More Slaps in the Face from the Producers of Bleach

April 26, 2008 at 4:50 am (Anime) (, , , , , )

Well early Thursday morning I watched the first filler episode of Bleach, only to be hit with the following facts :

1) Its not just a set of filler episodes, its a fiiller ARC. Dumb observation you may think, but there were loose filler episodes in the past.

2) There are new cool, but toned-down beginning and ending themes which suggest the previous point as other new characters were shown

3) Amagai Shuusuke is…awkward. His zanpakutou is like a fricking knife or something and so far he isn’t really convincingly cool. One of the lower seats of the 3rd squad even said that “he lacks poise”.

4) Last not certainly not fucking least, THE NEXT EPISODE WILL BE ON MAY 7th.

Yes. Its the beginning of the already unwanted filler arc and they’re already taking another break. I’m this close to abandoning Bleach. Have they no respect for their fans? We’re not asking for shit like, naked pictures of Matsumoto, but just to see something worthwhile after waiting a week to see the show. Lately however its been shit, or nothing.  What a waste. I’m open to suggestions for something better to follow weekly..


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