Trinifever Finale

February 10, 2009 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

I probably talk too much about this, and its a new year etc, but I really couldn’t help it this time. Even if I never spoke about Trinifever I would have talked about their current situation for sure

Turns out the identity of “agent22” has been confirmed, the arrogant fool behind the idea of paying for stolen naked pictures of random people at and its spin off,
His name is Mr. Vishan Beharry from south Trinidad

Pic 1 ¦ Pic 2 ¦ Pic 3 ¦ Pic 4

There he is bluffing and trying to pass off his own picture as someone else

For months he has been “exposing” women on his pathetic bullshit site which he alone took so seriously because apparently he always wanted to run a treehouse club when he was a child.

The ‘exposer’ now has been exposed

Look at him. Should I even say anything? It would be overkill. I think I’ve seen this pervert loser in UWI a few times wandering around by himself like the freak the entire Internet is now privy to witnessing that he is.

He is literally on the run as we speak as countless former members of trinifever have actually been scammed out of their money, as he took “verification fees” from them without giving them anything. Those are just the business liabilities. The comedy begins when you consider the relatives and friends of all the people in the pictures of which good ole Vishan has released on the Internet, in his own little way of doing business. All I can think about is IF. If for some strange, unfortunate reason one of the pics Mr. Vishan sold/released was of someone that concerns me, what I would do. I’ve lost flashkeys, cell phones, a laptop – common ways of getting such pics in the first place. It would truly make me disrespect him even more, for the very least.

The laughs  continue as is now officially defunct. His spinoff, has also failed miserably as well and is not online anymore as far as I know.

A new site, is now used, albeit for the same unscrupulous purpose, but atleast without the involvement of no doubt the Douchebag of the Year (In Trinidad and Tobago) for 2008 : Vishan Beharry

What can you say now, “agent”?



  1. Franklyn B said,

    OH LAWWWD! What mih asshole son gone an do? I sending he ugly ass to UWI to do petroleum engineering and instead he is a macumere man watching naked woman and trying scam?

    Vishan, I waiting for you to deny this…and I will personally make your address in Iere Village, Princes Town and phone-number available by some of those same pictures you posted to humiliate women by calling them hoes. The fact is, even the hoes find you ugly and driving your stupid RX-7 and crashing it won’t get you any friends.

  2. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    sad indeed

  3. Panty Puller said,

    Ha Ha Ha Ha. This ting too sweet. Cut he ass pops. He deserve it. Fuck him up good and make sure and post some pictures of he retarded ass on Trini Lime or Trini Shack. Aye fucktard, yuh father go buss yuh ass now. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  4. Jpwacko said,

    i keep hearing about this Vishan Beharry-rx7crashing-petro-eng studying poof but i never see pics of him, i have family going uwi, anyone have pics of this person? is there a forum to warn the public against ppl like him?

  5. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    • reality check said,

      u guys are a bunch of fucked up UWI misfits. i feel sorry for u all. i smell sabotage all over this!

  6. Davanand Beharry said,

    All yuh have respect for the man nah. He has even graced beaty queens with his presence. Check how me boy dropping lyrics on one of our beauty queens in this page.–Valene–Profile-html

    Don’t mind he going UWI and boasting of he petroleum engineering but writing he english worse than a Standard Two student who three years away from SEA exam.

    And for those who want to study his lordship’s image, i see it here

    Give allyuh respect where due.

  7. carlos said,

    This fella shameless. When he can’t get pictures of the girls he asking for names then trolling on Facebook to see if he can find them, then asking around who have pictures of them. But soon as you expose de asshole, he bawling.

    I see the admin on trinipornswingers tell him to get out of the site too because he complaining how people posting ting without showing their faces, but why the asshole so fraid to show he own? Expose this conman good.

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