Was Christmas in Trinidad Always This Crazy?

December 15, 2008 at 3:10 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Pork/Ham/Food :

A national tradition to consume vast amounts of red meat at Christmas. Hell we sing about it.

Alcohol :

In 2006, more  than 500,000 cases of rum, 250,000 cases of whiskey and 70,000 cases of wine were imported into Trinidad.

500,000 X 24 = 12 million bottles
250,000 X 24 = 6,000,000
70,000 X 24 = 1,680,000

If taken further as total number of ounces or ml, i’m sure it would surpass the annual rainfall figures of some countries.

General Insanity :

Buying new furniture, cleaning out your house, shopping like mad people.

Is this supposed to be fun? Why don’t I feel it anymore? The words “pagan” and “mass hysteria” always come to mind when I assess the behaviour of everyone for the  season.

The general idea is to clean your house so you won’t feel embarassed when friends come over on Boxing Day. If they were real friends would they judge you by whether your door is freshly painted? If they do, then why invite them?

Are we really going to drink all that alcohol imported?

Why is pork ham so popular? Doesn’t everyone know it causes cancer and heart disease?

Maybe I feel this way now after my encounters today and yesterday at a supermarket with hundreds of people wildly buying all those aforementioned, with one lady pushing in front of me after I looked back for a second.

Its crazy. I can understand the shopping part, but I really wish Trinidadians would educate themselves about the health risks of this “tradition” to mass consume fatty meat and alcohol…….and learn some frigging manners when in line.

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