Crime, Trinidad & Tobago and Carnival

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I opted out of the Carnival celebrations this year. I’m fedup of Carnival.

With what’s going on in the world right now the whole idea of Carnival is just stupid. $500US for a fuckin bikini to jump around Port-of-Spain all fucking day and make a spectacle of yourself primarily for those back at the office and to keep up with the Jones’.

Ofcourse there are nice girls around in those bikinis, but does that matter if you’re not single?

You can actually really have fun just jumping around, but given the current crime rate, will you risk your life to do so?

I won’t, so I went to Tobago.

What a surreal start to that.

I only started planning like early February so ofcourse everywhere except maybe a garbage bin in a public toilet was completely, receptionist-laughing-on-the-phone-at-you, booked to capacity with waiting list systems that I would be at the bottom of. I got lucky one day as I found an ad for Summerland Suites in the local newspapers. Called, spoke to a nice German-sounding lady named Claudia, succeeded in booking, saw its a nice place from its website, took the plane, and landed in Tobago on Friday 20th February ready to chillax. Called Claudia, no answer. Called the other 3 numbers for Summerland, no answer. No worries, I figured that it was early and they probably weren’t up or something. So I took a taxi to the hotel right away.

When I arrived the grim news mercilessly struck me. Ms. Claudia Feldmeier, who I arranged reservations with, was murdered the night before I arrived in Tobago. Sad, stunned and shocked, I managed to get a room at another nearby hotel, which actually turned out to be better than Summerland Suites in my opinion.

I’m so sorry that this had to happen to Ms. Feldmeier. I hope she is at rest and her family is doing well. The first thing that came to mind is if only I could have told her something on the phone so that such a terrible thing may have been prevented.

The aftermath however is classic. Tobago police held a South African man who has been assisting them in their investigations. 2 days ago his lawyers came in from overseas, and the latest is yesterday he has been released. The murder weapon was recovered, but that’s about it. The police are now looking for a man believed to be have been seen fleeing the scene of the crime.

Here is his description according to Tobago police (public should be aware) :


Slim build male

Wow he doesn’t stand a chance now. Some solid police intelligence there. Matter of fact according to that description I’m a suspect.

This crime thing is getting scary now, and the police are getting stupider and more incompetent by the second. The story of this murder is already making waves, Tobago is now even being declared “no longer safe” for foreigners anymore.

I can only hope they catch this piece of shit soon and see that he receives swift justice. If they don’t, I expected that, they’re archaic, shitheads anyway, if they do, cool, but they’re still archaic, shitheads.

On the bright side, Tobago was beautiful. If only there were more jobs there I’d love to move over.


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Billionaire Stanford on the Run

February 19, 2009 at 5:39 pm (Celebrities, news) ()


In a surreal turn of events, Sir Allen Stanford, the billionaire from Houston who resides in the Caribbean, sponsor of..I’ve lost count, of how many multi-million dollar Cricket tournaments here in the Caribbean as well……pulled a Bernie Madoff and is now missing in action.

“On February 17, 2009, Stanford was charged by the SEC with fraud and multiple violations of U.S. securities laws for alleged “massive ongoing fraud” involving $8 billion in certificates of deposits.Despite the raid of three of Stanford’s offices in Houston, Memphis, and Tupelo, Mississippi, authorities have not located Stanford.”

Turns out Stanford enticed investors to put money towards a totally fictitious, “high-return Certificate of Deposit that is safer than the stock market”.

I can’t figure out why he would do something as crazy as that for a guy that is a billionaire, and taking advantage of people’s fear of the stock market too. Its like Peter North being charged for rape…”dude, your job is to have sex, why??”

I believe it stems from a disrespect of the Caribbean. Philanthropy my ass. Stanford was the first American to be knighted by Antigua and Barbuda, his adopted home. He has stated before that he would like to stop the brain drain from the Caribbean to first-world countries, bolster tourism and protect the region’s culture among other things. Bullshit.

