UWI is F^%$ Retarded

February 27, 2009 at 8:42 pm (Rants, Stress, Stupidity, Technology, Trinidad) ()

Seriously, the University of the West Indies is full of shit.

Bored today I thought I’d throw in an application for a Master’s degree at UWI. The deadline is tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen between now and September, the start of the new academic year, I may change my mind, but I think its better to apply now to at least qualify, as changing your mind does not require an application.

I knew beforehand that the application as claimed by UWI is online-based, so no worries. They state this here :

Please note that The University of the West Indies has moved to ON-LINE APPLICATIONS and you will therefore be required to visit our website at http://www.sta.uwi.edu/postgrad where information on all programmes to be offered for the upcoming academic year and instructions on “How to Apply” are available.

Let me pause for a minute and share the Wikipedia definition of “online”.

Online – Describes a system which is connected (generally electrically) to a larger network; Available over the internet; Available on a computer system, even if not networked.

However upon completing the application form, I’m being told that I must send my referees a form which they must print out, complete, sign, put in a sealed envelope, which I must then collect, and bundle that along with other hard copy documents including a printout of the completed application form to be submitted by post or by hand to UWI

In other words UWI is fucking retarded. The application process is NOT ONLINE. Its like saying let me give you this book for free, but excuse me while I hold your wallet and take $5 out of it for no particular fucking reason. Needless to say I’m not making the deadline, and can only hope its accepted by next week. Assholes.


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Please STFU About this “Hero Pilot”

February 12, 2009 at 6:37 pm (news, Rants) (, , , )

Are Americans hero-obsessed?

Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who pulled off a very difficult landing of a commercial airliner in the Hudson River when his plane went down, thus saving the lives of all crew and passengers, is truly a remarkably person to do something like that.

But how long are we going to dwell on this? Firstly, did it ever cross anyone’s mind that Mr. Sullenberger was actually saving his own ass?? Its not like he Chuck Norris’d and jumped off the plane in a parachute with all the passengers in one arm or something, he himself was in a dangerous situation, he did something difficult out of desperation, and just happened to save the 156 people seated behind him. I mean really unless he’s some sort of nihilist, suicidal, glass-is-half-empty person, he really had no other option but to try to land the plane there to atleast save himself. ANYONE in that situation (except that nihilist, suicidal person) would have tried to land the plane safely. So really is all the attention and media obsession necessary?

Here we are like a month later with talks about a book deal, him being on the Morning Show, Letterman, a movie, a VIDEO GAME, keys to the city…and the list goes on.

I know Bush has messed things up and the world economy is frightening , but its sad to see people grasping at straws of “good news” and just going fuckin gaga over it. What’s next? Will I be a hero for leaving the door open for someone behind me?

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November 3, 2008 at 4:53 am (Entertainment, Movies, Rants) (, , , , , , )

So after my grand 5-hour university graduation ceremony on Saturday I decided to go see Saw V…what a mistake. Saw V was the worst of the series and definitely the worst movie I saw for the year. The tagline of the movie is “You won’t believe how it ends”…I won’t dispute this, because seriously, you won’t believe how it ends……ITS QUITE LAME. You know that super-surprising “holy shit!” twist they put in at the end of Saw I, II, III and IV? Well Saw V’s twist is as surprising as George W. Bush’s exclusion from the Mensa spciety.  Without spoilers, the ending is not a twist at all, it is simply chronological, natural, expected, not surprising, I don’t know how to express it more. The movie itself was boring, and a total waste because we all thought we were to be treated with something that would make sense of it all at the end but no chance of that.

THE ONLY GOOD THING about this movie is Carlo Rota made an appearance. Carlo played the one and only “Mick Schotoppel” in La Femme Nikita back in the day and was one of my favorite characters in the series. This means only he and Nikita herself (Peta Wilson) to this day have gotten roles in big movies. Wilson starred in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Superman Returns. Too bad Carlo only lasted a few minutes though, that wasn’t much of a spoiler as we all know how Saw kills off almost everyone by the end of the movie.

