Trinifever pt.3

November 23, 2008 at 3:35 am (Funny, Trinidad) (, , , )

This is quickly becoming quite a laughing stock now. Here is the latest news on the exploits of the megalomaniac and those at the niche-porn site, Trinifever.

The TriniFever Team has tried to negotiate with Agent22/Admin to have the monies he swindled from you (our members) returned/refunded. However, he has refused to do so and has instead decided to issue death threats to the members of the Administration/Executive and has also contacted several members on this site to engage in various acts of sabotage and subterfuge. We are fully aware of all his tactics and through unorthodox means, he has tried to infiltrate trinifever with spies in order to spread certain acts of propaganda. He has convinced and misled many members into believing that he was the “Owner” of trinifever. He has also been writing various libelous statements and posting them on several websites, in addition to using slanderous statements against the real owner of trinifever.\

roflmao lol not the real owner, infiltrate with spies, issue death threats, lmao.

In an effort to steer clear of “mud slinging” and engaging in any act which would prolong this unpleasant situation, the owner of the site directed his Administrative Team to desist from engaging Agent22/Admin in any “war of words”. However, after several unrelenting verbal attacks and recent death threats, the TriniFever Team has decided that the “gloves needed to come off” and in so doing, make a full statement regarding this entire unpleasant affair which has plagued the website over the past seven (7) days. Every story has two (2) sides and after hearing his side for the entire week, we have decided to tell you (our beloved members) our side, which incidentally is the truth.

In the early part of 2008, the real owner of TriniFever, who is PussyHunter, went on a sabbatical leaving Agent22/Admin as the sole Administrator with Marie, Mrs. Red Dollar, zchart2001, peepingtom24hrs and Original Gangsta as Moderators to assist him in running the site. Soon after Hunter’s departure, absolute power got to Agent22/Admin who then started demanding that members hand over porn and decided to start utilizing the site to build his own personal porn collection. It is during this period of turmoil that he started cutting backdoor and side deals for access to various parts of the site. To date several of you have come forward and stated that you all handed over your material to him and never received the promised access. It was also discovered that in order to maintain the secrecy of his deals, he would ban members who questioned him about keeping his word.

wow lol deep shit. sounds..communist or something

Around this time the site membership had risen to over 4000, with 95% of the members not contributing anything to to the site. The Moderators approached Agent22/Admin to delete those accounts as they were only leeching off the site and not contributing anything. These Leeches also caused the more prolific members to cease posting as they were only receiving and not giving. He refused to delete the accounts and decided instead to introduce a “Verification Service Charge” so that persons would pay for access to various boards on the site. His idea was primarily 4000 non contributing members multiplied by $100.00/$150.00 and decided to start his Verification Service Charge against the advice of all the Moderators. He then lied to the entire site membership telling them that the money was being collected to “Verify” persons ages and to pay for the web-server access. Anyone under eighteen (18) can walk into a bank and make a payment to an account and ask for a receipt. Also, all financial costs for the site have been borne by Hunter, who has never received a cent from Agent22/Admin. He then setup V-COM SERVICES and an account at RBTT to collect his fee and was doing so successfully until he was stopped.

lol crook. I ofcourse have no sympathy for anyone who got conned by this, i.e. paying to see stolen “porn”

During this turbulent time, several key acts occurred of which you were not notified. He went into a “Gestapo” type mode and went off into a tangent stating that it was “his site” and he was the boss.

lol wow!! loll

Around this period, he banned Original Gangsta for failing to give him personal photos and other acts of selfish behaviour caused other Moderators (Mrs. Red Dollar and Marie) to resign their Posts. It was at this point the owner of the site returned and realized what was occurring with the Financial Impropriety, Gestapo type behaviour and the stealing of large portions of material from the membership. The Owner immediately removed his Administrative powers and made him a Global Moderator pending an investigation; however, after a few days and on being told that the site would be restructured, he resigned his post and demanded that his account be deleted.

We have now completed our investigation and have concluded that he asked that his account be deleted so that vital evidence would have been lost. He also felt that he was “above” everyone else on the site and the thought of word getting out that he was not the owner as he had stated, would have ruined his reputation. He was not banned and the photo at the bottom clearly shows his demand for his account to be deleted.

