The Flu from Hell

January 25, 2009 at 5:48 am (Misc)

Since Monday, I’ve had the worst flu of my life.

Roasting fever, body chills, body pains, weakness, loss of appetite, pounding headaches, sneezing, dizziness, nausea, coughing, racing heartbeat all leading to a lack of sleep over a 2-3 day period.

To make it worse, I still have it..


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Hey its 2009

January 6, 2009 at 1:04 am (Funny, Life, Misc, news)

…and I’m still alive.

What’s with the break in posts? I decided to take a break from the internet in general

Reminds me of what life was like before the internet : totally boring,

A lot has happened since then :

Gizelle Salandy, a Trinidadian world renowned, record-holding boxer died in a car crash on Sunday. I’m really sorry to hear about this. I hope her family copes well with her loss and Gizelle rests in peace.

Israel and the mainstream media are up to their nasty schemes again, with the ground invasion of the Gaza strip which has been displayed as everything but perhaps a dinner amongst the elves and Santa Clause. The “right for Israel to defend itself” has once again superceded international law and common sense.

I became a fan of the Phillip DeFranco show on YouTube. I used to think YouTube is the dumping yard for all things stupid, explored by the idle, or its just a stupid self-proclaimed “alternative to TV”, but I know better now. Even in a junkyard you can find something useful….somewhere. That would be “sxephil” or DeFranco. He basically does the same thing as me, but through videos, and more disciplined, and very funny. I identify and agree with 95% of the things he complains/talks about. Check out his latest video here.

I gained weight. Yeah I think the national eat feast we call Christmas is stupid, but its difficult to escape it when you’re with family.

I got a new cellphone. The SE W380a. I like it, but it could have been better i.e classic Sony-Ericsson style. They get you excited with cool features, then by the next day when you’re playing around with the phone you realize it kinda sucks. They should therefore call all models of their phones the “Girlfriend”.

That’s about it.

I think I’m going to start a whole new blog dedicated to the “real” Trinidad and Tobago.

An article in a local newspaper said that the government will be executing a number of look-good initiatives for the Summit of the Americas which will be held in a few months. One of these plans BODY SNATCHING homeless people and putting them into an asylum. I’m feeling for Chow Mein now because that shit sounds Chinese.

Anyway, till the next time, Happy New Year.

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Wow, Stop Bitching About the New Facebook Already

October 30, 2008 at 4:06 pm (Misc) (, )

If all the members are unique, there are atleast 5 groups on Facebook based on not liking the new design of the site, totalling over 6 million members. The new design (or the dislike of it) is also getting a lot of attention in the media. My question is, why? I don’t have a problem with the new design. If anything I more have a problem with the new Hotmail that takes longer to load than it used to. If you don’t like the new facebook, adapt or migrate. There are tons of other social networking sites like Tagged, MySpace, etc. It just goes to show how much Facebook has dug into the lives of people that millions of them are ready to throw a tantrum because they made minor little stupid changes to it.

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Crank 2 : High Voltage

October 9, 2008 at 5:04 am (Celebrities, Entertainment, Funny, Misc) (, )

Jason Statham’s Crank 2 is due out either late this year or April 2009.

I have no problem with this.

Statham is the biggest thing to hit the action genre since Van Damme.

Crank 1 was a great movie.


It must suck falling out of a helicopter at 10,000+ feet, calling your girlfriend and getting her frigging answering machine

It must suck falling out of a helicopter at 10,000+ feet, calling your girlfriend and getting her frigging answering machine

No, that isn’t some crazy YouTube amateur shit, that was the official end of the movie. Statham’s character Chev Chelios jumps out of a helicopter, struggles with a guy, talks to him, breaks his neck, takes his cellphone out, listens to a message, leaves a voicemail, puts away the phone, then freefalls for an additional 10 seconds or so, lands untop of a car with so much force the car’s hood gets crushed in, Chev ricochets in the air, and lands on the STREET. That’s like a 3-4 mile drop from the SKY. That will most definitely kill anyone. There are cases where people have survived falls such as Vesna Vulovic who amazingly fell out of a plane after it exploded and survived after a 33, 3333 feet fall!

But come on, this man landed on a very solid object, twice i.e CAR and STREET. Has Hollywood totally thrown out the concept of realism and logic to make money now? Noone said don’t make a sequel, but damn, you didn’t have to use the guy that died in the one before it!

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End of the World?

September 30, 2008 at 5:24 am (Life, Misc, news, Politics, Stress) (, , , )

-778 points down on the Dow..

Worldwide all you can see is red on the stock markets….later today its going to get worse…I wish I had a million dollars right now because I would be able to multiply that at an astonishing rate within some months. As bad as it is now, it’s going to get better eventually. All we have to do now is take the risk and buy cheap, and wait it out. You can’t be in a boom forever.