However, I actually felt ROBBED of my money at the end of this movie. In conclusion, DO NOT GO SEE THIS SHIT. Its amazing that its the number 2 highest grossing movie right now, a lot of people have wasted their money. ou’re better off dancing to High School Musical 3….because the ending of that movie is actually more of a mystery than Saw V.

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Bill Maher is a Bigotist Asshole

October 27, 2008 at 5:10 am (Celebrities, Entertainment, Life, Rants) (, , , , , , , )

Bill Maher is a smart, very funny comedian. I’m been a fan of his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” since 2003 and I watched all of his standups…but he’ a bigotist asshole, and its really starting to get to me. His movie Religulous, seeks to poke fun at not just Christianity, but religion as a whole. I haven’t had the opportunity of seeing it yet, but I can predict what it will be full of, seeing that he has always had this attitude of being condescending to all who aren’t atheist like him. It seems as if he aims to throw small punches at religion in all of his shows, interviews and appearances : mocking people who believe in angels, calling praying “talking to an imaginary friend”, generalizing all religious people as stupid because he came across a few religious people that apparently are, etc.

Why does he do this? I am a Christian, I went to church today but I am not a frequent Church-goer, nor a 100% believer in 100% complete adherance to every literal word the Bible says, nor the great defender of the Christian faith, as I know there are some things about it, as with all things in life, that should be taken with a few pinchs of salt, so I’m a lot liberal than most Christians, but even I have a problem with Maher.

It seems as if he really does have deep psychological issues that makes him so adamant against religion. If you’re an atheist, and misguided as you are, then fine, believe that, keep it to yourself and stop mocking people’s beliefs. Stop the unfair generalizations of an entire following of people just because you met a few ignorant of them who follow the words of the Bible without question and can’t answer your bullshit pseudo-intellectual questions….just because you can. Don’t you realize whenever you make jokes poking fun at religion 90% of the Friday nights that you do, you don’t get that much laughs? Nobody thinks its that funny, not even Liberals and Libertarians. Stop trying to be George Carlin. Only he can pull it off and be funny..and even with him it was mildy unnerving.

He goes so far as to say that religion isn’t just stupid but its also bad. Only thing bad is his shitty-ass, deceptive movie :

“I wonder whether we’ll hear about other examples of deceptive editing besides this one and the misleading John Adams quote I mentioned earlier. Religulous is a comedy based on making believers look foolish. Yet while he attacks the intellectual dishonesty of religion, his movie seems to be chock full of it.”

“He declared the God of the Old Testament “barbaric” for ordering the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child during their conquest of Palestine. Now, you and I know there are biblically sound, intellectually satisfying answers to these questions. But people like Bill Maher aren’t really looking for answers, they’re looking for opportunities to ridicule God’s Word and everyone who believes in it. He had no interest in listening to anything I had to say.

(See full details of the total failure and deception of Maher and his movie at Tektronics.org)

But wow. Religion is bad? He obviously has had the joy and pleasure of living a very trouble-free, non-crisis afflicted, happy go lucky little stupid life. Evidently, because he gets paid a lot just to tell stupid jokes and aggravate people. Try telling patients at a hosptial with only months to live with a Bible, Koran, or whatever holy book of their religion next to them that religion is stupid. Religion gives people hope, inspiration, comfort, strength and solace, common in all denominations of theist faith and others. Why go so out of your way to mock it?

What a sad fool. Its so stupid and pathetic to me to see him consistently depict to the world that he is an ignorant asshole that is more guilty of what he accuses religious people of, being irrational and stupid.

“Some audience members at early screenings of “Religulous” have protested that the film focuses on irrational believers. “That’s not true,” Maher said. “Everybody we talked to was reasonable. They’re normally functioning people. “But if you’re religious, it means you believe in some crazy stuff. And at that point you don’t look reasonable. People think we sought out crazy people and ignored this mythical rational religious person.”


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Trinidad beats Bermuda 2-0 to Advance into Next Round of WC Qualification

June 23, 2008 at 1:56 am (Football, news, Rants, Sports, Trinidad) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

A first half strike from Dutch-based striker Daryl Roberts and a controversial header by Stern John pushed Trinidad past Bermuda into the next round of WC 2010 qualification. The Bermudan side had serious problems with John’s goal as it was allowed to be scored by the referee while the Bermudan players waited for a substitution to be made, with some 20 minutes left to be played in the second half. Darryl Roberts, one of very few new names who continue to impress, converted within 10 minutes of the first half.

