Caribbean Cinemas 8 Movie Tickets Increase

March 17, 2008 at 8:19 pm (Entertainment, Life, Movies, Rants, Trinidad) (, , , )

Sign outside CC8, Trincity Mall

Yes. Believe it or not, even the price to see a movie has increased. But why? I know the price of flour, sugar, milk, etc has increased, but what the fuck does that have to do with movies? And furthermore, do they even need extra income, given the sheer amount of ads they have before each movie. Last movie I saw, “27 Dresses”, had 30 minutes of ads before it began :



BaileysAd.jpgBailey’s Ad

FrutaAd_orSomeShit.jpgEither Fruta or Dairy Dairy Milk Ad

PepsiAd.jpgPepsi Ad

PepsiAd.jpg Pepsi Ad again, this is no mistake, they always show the same Pepsi ad 3-4 times in succession for some weird reason

image466.jpgDairy Dairy Ad

So is it just me, or is anyone getting the feeling that the business community is arbitrarily hiking up prices for absolutely no reason? The sad thing is, it has yet to backfire because the lines are still long..



  1. kellie said,

    Caribbean cinemas is the worse ever i am not saying this cinema is the only one but when you look over what goes on i would say it is totally ridiculous.i feel its best they build a separate cinema instead of having it in the mall itself because it causes long lines plus when you do get the tickets when you go inside the cinema itself the food court does not have what you want and that is why the majority of the people eat outside before going in to watch the movie besides who eats hot dogs and nachos that dont even taste good anyways that is one problem the next problem is that when you do go inside the cinema it is so small that if it is full you would have to go up in front where you have to strain your neck to see the screen.I am not saying that caribbean cinemas is bad but the cinema is not layered properly and they need to plan out what happens when there is long lines i mean i can’t sit down infront of the screen and watch for about 10mins advertisements i already watch it home come on cut us some slack please.
    Thank you

    • shelbi said,

      your talking crap because its a good cinema and the food court is great…the only thing that makes the cinema bad is the loud mouth people and the people who like to kick the chair stay in your dam house if yuh cant sit quiet and watch the movie

  2. Selwyn Churaman said,

    I would just like to add…besides the long lines for the tickets, its even more frustrating when you have to wait in an even slower moving line for food or drink! Half the time, I need to be filled in by my friend what I missed out on the movie. They really, really need more workers in there cafe!!! And whats with the very high prices of food and drink…please!!!!

    • Kurt said,

      I agree, but to add more yet, the lines are long outside, the lines at the concession stand is long and $9 for a friggin bottle of water, I kid you not something is seriously fucked up about that………………………

  3. aaron said,

    i just don’t like the fact that this kind of crap does not happen in USA .if the price was to raise by $2 people would stop going and they would have to drop the price but we in T&T too dumb to stop .people don’t realize that we run this country well sad to say they will keep increasing the price until something happens it is our move…………..

  4. anita said,

    It is so ironic that when you enter the cinema atrium area the girls handbags are searched, even the most petite that can only fit a wallet and a phone, but the guys are not. One night my bf and i went to see a movie and when i politely asked why they search women’s bags the security guard was very rude to me and said that people can bring in weapons, etc. I told her that it is not polite to look in other women’s handbags as it may contain personal items and of course with the mentality of less than 3 cxc passes she made a scene about it. i continued on with my business, only for my bf to tell me that he was carrying the pocket knife that he usually take with him everywhere. how stupid can these people be?

    • Eve said,

      I so understand you. I actually strategically placed my personal products on top of every thing in my bag

    • sheldon said,

      i understand your complain but its disrespectful to refer to the security officer as “less than 3 cxc passes” and that makes you no better questions like yours should go to management and not to the officer who is simple carrying out instruction.

  5. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    Well as you said, 3 CXC’s doesn’t exactly give you a lot of intelligence, just like taxi drivers at Curepe junction but that’s another story. You would think that in their quest to force us to buy their overpriced drinks and snacks by searching girls’ bags (the whole piracy thing is bs), that they would search guys too, but that would just be too logical.

    • susan said,

      the people that commented on the security guard have three passes. You asked her a stupid question!!! Does not mean that they have three cxc passes only.
      you people are worst than her, if you all have more passes than her. Any fool should know, that men give their girlfriends, or ladies the weapon sometime to hold for them. That is why they search all bags. I’ve seen them search the men too.
      So don’t get carried away, about the security intelligence. If something should happen to you in the movies, and it came to knowledge that the woman carried the weapon for the guy.. Then you fools will be asking another question.. “Why did they not search her bags?” And I will take a foolish guest, which will be your answer to that question would be. “It is not nice for ladies handbag to be searched because they have personal items in the bag.” foolis!!!