In keeping with the site’s original mandate, the owner directed that the payments for access be immediately ceased and over 4000 dormant accounts deleted. We are members of this site because we want to be a part of a sharing community. We encourage posting and would reward the members who post legitimate local material. We have also decided to take legal steps to recover the money which was swindled from the members who paid for access and have contacted the authorities relative to the embezzlement of funds, fraudulent conversion and the death threats received by the site’s Administration. None of which we are taking lightly and we will ensure that justice is served.

This is the most interesting thing yet. This is like Joker suing Two-Face for not splitting the money they stole from the bank 50/50 as they agreed. Anyway anything is possible in this comedy show of a country

In light of the foregoing, we have sent out correspondence to Agent22/Admin to have him discuss the return of the funds he embezzled, as well as other matters of mutual interest. He has thus far failed to heed our warning and we would be taking this matter to the next “legal” level. We make this statement with a heavy heart as it was never our intention to deal with this situation in this manner; however, his failure to adhere to our request, whilst continuing to make threats and libelous statements, have led us to make this release as a means of updating our membership and letting you all be aware of our stand.

Well atleast someone’s taking this seriously


Reproduced hereunder is the document which was sent to Agent22/Admin:

To – XXXXXX XXXXXXX, also called Agent22, also called Admin on the website

a.        I have been directed to inform you that the owner(s) of, hereinafter called trinifever, have launched an investigation into accusations of embezzlement and fraudulent conversion levied against you by members of the said trinifever. It has been established that during the period 29th October, 2007 to 22nd October, 2008 you were an Administrator of the said trinifever and during that time you misrepresented yourself to the members of the website, as the owner of the said website, which caused great concern to the owner(s) of the website.I am directed to ask you to produce any and all receipts to attest to your claim to ownership of the website

b.        During the period of time when you held the position of website Administrator, you also placed several notices and approached certain members to pay the sum of $100.00 cash Trinidad and Tobago currency for access to certain areas of trinifever and that you falsely misrepresented this payment as being for trinifever and to pay for web-server space. I am directed to tell you that this is not true and that all the monies you collected was converted to your own use and not used to pay for web-server space for trinifever.

c.        You have also been accused of using the position given to you as website Administrator to extort money from members of the site through a payment for access initiative adopted by you without the permission of the owner(s). You have also been accused of diverting financial resources from trinifever, to a company called V-COM SERVICES which is registered in your name. V-COM SERVICES has never performed any technical or administrative work for or on behalf of trinifever and as such all claims made thereof are false and geared towards misleading members of trinifever.

d.        As a result of your actions, and continued attempts at defamation of trinifever. its owner(s), Administrator(s) and Moderator(s), as well as several libelous statements accredited to you, you are required to produce all receipts and financial records (including financial records of V-COM SERVICES) as it relates to work done on behalf of trinifever; all receipts and financial records as it relates to your claim for ownership of trinifever; all receipts and financial records as it relates to monies collected for access to trinifever; and a full list of membership accounts as it relates to payments received by you on behalf of trinifever members and the immediate repayment/refund of all the monies collected from members of trinifever.

e.        We regret to inform you that your failure to comply with all the requests listed above in paragraphs a,b,c and d, would result in the website owner(s) referring this matter to the Fraud Squad Department of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, who have already been consulted. In this light, we urge you to be mindful of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago as it relates to Embezzlement and Fraudulent Conversion and have attached a copy of the Larceny Act Chapter 11:12 and urge you to pay special attention to Sections 18, 20 and 34.

Despite several warnings by the website owner(s), Administrator(s) and Moderator(s), you have continued to use defamatory statements against trinifever members and post libelous statements against its owner(s), Administrator(s) and Moderator(s). Moreover, it appears that your false, baseless accusations and threats of bodily harm, are being used to hide your numerous indiscretions and dishonesty. Given the serious nature of this matter I urge you to act in an expeditious manner in bringing this unpleasant matter to an amicable solution.

The TriniFever Executive:


An Act relating to Larceny and Kindred Offences triable on indictment.

