Please STFU About this “Hero Pilot”

February 12, 2009 at 6:37 pm (news, Rants) (, , , )

Are Americans hero-obsessed?

Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who pulled off a very difficult landing of a commercial airliner in the Hudson River when his plane went down, thus saving the lives of all crew and passengers, is truly a remarkably person to do something like that.

But how long are we going to dwell on this? Firstly, did it ever cross anyone’s mind that Mr. Sullenberger was actually saving his own ass?? Its not like he Chuck Norris’d and jumped off the plane in a parachute with all the passengers in one arm or something, he himself was in a dangerous situation, he did something difficult out of desperation, and just happened to save the 156 people seated behind him. I mean really unless he’s some sort of nihilist, suicidal, glass-is-half-empty person, he really had no other option but to try to land the plane there to atleast save himself. ANYONE in that situation (except that nihilist, suicidal person) would have tried to land the plane safely. So really is all the attention and media obsession necessary?

Here we are like a month later with talks about a book deal, him being on the Morning Show, Letterman, a movie, a VIDEO GAME, keys to the city…and the list goes on.

I know Bush has messed things up and the world economy is frightening , but its sad to see people grasping at straws of “good news” and just going fuckin gaga over it. What’s next? Will I be a hero for leaving the door open for someone behind me?


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