  6. beholder_62 said,

    I just came onto this site, but i must say that i am probably one of the few people that have watched nearly every movie that CC8 has released not beacause i am chronic, but becuase i love movies. CC8 is a perfectly located cinema that gives u a taste out of the ordinary. People complain yes, i am not defending them but its a business at the end of the day and that is what has failed most people. 1. Given the fact that i have been there so often i can safely say that CC8 is Shiting Ridiculous with these advertisements, do they need the money that badly, u already own the mall (which is the biggest in the country by the way) and on top of that u are charging over $20 per head so why 30 to 35 minutes of adverts per show. Imagine this a movie that is advertised to start at 9.40 pm does not start until 10.15 pm. Know who d hell wants to watch 30 to 35 mins of advertisements, for those of us who dont have cable we are already watching these same adverts on local channels and now u are paying to see the same thing. You cant even say that u are going in 30 mins late cause u dont want to see all these adverts cause u will end up with a very bad seat. Why oh why do u have seats approximately 6 to 8 feet away from the screen and u literately have to strain ur neck to see. I went to see the last chapter of Captin Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean and like alot of people i made alot of noise in CC8 cause after standing in a line for 45 mins i ended up in the front of the cinema straning my neck to see the Witty Jack Sparrow, and to me this was unacceptable and we made noise so much noise that they close another movie to show Pirates of the Caribbean in another room where people could actually see. I think that night 4 rooms were showing the same movie, WHY? Because we united as one, and if we want prices to go down, simple, Unite and boycot these cinemas and the price defintely will go down. I dont know about u but i still very often attend a normal cinema like strand or palladium where u still get a good movie experience, but becuase trinis are so stupidly gullable and ignorant that they are not seeing that they are being manipulated by higher order businesses that have pulled there attention and in doing this have closed down so many of these other cinemas around. Where did we watch movies before CC8 and Movie Town
    Think about it………

    • The wise one said,

      CC8 does not own Trincity Mall. They are a paying tenant like all other tenants of the Mall.

  7. donna said,

    can i have your email address please? i would love to offer myself for your employ and after reviewing the comments posted, i know i can help alleviate some of these patrons frustrations as i have a passion for good customer service, and i will work hard to achieve the goals and aspirations that i know the directors of this establishment aspire for.

    so i would like the address forwarded to my email and i would send my resume

    here’s to achieving real goals

    your future employee

  8. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    um, donna, I know the world is in a crisis and jobs are hard to come by, but I don’t understand how you gathered from this post or anywhere that I’m somehow connected to the HR of CC8.

  9. Jane said,

    Clearly the CC8 management does not care if men bring in weapons, but they do care if women try to sneak in food in their handbags because then they will have fewer patrons for the high priced food at their bar! So we could go kill one another in the cinema once we pay $20 for a small bag of popcorn.

  10. julio robinson said,

    cinemas 8 is the worst ever what the fuck the think they are in fucking westmoorings. and their service is the worst people there have an attitude problem atleast the can give good service for the price we are paying. just kidding they are the best in the country. ……….yeh right.

  11. annmarie said,

    I am not taking up for CC8, but people always wait last minute to purchase tickets!! That’s Trinidad on the whole. But to finally get inside the lobby are, the lines are ridiculous in order to wait for food. When you watch by the cashiers, there are only 2 cashiers if you’re lucky. Sometimes it’s only one……on a weekend!! come on management!! For 8 cinemas to feed and only one cashier??? They don’t even have a system to make the lines move faster. Secondly, the advertisements are the worst. Why run the same adverts twice?? Where’s the logic. Yes the people who do this get paid from the advertising people, but still, 2 same advertisement in the space of 5 mins??
    They need new management!

  12. sastri said,

    I enjoyed going to CC8 in its early stages but now its absolutely horrible. The digusting smell and horrific carpet condition oh and to mention the chairs we patrons must sit in to enjoy our movie.ohhh just thinking of it make me feel sick.The carpet and the chairs have changed colour.They are now black….and moldy. I am sorry but i dont think i would pay $22.00 to watch a movie and then the next day i have to visit the doctor cause i caught some fugus infection at the back of my neck.Come on people clean the cinema……I mean haven’t they herd of carpet shampoo? Its disgusting and if anyone disagrees with me then the next time you visit please take these few points that i have highlighted and see for yourself.