1.  This Act may be cited as the Larceny Act.

3.  For the purposes of this Act—

(a) a person steals who, without the consent of the owner, fraudulently and without a claim of right made in good faith, takes and carries away anything capable of being stolen, with intent, at the time of the taking permanently to deprive the owner thereof; but a person may be guilty of stealing any such thing notwithstanding that he has lawful possession thereof if, being a bailee or part owner thereof, he fraudulently converts the same to his own use or the use of any person other than the owners;

18.  Any person who—

(a) being a clerk or servant or person employed in the capacity of a clerk or servant—

(i)   steals any chattel, money or valuable security belonging to or in
the possession or power of his master or employer; or

(ii)   fraudulently embezzles the whole or any part of any chattel,
money or valuable security delivered to or received or taken into
possession by him for or in the name or on the account of his
master or employer;

is liable to imprisonment for ten years and, in the case of a clerk or servant or person employed for the purpose or in the capacity of a clerk or servant, if a male under the age of sixteen years, to undergo corporal punishment as provided for under the Corporal Punishment (Offenders Not Above Sixteen) Act, in addition to any other punishment to which he may by law be liable.

20.  In an indictment against a person for larceny or embezzlement, the accused person may be charged and proceeded against for the amount of a general deficiency in account, notwithstanding that the general deficiency is made up of any number of specific sums of money the taking of which extended over any space of time, and without showing any particular sums received and not accounted for.

34.  (1)  Any person who, by any false pretence, with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person any chattel, money, or valuable security, or causes or procures any money to be paid, or any chattel or valuable security to be delivered, to himself or to any other person for the use or benefit or on account of himself or any other person, is liable to imprisonment for five years.

Delete me lol

Very interesting. This is better than seeing Jon Stewart show how hypocritical Bill O’Reilly is (O’Reilly thought Jamie Lynn Spears teenage pregnancy was wrong, thought Palin’s daughter’s teenage pregnancy was ok).


  1. anon said,

    agent has been “triniexposed” on trinishack.

  2. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    lol that would have been a fitting fate, but I don’t think that’s him

  3. Panty Puller said,

    Yes it is him. I got all the info on him. He flabby ass is grass now. Ah hear that he even gone into hiding. anon – “agent has been “triniexposed” on trinishack”

    And to add to the brew – has him ducking and running. See fuctard run, why does fucktard run, he runs, runs runs. Keep running fucktard. When I done with your ass, yuh go wish yuh never fuch wid me. After that, I going after Laura. Yes, the other fucktard who help him tief ppl money and porn and open triniexposed. Ah have all yuh pictures. Lewwe see how you like it when you exposed. I wonder if Trini Lime will lemme post the photos or I might have to go on they own site and expose them. Master of the undisputed truth, you need to introduce picture posting on this board.

  4. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    Wow, well that “Vishan” person looks like a loser, even for him.

    Yeah we all know laura is his humble and faithful servant.

    It would truly amuse me to see him suffer the fate of all those unfortunate young women he has “exposed” on his websites.

    Picture posting isn’t up to me, wordpress just sucks. You can use something like and post the URL though if you like.

  5. Fred said,

    Isn’t Vishal’s new website / service called bestrini?

  6. Panty Puller said,

    No fred. best trini doesnt belong to him. that is another fucktard who own that. only trying to scam people to join for discounts on a set ah beatout ting. He worse than fucking vishan.ah next fucking con man who trying to get rich

    • Jason said,

      Panty Puller. As a member of bestrini, I can tell you. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you ever been to one of their parties? Been there…. 15+ real bes girls in bare clothes. Real bes dancers. I had a ball on more than one occasion. Respect.

  7. skorr said,

    Like your site but Agent was doing what he saw on for US$ 10.00and thought members was so hot for trini porn they woulda pay thru the nose for local porn…. I am a member of but not really for the porn porn just really to see which girls actually doing that cause I have about 3 pardners who actually get married to prostitutes because they wouldnt be caught dead associating with ho`s…. now they actually paying couple thousand more $TT for divorce and it difficult to prove the women are pros. cause mih boys them stupid and could have avoided all this horrors for TT$250.00 / half hour

  8. zero said,

    jsut gonrta say this is a whoel wierd story triniporn . org for best local stuff

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