Antigua and Barbuda has no SEC, or any kind of serious regulation framework to govern the activities of Stanford. Even if they did, the “he’s a good white man” syndrome would prevent them from doing anything. Stanford knows this and took advantage of it. He really doesn’t give a fuck about Cricket. It was a whole PR-scheme, which apparently he is very good at.

Stanford becomes another rich man to fall from grace in recent times. Madoff (fraud), Trump (bankruptcy), Duprey (bankruptcy), Merckle (suicide).

Ofcourse the timing of Stanford’s antics is poor, at best. His assets are now frozen, and with owning and controlling banks in the Caribbean and Latin America, he has now brought a mini-recession effect to these regions…

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Please STFU About this “Hero Pilot”

February 12, 2009 at 6:37 pm (news, Rants) (, , , )

Are Americans hero-obsessed?

Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who pulled off a very difficult landing of a commercial airliner in the Hudson River when his plane went down, thus saving the lives of all crew and passengers, is truly a remarkably person to do something like that.

But how long are we going to dwell on this? Firstly, did it ever cross anyone’s mind that Mr. Sullenberger was actually saving his own ass?? Its not like he Chuck Norris’d and jumped off the plane in a parachute with all the passengers in one arm or something, he himself was in a dangerous situation, he did something difficult out of desperation, and just happened to save the 156 people seated behind him. I mean really unless he’s some sort of nihilist, suicidal, glass-is-half-empty person, he really had no other option but to try to land the plane there to atleast save himself. ANYONE in that situation (except that nihilist, suicidal person) would have tried to land the plane safely. So really is all the attention and media obsession necessary?

Here we are like a month later with talks about a book deal, him being on the Morning Show, Letterman, a movie, a VIDEO GAME, keys to the city…and the list goes on.

I know Bush has messed things up and the world economy is frightening , but its sad to see people grasping at straws of “good news” and just going fuckin gaga over it. What’s next? Will I be a hero for leaving the door open for someone behind me?

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Obama’s Friendships

February 12, 2009 at 12:15 am (Barack Obama, news) (, , , , , , )

Whether you like him or not, you have to agree President Obama has a problem picking friends. Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Farrakhan, Rezko, his wife…he just seems to be a magnet for them.

We’re all quite familar with all those associations, but not many people know that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s trusted Chief of Staff, has a lot of dirt on him as a friend too.

Old Rahm happens to be a former Israeli soldier and son of a member of an Israeli terrorist organization, called Irgun. And by terrorist I mean defined-by-the-UN as terrorist.

Here he is in an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell talking about his ties with Israel, saying Israel will “have a friend in the White House“.

And disturbing of them all is this article where the Israeli author basically touts around how down for Israel Rahm Emanuel is :

“Obama chose Emanuel to escort him to a closed-door meeting with leaders of the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, in June, a day after the final Democratic primaries.”

“Obviously, he’ll influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House.”

Now being Obama’s longtime friend, political associate and now top adviser, how would the clear-as-day-in-the-tank-for-Israel-110% Rahm influence the foreign policy of the United States? How could he possibly ever suggest anything other than the total destruction of the Palestinian Authority?

So great the world has gone from a Christian extremist who believes God told him to go forth and be responsible for the deaths of some 600,000 Iraqis, to a Jewish extremist who is far more cunning and is the guy whispering in the ear of the most powerful man in the world :

Dude I told you to nuke the Gaza strip by tonight I have a Bar Mitzvah to attend

"Dude I told you to nuke the Gaza strip by tonight I have a Bar Mitzvah to attend"

Something really is GRAVELY WRONG with Barack Obama’s choice of friends, or with fucking Barack Obama himself.

John McCain had it right all along : “That’s not change we can believe in“.

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Israel Escalates Massacre of Gaza

January 8, 2009 at 8:44 pm (Middle East, news, Politics, War) (, , , , , )

Day 13 of fighting in the Gaza strip continues.