  13. babita poon said,

    My husband and I went CC8 to see Transformers 2 and I told the cashier loudly enough for the 11.20 am shedule the fool gave me the 1.20 pm and we had to wait to watch the movie and yes when we went there ways exactly 30 minutes of ads,come on and 22 dollars for adults and 15 dollars for kids come you charging kids 15 dollars to watch a movie that is sooooooo foolish

  14. zolro said,

    They can’t afford toilet paper and locks on the toilet doors.

    Please put 60 mins of ads to fix this problem.

  15. Shea said,

    my BIGGEST thing with CC8 is d SMELL!!!
    i shock to see that no one commented on that since lol!!! as u walk in d smell is HORRIBLE!!!!!! and walkin towards d cinema room itself is BAD. CLEAN YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!!

  16. Janelle said,

    And this one is for “MANAGEMENT”….what the HELL is wrong with those male Ushers/SecurityGuards whatever you call them….., Y do you have them checking the ladies bags, I think i should have some few used tampons and pads one day in my bag waiting for.

  17. Althier said,

    Cinema I have only one problem,,,,,,, CLEAN THE CINEMA…. those chairs are STINK….. u all need to do something about it.

  18. niki said,

    i really doh know what goin on with dat stinking cinema……….there was a time i went there with my camera and they tellin me i can not go in with my camera because they are afraid i might tape their stinking movie and that i have to leave my camera with them.supposing i did do that an come back my camera gone what will they tell me SORRY?. even down to the damn security guards are fricking assholes.CINEMA EIGHT IN A HOT MESS YES.

  19. Pearl said,

    Wow, I have never been to CC8, I patronised Movie Town until its (in my opinion) unreasonable ticket price hike … to $45.00 and as I believed that, they were already practicing eyegouging with the cafeteria prices!!.. This was the last straw.. so I stopped going to Movie Towne.. I have never bought a ticket for a movie at the increased price since…
    I recently “This week” thought I should visit CC8 even if for the experience!! having happened onto this Site.. I will Think on it again!!!

  20. a trini said,

    I will say what everyone frade to say. We not WHITE/RICH/LOOKING FORIGEN, and so on.
    Owners of CC8 this is our land not yours. This is not the states where you like to segrigrate everyone.
    Yuh want we money, then treate we dam good…………..

  21. Larry said,

    It seems because the admission is less than movietowne patrons are already given a bargain so it is an excuse by those responsible to keep the cinema dirty and sticky and many times they never have covers for drinks etc.
    The general attitude of the staff is not customer service oriented-needs to be courteous and willing to assist.
    Not to mention the poor security,if any in place at all, both inside and outside the mall.

  22. artee & mitra said,

    you damn rite cinema 8 trinicity mall is the worse i ever came across because the food inside the lobby is disgusting and too expensive and the staff are not friendly att all they are very racial and treat the customer with no respect. i think that movietown is much better in that category and the food is much better there they have a wider variety of food u can choose. i do not think that i will ever will be going back to that cinema anymore unless they give the staff some kind of customer training and upgrade the food. and honestly speaking i do not see the reason to search a woman’s purse upon entrance what they think u have ah gun so what if u buy food in the food court because there food is shit.

  23. Ziyaad said,



  24. Hackman said,

    If you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called?

  25. presidente said,

    u knw wat is so funny after readin all de above posts?…..dat all dese ppl went 2 de other local cinemas, where by the way u see 2 shows 4 de price of 1. also d food is beta, cheaper n there are no longgggggggg lines. trinidadians complain yet they indulge. it is bcuz of dis mentality dat our locals faced the dimise of their businesses being closed down. it wud b expected dat there will b long lines @ cc8 if all de never-see-come-see want 2 rush up in dere. as for de food prices. if ppl wud eat at home b4 dey go 2 d movies ther wud b less lines at d lobby n you wud b saving money. wen u call de hotline 2 buy tickets in advance voicemail or ringin tone or busy. a long line is expected by the cashier. i cant say wen last i went 2 cc8 or movietown bcuz i dont c de point of paying 4 de same tng i can watch at home or get 2 4 1…………..and that my 2 cents cuz dat is wat i remained with after i carried the children there

  26. saleem mohammed said,

    hell. cc8 its the worst and stinkyest,smellest,very very very dirty cinema in the world the seat smells the floor sticky chairs broken and too close prices 2 high 4 environment they need 2 go america and see what a real cinema looks like they need new management…………

  27. Simona said,

    I go to Palladium or Globe POS or National Sando…… twice the movies for the same price, no rush, no crowd an I can relax an enjoy my movie. 😀 BLISS

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