R.E.O Speedwagon Concert in Port-of-Spain Review

October 13, 2008 at 7:44 am (Entertainment, Music) (, , )

The show started off with Vertical Horizon, who were actually alright. They sang their hits “You’re a God” and “Everything You Want” and a few other decent songs. Lead singer Matt Scannell even said he had a roti at Hott Shoppe in St. James earlier.

Rick Springfield put on a very energetic, engaging performance. He performed “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “Jessie’s Girl”, “Human Touch” and his new song for the year “What’s Victoria’s Secret”. He was pulled off the stage about 3 times by fans until they brought police officers and the big buff guy that does the commercials for Green Sands beer as bodyguard. He sang “Don’t Talk to Strangers” while walking through the VIP crowd letting patrons sing the chorus. He walked far into the crowd, almost to my section (Special Reserved) while performing “Human Touch”, seemingly wanting to touch as many fans as possible. Even if you don’t like his music, his performance was definitely entertaining.

R.E.O Speedwagon were boring. After performing “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” and “Keep on Loving You” much to everyone’s delight….they just churned out a bunch of generic shit that noone really seemed to remember and all of them sounded the same. Lead singer for the band Kevin Cronin even admitted that HE HIMSELF forgot the lyrics for one of these songs but performed it because of a “letter from a fan”.

All in all it was alright. Still a waste of time in my opinion because the promoters still insist of bringing these 80’s groups that had a few hits before I was born. Sure they were ok, but I would much rather attend a more mainstream contemporary set of bands or band e.g. Linkin Park, Incubus, Creed, Hoobastank, etc.


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DJ Sammy in Trinidad October 4th @ Space La Nouba

September 30, 2008 at 5:18 am (Celebrities, Entertainment, Music, Trinidad) (, , )

Wow. DJ Sammy is coming to Trinidad on the 4th October 2008. This is no R.E.O Speedwagon, this will actually be an amazing show. I’m really excited to see him live, I hope he brings the girl that sang Heaven then it would really be great. See you there.

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R. Kelly goes Super Saiyajin

April 12, 2008 at 9:15 am (Celebrities, Funny, Misc, Music)

I don’t know what to make of this, but I guess he thought that if people were going to look at him as a child molester regardless of the result of his trial (probably because we all saw him on tape molesting a minor), he might as well start looking like one.

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50 Cent and the G-Unit of Trinidad

March 7, 2008 at 6:57 am (Music, Trinidad)

I’ve carefully followed the careers and lyrics of the Jamaican Dancehall artist Mavado and American Rap artists 50 Cent/G Unit since they came on the music scene.

I predicted that they would both be stars..but more so 50 Cent because he is a little more versatile, being able to collaborate with artists outside of his genre like Justin Timberlake. However, I don’t support the content of most of his music, i.e violence, gangs, sex. I thought that evidence to prove that the popularity of his negative music has a bolstering effect on crime levels and the audacious nature of criminals in Trinidad was impossible..until, almost as if it were only for the sole purpose of proving me wrong :

G-Unit Gang Strikes

“Police believe the hit was carried out by the notorious G-Unit gang, a group which started in Port-of-Spain and has spread its tentacles into the East-West corridor”.

Another G-Unit Member Gunned Down

“Julien is the third G Unit member to be killed within the past two weeks.

Sources said following the September 16 killing of G Unit leader Kerwyn “Fresh” Phillip, there has been an internal struggle in the gang for the leadership position. However, the struggle intensified after it was learned that people from within the gang were responsible for Phillip’s murder.

Following this disclosure, the G Unit gang became divided, with Julien leading a “fragmented section”. “

Wow. They even have their own splinter cells. Yes. Trinidad has its very own G-UNIT gang that’s going around killing people…CLEARLY influenced by the music of 50 Cent and G-Unit. Even though these people may have still been doing this in a parallel world where there is no 50 Cent or G-Unit, calling themselves the Dave Matthews Band or something, the fact that they have modeled or arguably, are modeling, themselves after artists who produce such music as 50 Cent or G-Unit proves that their music is not having a positive effect on Trinidad, or just young people in general. How could it with lines such as :

I got X
Meth and slabs of cocaine
So the feds wanna search
It’s like arabs boardin’ tha planes

Nigga, I’m high all the time…
I smoke that good shit.
I stay high all the time…
Man I’m on some hood shit

You cross me and you gon’ make a cemetary visit
That’s gangsta, you know me I told it, cuz I live it

Teflon, kevlar, need to wrap it round your chest
You pop off they pop back and you get left a bloody mess
Mac 11 mac 10 time for some action
Dump a clip out this bitch and see how niggaz act then

Everything’s cooler than a fan till you rolled on
Have you in the I.C.U. tryin to hold on
Niggas in the waitin room been waitin so long
Till they hear the flatline the doc say he’s gone, he’s gone (Ha ha, that’s fucked up!!!)
Well he knew that could happen fuckin with the kid
This is graveyard music right here ya dig?
This is not competition this is murder

We “dig” you loud and clear. You make violent, negative, fucked-up music that is dangerous for young impressionable minds to listen to. Out of 5 songs that I randomly picked, 3 are about guns, shooting guns, or atleast killing someone and 2 are about drugs. The rest would be about sex, the ghetto, or how rich he is.

In light of the current crime situation, Trinidad should explore some measure of censorship of music such as 50 Cent’s…maybe even do it the Iranian way and ban the thing altogether :
Iran Bans Rap Music

People need to understand that everyone is different. You may say that you’re normal and you don’t kill or maim people yet you listen to 50 Cent and G-Unit and their genre of music, but there are frustrated, foolish people out there for who listening to such music may be the last push towards them committing a crime.

Freedom of speech, artist expression, “music doesn’t cause violence, people do” – my ass. There is a fricking gang of criminals calling themselves G-Unit for shit’s sake. Its time to do something…………before an all-out war erupts among the Flipmode squad from Felicity, Dipset gang from Diego Martin, St. Lunatics crew from St. Augustine, D12 from Chaguanas and The Eastside Boyz from San Juan…….

Flipmode Squad
St. Lunatics

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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This Anymore

February 27, 2008 at 7:41 am (Life, Music)

It suddenly hit me that I’m fond of 90’s music the most. I like 80’s stuff too and ofcourse the contemporary top 40 Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, etc…but none to me is as good as music from the 90’s. From A Tribe Called Quest to Zhane, i’m trying to atleast get the song titles of all popular music from this period and buy all the albums someday. But wait, everyone should know by now that their parents always worship music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, i.e, music released when they were young. As I was young during the 90’s , am I then going through the same phase? Is it a common fact that you WILL love the music you grew up on? I guess I’m just getting old..

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