Israeli forces fired on a U.N. aid convoy today in Gaza, killing two aid workers, during a three-hour truce that Israel set up to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

Palestinian medical sources said Thursday that the death toll from the Israeli incursion has reached 763, with more than 3,200 injured.

Nine Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed in the operation, the Israeli military reported.

Sad, but familiar scenario of gross injustice and disproportionate force used by the Israelis.

Death Toll :

9 Israelis vs 700+Palestinians


Israel again is by default is wrong from its creation and aggressive expansion of its borders since 1949. The US is wrong by its unrelenting support of them since then.

This has resulted in the oppression and occupation of the Palestine people.

You can’t use a strict moral ruler on people who have deeds for their houses but were forced out of them by the Israelis, whose children have been killed and women raped by Israelis, all in the name of an ultra-nationalist, Jewish-superiority motive.

Israel and the U.S constantly refer to the actions of the Palestinians as “militant” or “terrorist”. Well what is the alternative? Docility? Surely that is only in the interest of the U.S and Israel. I guess if I slap someone silly it would be “terrorist” of them to fight back.

The Palestinians are doing all that they can to unleash the rage built up over the decades of Israel’s systematic genocide, as pathetic and as ineffective as it may be. Israel has U.S manufactured missiles launched from airstrikes like you do in Call of Duty 4 and nuclear weapons…….the Arabs have suicide bombers and stupid rockets they randomly launch at Israel.

The world is very hypocritical to praise Nelson Mandela as a freedom fighter, who was also responsible for violent, “terrorist acts” in South Africa under a similar oppressive situation, but at the same time brush over Arafat and Hamas as terrorists.

Keep in mind Hamas is the democratically elected government of Israel, and not some gang of illogical killers as the media would like you to believe. Democratically elected by the people of Gaza after Arafat’s death as part of Western influences determined to “bring democracy and stability” to the middle east. Now they turn around and reject Hamas and show no respect for them as the government, refusing to negogiate. So by this, is the definition of this imported democracy become “electing the government we want you to”?.

The situation is further hampened by extremists on both sides. Anwar Sadat the Eqyptian President, and Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister were both assassinated by citizens of their own countries after they both reached the closest ever to ending the war between the Israelis and Palestinians in separate incidents.

The solution however is not in the hands of the Israelis or Palestinians, but for the US to stop its blind support of Israel and force them to enter EQUAL talks and see that EQUAL compromises are met between the two warring parties. I’m assuming this will include a massive land turnover to the Palestinians. The Palestinians have nothing to give up other than to stop making a fuss about being just oppressed and occupied and fighting back. (tongue-in-cheek)

Ariel Sharon, though responsible for many evils himself as the Israeli Prime Minister, knew this was the way forward.

I can only hope the fighting and suffering ends soon.

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Hey its 2009

January 6, 2009 at 1:04 am (Funny, Life, Misc, news)

…and I’m still alive.

What’s with the break in posts? I decided to take a break from the internet in general

Reminds me of what life was like before the internet : totally boring,

A lot has happened since then :

Gizelle Salandy, a Trinidadian world renowned, record-holding boxer died in a car crash on Sunday. I’m really sorry to hear about this. I hope her family copes well with her loss and Gizelle rests in peace.

Israel and the mainstream media are up to their nasty schemes again, with the ground invasion of the Gaza strip which has been displayed as everything but perhaps a dinner amongst the elves and Santa Clause. The “right for Israel to defend itself” has once again superceded international law and common sense.

I became a fan of the Phillip DeFranco show on YouTube. I used to think YouTube is the dumping yard for all things stupid, explored by the idle, or its just a stupid self-proclaimed “alternative to TV”, but I know better now. Even in a junkyard you can find something useful….somewhere. That would be “sxephil” or DeFranco. He basically does the same thing as me, but through videos, and more disciplined, and very funny. I identify and agree with 95% of the things he complains/talks about. Check out his latest video here.

I gained weight. Yeah I think the national eat feast we call Christmas is stupid, but its difficult to escape it when you’re with family.