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The Honourable Patrick Manning

September 30, 2008 at 5:12 am (Misc, Politics, Trinidad) (, , , , , , )

Well in researching about the Minister of Finance, I realized the Parliament’s website is cool in terms of its graphics and layout of information. While idling there I couldn’t help but click on “Prime Minister” for kicks…there’s a short biography about Manning there, no surprise..but the ending paragraph to me was LOL-ass funny :

“Mr. Manning is married to Senator the Honourable Hazel Manning (current Minister of Local Government) and they have two sons – Brian and David.”

They seem to cutely suggest they got married while in Parliament as senators…if only it were that cute. The Undisputed Truth however is :

In 2001, Mr. Manning led his party’s campaign against nepotism as claimed to be exhibited by the now opposition party, the United National Congress (UNC). In an unbelievably hypocritical move, Manning promptly after winning the election appointed his wife of 29 years, Hazel Manning, as a Senator.

Believe or not that is the truth. Not to mention that Manning re-appointed her as Minister of Local Government in 2007. Demockcracy.

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Clay Aiken is Gay

September 24, 2008 at 1:36 pm (Celebrities, Entertainment, Funny, Misc, Stupidity) (, )

Clay is gay…According to a People Magazine article, Aiken said “Yes, I’m Gay” and “I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things”. Wow, is this even worth reporting? This is the biggest “surprise” since Lance Bass came out of the closet. You can’t “come out of the closet” if its doors are see-thru AIken, you should have just said so in the first place.

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September 17, 2008 at 7:49 pm (Funny, Misc, Trinidad) (, , , , , , , )

Ranked #89 of the top 100 visited sites in Trinidad and Tobago which is down about 50 places since introducing a “pay-per-view” system. Am I a hobo or is this wrong? The bright idea of this site is to share porn, Trinidadian porn. Sounds cool, problem is, a lot of what is being shared are just nude pics of girls, not porn stars but just regular trini girls without their consent. Some of what is shared is actual “member produced” content but um, who really cares. The site is basically a forum divided into “levels” of which supposedly the higher the level the more hardcore the stolen porn is. I can vouch that this is true and there actually are a lot of unfortunate people whose very personal pictures have somehow floated into the “elite” section of a sleazy porn forum based in Trinidad.

Furthermore, the pseudo-entrepreneurial admin of the totally ad-free site has recently instituted a “service charge“..effectively now selling and distributing pictures and videos of people who probably did not know their picture was taken or knew it was but never intended for it to be distributed without their consent.

This is a message from “Admin” of :

This is an idea of some of the topic posts that are on the site…includes pictures as well!!!!!!!!!!!

LEVEL 1: folder named ”D Common Cold”

1)Synergy Girl
2)naps girl
3)uwi girl
4)wet-t-shirt event
5)The Queen and her crew
6)central girl
7)Arima! represent
8)shara ramsawak
9)Isabella from Villa
10)Jermaine from Marabella

Well poor Shara Ramsawak better hope her boyfriend is computer illiterate. Additionally the material of a well-known local softcore naughty magazine named Sunday Punch is being sold at trinifever.

Isn’t this all very wrong and fucked up? Needless to say people may lose their jobs and have their reputations ruined over such things. Just ask Sampson Nanton, whose infamous sex pics made public via email 2 years ago are also floating around somewhere on trinifever.

I’m all for sharing porn, but I surely wouldn’t like if a group of people were to share a naked pic of me and refer to it as “porn”, charge people to see it and think they’re doing a service to the world. Not to mention the unbelievable naivete of the people behind the site in thinking that because their little freeware SMF forum software divided the site into levels that its impossible for anyone to hack trinifever and freely mass distribute everything on it, underlying the idea that there should not be such a site or central stash of stolen porn. A further annoyance is the arrogance of the staff there and its sycophantic members who think the site is the best thing since google. Messages from “Admin” and a moderator :

“Trini Fever has become one of the most popular places for trinis to visit online. We have an international audience as well as a caribbean one.I believe that the site has become so popular that we need to start cleaning up our member groups. One method of doing this is to initiate a yearly service charge fee of $100.00 TT dollars”

“International audience”…lol the asininity of these people is boundless. Is there even any site on the *pause* INTER-net that doesn’t have an international audience? Should all bloggers and webmasters get pig-headed and charge per view of a page? $100TT..that’s about $16US. Not much, but after seeing the content offered, its not worth a penny, and its wrong in a number of ways to even charge a penny for seeing unsolicited personal pictures of random, unsuspecting, mildy attractive Trinidadians…and a few idiots who choose to be exhibitionists.