Funny. When I heard Stern John scored I held by breath till I heard it was ruled off-side…but no…it could have just been disallowed entirely seeing that the entire Bermudan defense except for their goalkeeper wasn’t paying attention, as they were waiting for their substitution to take place. Darryl Roberts on the other hand did well with an early goal.

So wow, they did it, but just barely, and with a large degree of controversy, against Bermuda i.e. At one time they only left ONE defender behind the ball in their onslaught of attacks against the Bermudan goal. The problem is, such strategies cannot work against the likes of Mexico, USA, Guatemala and Cuba who Trinidad will face in the next round of qualification. As a matter of fact its extremely worrying that Trinidad only managed to scrape past Bermuda, ranked #139 in the world, when the USA is making light work of such teams as they beat Barbados 8-0 earlier this month. For now Trinidad supporters can breathe a sigh of relief, but a lot of work has to be done if they are to advance any further.

Regardless of the outcome today or in the future : BRING BACK THE REAL TEAM, DOWN WITH JACK WARNER.

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Trinidad and Tobago in Do or Die Match vs Bermuda for World Cup Qualification

June 22, 2008 at 6:00 am (Football, Politics, Rants, Sports, Trinidad)

Yes..That’s no typo. The team that shocked the world and drew with Sweden at the 2006 World Cup, the team that had Sven Goran Ericsson reaching for the Pepto Bismol up until Peter Crouch’s Hairpull of God’s Goal..has to beat Bermuda today, by atleast 2 clear goals in order to escape elimination from the 2010 WC qualifiers. This predicament is a result of them losing to Bermuda last week 2-1..

Surely I expected a poor performance but certainly not a loss. With a team whose average age is about 30-something…with obscure, no talent players with names such as “Ming” and “Frick”, I never in 2 lifetimes would have expected this result. And then the after match commentary by the space cadet of a coach Francisco Maturana had me on the floor rolling. Speaking to the press, Maturana attributed the loss to a “overconfident attitude” by the Trinidad side….the idea of this man to attribute multiple wasted chances and ridiculous defensive blunders to an attitude problem.

How does the goalkeeper lying down on the ground for seemingly an eternity after a slight collision with a Bermudan player and in doing so allows another Bermudan player to easily score a goal an attitude problem?

What does attitude have to do with Osei Telesford, supposedly a star of the local league, and more capable of playing on the team rather than the more experienced, World Cup experienced, Brent Sancho, chasing down Bermuda attackers, only to not tackle them and simply spectate while they score a goal or make passes?

What the fuck does he take us for? Jack Warner is clearly pulling the strings again and telling Maturana not to select the black-listed players who opposed him after it is clear that he is misappropriating FIFA monies that are due to them.

Where are Marvin Andrews, Christopher Birchall, Cornell Glen, Shaka Hislop, Avery John, Russell Latapy, Dwight Yorke, Cyd Gray, Densil Theobald, Evans Wise, Tony Warner, Ricky Shakes, etc????

Probably crying somewhere for seeing their disgrace of a successor or laughing at Jack Warner for thinking he could just throw any idiot on the team to achieve the greatness they did. I’m indifferent to the result tomorrow because may the best team win, and I don’t see how the following team, even though its comprised of remnants of the real T&T team can ever be the better team when matched up against most football teams :

GK Clayton Ince, Jan Michael Williams

DF Kern Cupid, Kareem Smith, Dennis Lawrence, Ancil Farrier, Michael Edwards, Makan Hislop

MID Stephan David, Osei Telesford, Hayden Tinto, Carlos Edwards, Keon Daniel, Aurtis Whitley, Khaleem Hyland

FW Stern John, Jason Scotland, Darryl Roberts

So what must happen will happen. Paraguay beat Brazil 2-0 in the South American Qualifiers, Russia beat Holland yesterday 3-1 in the Euro 2008 quarterfinals..maybe Trinidad’s defeat and yet to be seen early exit will be deemed another sporting anomaly or upset….If only the consequences were that simple.