I got a new cellphone. The SE W380a. I like it, but it could have been better i.e classic Sony-Ericsson style. They get you excited with cool features, then by the next day when you’re playing around with the phone you realize it kinda sucks. They should therefore call all models of their phones the “Girlfriend”.

That’s about it.

I think I’m going to start a whole new blog dedicated to the “real” Trinidad and Tobago.

An article in a local newspaper said that the government will be executing a number of look-good initiatives for the Summit of the Americas which will be held in a few months. One of these plans BODY SNATCHING homeless people and putting them into an asylum. I’m feeling for Chow Mein now because that shit sounds Chinese.

Anyway, till the next time, Happy New Year.

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PM Manning REALLY has Kidney Cancer

December 12, 2008 at 6:51 am (news, Politics, Trinidad) (, , , )

Isn’t it funny that I have to retract commentary on something I thought should be retracted? Turns out I mixed up the word benign with malignant, therefore Manning really does have Kidney Cancer. I realized this when I woke up this morning, but was too lazy to come back to change it.

So the following front page cover is in fact true :

Is the editor a fan of oxymoron? Or is just a plain moron?

In that case, wow, its still sad. All I really want is to see him lose the next election by the biggest landslide in modern history, not suffer from cancer, but that’s life I guess.

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Trinidad’s Prime Minister Illegally Spies on Citizens, Opposition

November 22, 2008 at 5:06 am (news, Politics, Technology, Trinidad, Weird) (, , , , , , , )

TV6 has begun a multi-part series on the topic of spying in Trinidad. Here is what they’ve reported so far :

1) Prime Minister Patrick Manning used state agencies and state funds of over $60 million to funnel and smuggle Israeli spying equipment consisting of Carnivore-type software that harvests text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. of ALL citizens of the country.

2) He has been using this to persecute the opposition through an undisclosed, illegal “State security agency” as he is strategically releasing information on what he has “learnt” through his illegal spying on opposition senators when his party is criticized strongly by them.

3) The government has therefore no absolutely excuse for failing to control the increasing crime rate which includes an all-time high in murders for the year as with such spying equipment on hand, they should easily be aware and therefore able to counter the activities of criminals, druglords, etc. Its like losing at scrabble with a blind opponent when you have a dictionary and computer in front of you.

Appalling. $60 million dollars. Even if it were $1, the government of a democratic country has secretly and illegally bought something with tax payers money to spy on tax papers and suppress democracy.

I don’t really have any further comment on this. I am totally speechless, shocked, angry again and further disenchanted with the direction the country is going. The saddest part is idiots everywhere will most likely just say “hmph” or worse yet agree with this, or there may be some controversy over this for a week or so, then it will all die down, and life goes on, no MASS RESIGNATION of government officials as normal, civilized people of a normal, civil society would expect, absolutely nothing.

But, that’s that, i’m not about to get riled up now. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to come back and give more of my opinion on this, right now I need to sleep.

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Trinidad Flooded

November 19, 2008 at 7:04 am (Life, news, Stupidity, Trinidad) ()

I don’t even want to go into details of what happened earlier today, because it just depresses and angers me, but in summary there was normal rainfall for a few hours in Trinidad, then all of the sudden shit just started happening

That’s right a bridge collapsed and a woman got killed by a landslide.

What happened today wasn’t a tropical wave, tropical depression, tropical storm or, God forbid a hurricane….it was just rain, for a few hours, intermittently…and the result is a natural, national disaster.

Obviously a collection of government institutions have failed us all once again as this happens all the time. The response from the public is always “Hmph”. But what took my sanity away today was hearing people repeat this retarded mantra that “we”, the citizens, are responsible for the flooding because we “throw litter in the drains”.

At that then moment I think I made up my mind that I will migrating. “WE” are responsible for this? Not the Ministries and regional corporations and garbage collectors and Ministers and MPs…..”WE” caused the flood. I’m not even going to go into how monumentally stupid that thought is, it would give me a headache. I guess some people really do deserve the government they have.