These are some videos that one of Trini Fever’s “competitors” has exhibited as being hot local porn……I decided to share this with you all because I realize that there are several members who purposely try to test the Moderators with fake pics and vids –

So my fellow members enjoy and you tell us (the Moderators) which of these are local and which site is the true leader in local porn……..”

“True leader in local porn” he Who really cares about nationality in porn? See if you can really tell the difference between a Trinidadian and a Barbadian, or a Czech from a Slovak.

Stupid sites like these shouldn’t exist, and such people shouldn’t own a PC, but such is the nature of the internet…apart from having “international audiences”. If you’re ever bored, check out the shameful group of sleazebags over at and guilt-free porno using google 🙂

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Online Gaming with DotA

July 26, 2008 at 8:48 pm (Gaming, Misc, Technology) (, , , , , , , )

It’s been a while. Recently I’ve taken up online gaming as another pastime…probably a cause and effect situation there..Traditional RPGs and strategy games are continuing to bore me with either their impossible or idiotic AI. As a matter of fact all games are boring to me. I look forward to getting a Nintendo Wii as the control dynamics are a radical departure from what we’ve been accustomed to in gaming for the last 2 decades.

However, so far PC games still manage to interest me, particularly Warcraft 3 with the Frozen Throne expansion. The replayability of the game is infinite. The ability to design and play custom maps is the most valuable feature I’ve ever seen in a game. It gives the game a DVD player feeling…you can never get fed up of it as long as new DVDs (maps) come out. Its gotten to the point that some people know about a particular custom map more than the client, WC3, itself.

That custom map is Defense of the Ancients (DotA), and its taking the world of gaming by storm. DotA is played at countless worldwide gaming tournaments, including Blizzard’s BlizzCon, a DJ guy from Sweden made a song about it (almost 5 million views), approximately 50,000 people play it everyday on the Garena Gaming client, its popular at LAN parties and its by far the most widely supported, most popular game mod of all time. I play DotA on Garena, mostly the Caribbean, US, Canadian or Australian rooms. I learnt a lot since my first time playing online :

1) Computer AI even on the Insane setting can never compare to Human players. They aren’t necessarily harder than AI, but they mostly use cheaper methods to win.

2) Online gaming sucks because of people who leave in the middle of a game.

3) If you’re playing DotA online, 99% of the time its AP (All Pick) mode.

4) Most DotA players are rude, nerdy, cool-in-their-own-world, assholes.

Number 4 is the most annoying. Many of a time I’m teamed up with people through random meets who take the game too seriously, they abuse you with the word “noob” if you make the slightest mistake or can’t literally work magic in game situations, and ban you from their hosting a game if you’re not an obsessive asshole like them. The banning thing is another out of the loop with reality situation. What if one person bans you from their host out of thousands of people including yourself who can host games? Is that a power thing? It makes them feel important? What’s next you gonna take down my IP address and cross it out with red ink?

Another thing is some people leave if they don’t like the hero or mode they got, if they get killed too often, or if they’re upset that after making money (farmining) for the entire game without helping out, that they don’t make much a difference to its outcome. Some players know every single detail of DotA as if it were the alphabet, anally stick to skill and item builds, use scripted, cheap moves, and call themselves “Pro” as a result. They also laugh at and tease people who don’t share these inane “skills”.

I have no problem with “pros” but the attitude of some, is the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen on the net. They believe that real noobs, or accused noobs like me, are….losers. lol. The skills, items commands and strategies of DotA are so vast it would likely take someone new a good few weeks into months of excessive gaming to halfway master. In other words, you’ll have to truly devote your life to it, memorizing item recipes, using complicated shorthand like ww, vang, chick, mid mia, SK, DC, AoM, PotM, FF, etc…In other words…be a total frickin geek.

Therefore if I was “pro”, I’d keep that on the DL, I think its pretty embarassing to people who live a normal life that you’ve mastered a custom map of a dated game and u can pwn noobs using lycan in 30 mins. So what if someone sucks at DotA, there’s no need to be an unadulterated pompous dickhead to them for asking questions which you happen to have the answer to because you spent hours of your life mastering a videogame or for simply beating them. I won’t say “better than” because most losses I’ve had in DotA and mainly because of lack of communication and teamwork There were many instances when I would lose in a 5v5 game then come back and have long winning streaks against the same people in 1v1 games. I’d love to know the stats for the average amount of times “pro” DotA players have sex, with the opposite sex or how many have girlfriends…jobs…cars…you know, real things you should really be “pwning”. People may suck at DotA…but for those who don’t, they most likely suck at life.  Which is more important to you?

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A Video Portrait of Barack Obama

June 24, 2008 at 5:09 am (Barack Obama, Entertainment, Misc, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Please see this video here :

Video Portrait of Barack Obama

Very damaging. John Edwards really bashed him at that debate…ofcourse that was never covered by the 527 political action committees AKA the mass media.

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