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I tagged and keyworded this like crazy because I really wish the regional manager of the Subway franchise or someone of similar authority from that organization would read this, and yes including the foul language.

Everyone should know about Subway by now, even if there isn’t one close to where you live. We’re all familiar with Jared Fogle’s amazing claims of how he lost like 300 pounds from just eating Subway sandwiches everyday. I’m sure I even saw the question (phrased differently) “Who is the guy who lost a lot of weight from being on a Subway diet?” as a question on Jeopardy for only 100 points.

Needless to say, Subway sandwiches are great : not too filling, tasty and best of all healthy. The price of it is another story, considering you can get a proper “meal” for about the same price of less, but that’s another story.

But, I believe quality at all restaurants is subject to the law of diminishing marginal utility, both in your own mind- “This doesn’t taste like it used to..” (when in fact it does) and on the part of the restaurant who just seem to lower their quality gradually, unintentionally or for the purposes of underhandedly saving costs. This brings to mind the folks at Coca Cola and Heineken. They’ve been around selling something that supposedly tastes the same for X amount of decades. I guess they deserve a lot more credit.

Sadly my Nokia (shitty) camera phone isn’t working and I didn’t feel like using my other phone to walk all the way out there to go take a pic of what made me write this..but someone is going around UWI, St. Augustine campus sticking up petition forms, calling themselves the “Campaign for Truth…For Real!” requesting that we sign our names to protest Subway’s (the branch at UWI) unfair practices, some of which being :

  1. Employees closing the store 10-15 minutes earlier than its official closing hours (10 pm)
  2. Their policy of not redeeming Subway Cards that don’t have the bill for each purchase attached (basically declaring $240 worth of purchases – average price of a sandwich is around $28TT – and the care to collect all those ridiculous stamps or management signatures worthless)
  3. Not having a student special (they didn’t clarify, but I guess they mean something similar to KFC’s “study combo” which supposedly is a deal for students but its a ripoff anyway)
  4. Having discourteous staff.

Notably some of the things they didn’t mention, which I always noticed about subway, my own qualms about them if you will, include :

  • The ridiculously slow service. This further exacerbates the problem of the length of the lines (at any time of day mind you) because students just can’t get enough of that Chicken Teriyaki on Honey Oat with extra Pineapple..
  • The STALE VEGETABLES they put in your sandwiches. They literally give you BROWN LETTUCE. Absolutely hilarious. “Good day sir would you like pickles,onions,tomatoes,blah blah blah”…you say “Yes all the veggies please”..and they proceed to put BROWN, VISIBLY SPOILT, DISGUSTING lettuce in your sandwich! estropeados lechuga!! l’embarras laitue!! Yet their slogan is EAT FRESH! Not for the life of me will I be able to get over this!! They also are frequently out of certain ingredients, sometimes 2 or 3 of them, yet when you ask them about the price they look at you as if you’re crazy. The price of a sandwich includes the veggies, but if THEY have problems with supply or whatever and don’t have pickles, green peppers, etc, which you are PAYING for…then why the fuck should you still pay the full price for it?

However, I’m in two minds about this. Its great to see UWI students attempting to mobilize and organize themselves for a cause…but as usual its petty and parochial. In recent memory of everyone, all we ever came out against as a pressure group of supposedly being the “premier university of the Caribbean” are : not getting into certain clubs at Port-of-Spain, administrative policies regarding residency and “security around campus” because people insist they should walk around Curepe/St. Augustine at odd hours of the night and think nothing should happen to them. The stance against the government construction of the aluminum smelters was something to be proud of, but that was still just a minority group within the student body.

I’ve dealt with the horrors of Subway by doing something amazing : NOT BUYING IT. There is something called power of the consumer, i.e to choose to buy or not buy from somewhere. Why are they bitching about this shit when they can just buy from Boomers, the other local “health sandwich”, bootleg Subway restaurant right which is right next to Subway??? How about KFC which is also right next to Subway?? Or the grill restaurants around the corner or over the highway?? Or Papa John’s or Pizza Hut who deliver to UWI in like 10 minutes??? Or the numerous Chinese restaurants all over the place?? What pussies they are making us out to be!

