s ass calling him a maverick or the stupid “bridge to nowhere” shit that noone cares about. “Thanks but no thanks”..for being a fricking parrot..

But dammit, she’s hot. A damn runner-up for Miss Alaska 1984 and former news reporter (they’re all hot these days) for crying out loud.

Sarah and Todd Palin
Sarah and Todd Palin

She fits the perfect image of the kinky schoolteacher. The smile, hair, glasses, and the infinite skirt suits emit some sort of sex appeal that could probably be that wee little instrument of diplomacy America was missing all along in finally getting Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad to ditch their nuke programs. No wonder McCain always hugs her when they give speeches together, he just can’t get enough of her.

Forget logic and true judge of character and records, the true question that faces American voters, if at all the VP choice is a factor in their choice of candidates, is whether they prefer the occasional prospective VP Joe Biden gaffe for comic relief or staring at and fantasizing over the “VPILF” Sarah Palin

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Clay Aiken is Gay

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Clay is gay…According to a People Magazine article, Aiken said “Yes, I’m Gay” and “I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things”. Wow, is this even worth reporting? This is the biggest “surprise” since Lance Bass came out of the closet. You can’t “come out of the closet” if its doors are see-thru AIken, you should have just said so in the first place.

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R.E.O Speedwagon in T&T October 11th

September 17, 2008 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

R.E.O Speedwagon is coming to Trinidad on Saturday October 11th

Unfortunately i’m being dragged by my girlfriend to see R.wE.Washed-up-and-performing-in-third-world-countries-now-yes-we-are sing their whopping 2 #1 hits and 1 top 5 hit, “Can’t Fight This Feeling” , “Keep on Loving you” and “Take It On the Run” respectively.  I rue the day I showed her the ad. They should have brought Player, the band that sang “Baby Come Back” . Those Swiffer commericials are brainwashing everyone into liking that song all over again.

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Ranked #89 of the top 100 visited sites in Trinidad and Tobago which is down about 50 places since introducing a “pay-per-view” system. Am I a hobo or is this wrong? The bright idea of this site is to share porn, Trinidadian porn. Sounds cool, problem is, a lot of what is being shared are just nude pics of girls, not porn stars but just regular trini girls without their consent. Some of what is shared is actual “member produced” content but um, who really cares. The site is basically a forum divided into “levels” of which supposedly the higher the level the more hardcore the stolen porn is. I can vouch that this is true and there actually are a lot of unfortunate people whose very personal pictures have somehow floated into the “elite” section of a sleazy porn forum based in Trinidad.

Furthermore, the pseudo-entrepreneurial admin of the totally ad-free site has recently instituted a “service charge“..effectively now selling and distributing pictures and videos of people who probably did not know their picture was taken or knew it was but never intended for it to be distributed without their consent.

This is a message from “Admin” of trinifever.net :

This is an idea of some of the topic posts that are on the site…includes pictures as well!!!!!!!!!!!

LEVEL 1: folder named ”D Common Cold”

1)Synergy Girl
2)naps girl
3)uwi girl
4)wet-t-shirt event
5)The Queen and her crew
6)central girl
7)Arima! represent
8)shara ramsawak
9)Isabella from Villa
10)Jermaine from Marabella

Well poor Shara Ramsawak better hope her boyfriend is computer illiterate. Additionally the material of a well-known local softcore naughty magazine named Sunday Punch is being sold at trinifever.

Isn’t this all very wrong and fucked up? Needless to say people may lose their jobs and have their reputations ruined over such things. Just ask Sampson Nanton, whose infamous sex pics made public via email 2 years ago are also floating around somewhere on trinifever.

I’m all for sharing porn, but I surely wouldn’t like if a group of people were to share a naked pic of me and refer to it as “porn”, charge people to see it and think they’re doing a service to the world. Not to mention the unbelievable naivete of the people behind the site in thinking that because their little freeware SMF forum software divided the site into levels that its impossible for anyone to hack trinifever and freely mass distribute everything on it, underlying the idea that there should not be such a site or central stash of stolen porn. A further annoyance is the arrogance of the staff there and its sycophantic members who think the site is the best thing since google. Messages from “Admin” and a moderator :

“Trini Fever has become one of the most popular places for trinis to visit online. We have an international audience as well as a caribbean one.I believe that the site has become so popular that we need to start cleaning up our member groups. One method of doing this is to initiate a yearly service charge fee of $100.00 TT dollars”

“International audience”…lol the asininity of these people is boundless. Is there even any site on the *pause* INTER-net that doesn’t have an international audience? Should all bloggers and webmasters get pig-headed and charge per view of a page? $100TT..that’s about $16US. Not much, but after seeing the content offered, its not worth a penny, and its wrong in a number of ways to even charge a penny for seeing unsolicited personal pictures of random, unsuspecting, mildy attractive Trinidadians…and a few idiots who choose to be exhibitionists.

These are some videos that one of Trini Fever’s “competitors” has exhibited as being hot local porn……I decided to share this with you all because I realize that there are several members who purposely try to test the Moderators with fake pics and vids –

So my fellow members enjoy and you tell us (the Moderators) which of these are local and which site is the true leader in local porn……..”

“True leader in local porn” he says..lol Who really cares about nationality in porn? See if you can really tell the difference between a Trinidadian and a Barbadian, or a Czech from a Slovak.

Stupid sites like these shouldn’t exist, and such people shouldn’t own a PC, but such is the nature of the internet…apart from having “international audiences”. If you’re ever bored, check out the shameful group of sleazebags over at http://www.trinifever.net and guilt-free porno using google 🙂

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Bleach Fillers Almost Over

September 17, 2008 at 6:38 pm (Anime) (, , )

Episode #188 : Duel! Amagai vs Ichigo comes out tonight. You can get direct downloads from http://www.bleach7.com or http://www.bleachexile.com. This episode marks the beginning of the end of the ever-so-long-been-bugging-me-since-exam-season stupid Amagai Shuusuke filler arc.

— Spoiler Alert —

What kind of stupid finale are they building up to anyway? I can’t believe they used another captain betrayal story. Amagai is really the son of a shinigami killed by Captain Commander Yamamoto, so he’s back to take his revenge. Wow. And Ichigo is going to have one of those “final battles” with him, angry because Lurichiyo was “put through so much”. Can you say underwhelming?

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