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Full President-elect Barack Obama Victory Speech

November 5, 2008 at 7:37 am (Barack, Barack Obama, news, Politics, Video) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Transcript of Barack Obama’s speech after being declared winner of the Presidential race, November 5th 2008 :

Hello, Chicago.

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

It’s the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen, by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that their voices could be that difference.

It’s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states.

We are, and always will be, the United States of America.

It’s the answer that led those who’ve been told for so long by so many to be cynical and fearful and doubtful about what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.

It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this date in this election at this defining moment change has come to America.

A little bit earlier this evening, I received an extraordinarily gracious call from Senator McCain.

Senator McCain fought long and hard in this campaign. And he’s fought even longer and harder for the country that he loves. He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine. We are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader.

I congratulate him; I congratulate Governor Palin for all that they’ve achieved. And I look forward to working with them to renew this nation’s promise in the months ahead.

I want to thank my partner in this journey, a man who campaigned from his heart, and spoke for the men and women he grew up with on the streets of Scranton… and rode with on the train home to Delaware, the vice president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden

And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years … the rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation’s next first lady … Michelle Obama. Sasha and Malia … I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us … to the new White House.

And while she’s no longer with us, I know my grandmother’s watching, along with the family that made me who I am. I miss them tonight. I know that my debt to them is beyond measure.

To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given me. I am grateful to them.

And to my campaign manager, David Plouffe … the unsung hero of this campaign, who built the best — the best political campaign, I think, in the history of the United States of America.

To my chief strategist David Axelrod … who’s been a partner with me every step of the way.

To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics … you made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you’ve sacrificed to get it done.

But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.

I was never the likeliest candidate for this office. We didn’t start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington. It began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston. It was built by working men and women who dug into what little savings they had to give $5 and $10 and $20 to the cause.

It grew strength from the young people who rejected the myth of their generation’s apathy … who left their homes and their families for jobs that offered little pay and less sleep.

It drew strength from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on doors of perfect strangers, and from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

This is your victory.

And I know you didn’t do this just to win an election. And I know you didn’t do it for me.

You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime — two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.

Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan to risk their lives for us.

There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they’ll make the mortgage or pay their doctors’ bills or save enough for their child’s college education.

There’s new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build, and threats to meet, alliances to repair.

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

I promise you, we as a people will get there.

AUDIENCE: Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can’t solve every problem.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And, above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it’s been done in America for 221 years — block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

What began 21 months ago in the depths of winter cannot end on this autumn night.

This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.

It can’t happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice.

So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.

Let us remember that, if this financial crisis taught us anything, it’s that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.

Let’s remember that it was a man from this state who first carried the banner of the Republican Party to the White House, a party founded on the values of self-reliance and individual liberty and national unity.

Those are values that we all share. And while the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.

As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, we are not enemies but friends. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.

And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president, too.

And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces, to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.

To those — to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America’s beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.

That’s the true genius of America: that America can change. Our union can be perfected. What we’ve already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that’s on my mind tonight’s about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She’s a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn’t vote for two reasons — because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin. And tonight, I think about all that she’s seen throughout her century in America — the heartache and the hope; the struggle and the progress; the times we were told that we can’t, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes we can. At a time when women’s voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes we can. When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a new sense of common purpose. Yes we can.

AUDIENCE: Yes we can.

When the bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened the world, she was there to witness a generation rise to greatness and a democracy was saved. Yes we can.

AUDIENCE: Yes we can.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that “We Shall Overcome.” Yes we can.

AUDIENCE: Yes we can.

A man touched down on the moon, a wall came down in Berlin, a world was connected by our own science and imagination.

And this year, in this election, she touched her finger to a screen, and cast her vote, because after 106 years in America, through the best of times and the darkest of hours, she knows how America can change.

Yes we can.

AUDIENCE: Yes we can.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves — if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment.

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can.

Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.

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