Yes, the whole policy of not redeeming Subway cards if you don’t have the bills attached is cheap, unfair bullshit, they’re slow, their lettuce is RIDICULOUS, and well they just suck basically but fine, hit them where it hurts and stop buying it! Everyday at lunch time I often see about 30 people in line for Subway, then I see people pass by, look inside, see the line, and happily become the 31st person, knowing fully well they have atleast a half hour wait to get a stupid chicken sandwich!

I’m almost beginning to think that for students to be slaves to something just because it tastes good or because its an international franchise, they deserve such treatment. I’m pretty sure everyone sees that the lettuce is 3 DAYS OLD but they continue buying it, based on the length of those lines everyday.

So shut up and take it, because apparently Trinis and UWI students are married to Subway and continue to accept horribly sub-standard service and products and are blind to other fast-food options and the power to boycott. They could probably pee in the sandwiches are call it mustard and there will still be a mad rush of a line there tomorrow morning.

So fuck that, i’m not signing a petition which basically is me identifying myself as saying : “I need Subway, I can’t help but put up with their bullshit because I can’t buy something else, please put an end to my misery and like, heed to my demands of being a dumbass, captive customer, I need….chick….en…teri….yaki…..now…must…sign…petition…”. Idiots.

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Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters is an Idiot

April 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Funny, Life, Politics, Rants, Trinidad) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

And a ghetto fabulous, embarrassing-ass one at that too. Handkerchiefs have been used for centuries, said to have been invented by Richard II of England. When used as an accessory to a suit, a handkerchief is known as a pocket square. Wikipedia lists several ways in which a pocket square can be folded :

  • The Presidential is folded at right angles to fit in the pocket.
  • The TV Fold is folded diagonally with the point inside the pocket.
  • The One-point Fold is folded diagonally with the point showing.
  • The Two-point Fold is folded off-center so the two points don’t completely overlap.
  • The Three-point Fold is first folded into a triangle, then the corners are folded up and across to make three points.
  • The Four-point Fold is an off-center version of the Three-point Fold.
  • The Cagney is basically a backwards version of the Four-point Fold.
  • The Puff or the Cooper is simply shaped into a round puff.
  • The Reverse Puff is like the Puff, except with the puff inside and the points out, like petals.
  • The Astaire is a puff with a point on either side.
  • The Straight Shell is pleated and then folded over to give the appearance of nested shells.
  • The Diagonal Shell is pleated diagonally and then folded.

And here are some pictures of the pocket square in action :

Pocket Square

proper pocket square


However, what the fuck is this?

Winston \'Gypsy\' Peters in Parliament

That’s NO pocket square people. That is in fact, a TIE HANGING OUT OF MR. PETERS’ POCKET. And not just any tie, its identical to the one he’s wearing with his shirt! Yes, its not just an embarrassingly, ignorant, fashion disaster choice, he’s color-coordinating it! A grown man, a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT in the Lower House of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago thinks its fucking proper to hang a tie out of his pocket! Either that or he foolishly thought that the people he saw with fabric hanging out of their pockets (pocket squares) were hanging ties out of their pockets too!

And it gets worse!

Bling bling????

From this pic its seen that MP Peters is wearing an earring!! What the fuck???? Isn’t that like, disrespectful or something? What’s next platinum teeth?? I wear an earring too everyday but I’m sure if I were elected to Parliament I would have to stop wearing it then….or atleast not begin wearing one, uber-ignorantly thinking it constitutes proper attire.
How esteemed. From this pic we can also see the TIE HANGING OUT a little more.

Another pic from my TV on the Parliament channel which identifies this disgrace (Mr. Winston Peters, MP – Member for Mayaro)  that ridiculed the House of Representatives on that day.

What a joke. What clowns these people are. Would a US Senator or a UK MP come to a sitting looking anything remotely like that jackass???

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Giving Up on the Democrats

April 12, 2008 at 9:05 am (Politics, Rants) (, , , )

I’m not sure what to think anymore when I see polls showing Obama still has leads over Hillary Clinton. Even after all the controversy. What will it take for Americans to stop falling head over heels for this man? An exposé of his past which suggests he’s a lying, unpatriotic, radical racist? Oops. Happened already.

Which brings me to think, fuck the Democrats. They seem to have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With an economy on the verge of a recession, a largely unpopular war and the general dislike of Bush and his neo-con entourage, the Dems had this election in the bag. Just like they did last time when Bush was up for a second term. However, just like in 2004, they’re about to nominate a jackass to go up against the Republicans.

We knew Kerry was an idiot long before he was nominated. He changes his mind on issues according to numbers in the polls, to the point of him sounding like a badly configured robot. We all know his famous line “I voted for the war, before I voted against it”. He’s boring. The whole swift-boat veterans for truth thing raised a lot of questions about his self-proclaimed war hero credentials. Yet they bitchslapped Howard Dean by nominating Kerry, with all those weaknesses just screaming to be exploited by the Republicans for the Presidential race.

Here we are faced with a similar situation. It isn’t going to be pretty when John McCain et al start attacking Obama about the Rev. Wright incident, given he’s chosen as the nominee. Its a weakness they are happy for, that they can prepare for from now till October, they probably even did the ads already. So then why risk nominating him? Why drive a car with a flat tire? I really don’t know or care anymore. I’ll support Obama to be nominated and embarassed by a landslide defeat, because maybe only then will he and his supporters wake up to the reality that he isn’t fit to be President, and that feeling is likely to be more satisfying than to see him lose now.

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Why is Everything in Trinidad Suddenly So Depressing?

April 5, 2008 at 5:32 am (Funny, Life, Misc, Politics, Rants, Stress, Trinidad) (, , )

I usually don’t like to read or link to the Trinidad Express because of its poorly designed website, but this was interesting, or rather, depressing. These are the stories for today, Saturday 5th April 2008 :

“A Routine Affair” – Minister of Consumer Affairs on looting
Apparently on Thursday two truck drivers got robbed on the Beetham Highway and their cargo of groceries (juice, milk and flour) was stolen.  When asked to comment, the Minister of Consumer Affairs said in essence, “wtf, dudes get robbed there all the time, what’s the big deal?”. This may be somewhat true, in a  in terms of the random times people inadvertently stop anywhere close to Beetham Gardens (the ghetto), but should he be saying that? Especially since I can’t remember from any of those incidents any trucks with groceries being robbed before? Are we really at this stage now? That the govt can tell us “walk it off” when certain crimes are committed?

“Issue not about laptops”, says Panday
The fucking jackass of a wish-he-was-a-revolutionary, red-beret-wearing, foolish, crazy opposition leader of the UNC by the name of Basdeo Panday is still talking about his “wrongful ejection” from the Parliament because he so innocently in the middle of a sitting whipped out a laptop and began doing who knows what on it. MPs or Ministers using laptops while in Parliament is a contentious issue, but the fact of the matter is laptops aren’t allowed in Trinidad’s Parliament. Why then is this idiot all over the news making a spectacle of himself, throwing fucking ridiculous red herrings about a “conspiracy” between the ruling party and the Speaker of the House when all he had to do was to abide by the rules, close the laptop and STFU? Should I come into an exam with a laptop, for some sort of ridiculous reason, and attempt to…omg the stupidity of these assholes…SUE THE UNIVERSITY (SPEAKER) when i’m kicked out?? Yet thousands of people in Couva vote for this man. Downright disgusting.

Rioting prisoners hurl faeces
I shit you not…

And then the combo of :

Trini Soldier Gets Killed in Iraq..
Double Road Fataility..
Guy Dies While Watching Cricket..
A Soldier Lets Off a Stun Grenade in PoS..
More Price Increases..

 Wow. So death, inflation, explosions, govt nonchalance to crime, and hurling shit. Those are the stories of the day. Should the newspapers be renamed to “Migrate to Another Country…Because :”.

Its really sad. For months I’ve abstained from watching the local news because i was fedup of hearing about murders, but now i’m forced to to know if I should walk with a $10 bill or my Debit Card to purchase common groceries at the supermarket..



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