Trinifever pt. 2

October 30, 2008 at 3:41 pm (Funny, Trinidad) (, , , )

Wow. It seems as if someone at Trinifever took my blog to heart, kicked out the fucktard “agent22″/Admin who stupidly was trying to defend his actions here, and eliminated the illegal pay system that he so proudly implemented. The following are posts from moderators from the site (in italics) :

“Firstly, Agent was not kicked out.

His admin status was taken away because of his questionable habits. One of them was that $100 verification charge HE implemented, on the guise it was for Trini Fever. It was a load of bullshit.

Agent used to claim HE was the absolute boss here. Reality check. He wasn’t.”


“The true boss asked that an Administrative TEAM be set up, so no one individual can have exclusive control and ABUSE any process, either for selfish gain or any other reason. Agent refused to share power, one reason being he had to share it with those he deemed AGAINST him. It is not our fault if his practices behind the boards were considered unfair or downright inappropriate.

Agent began to argue that he made us as Moderators and that we didn’t make him as Admininistrator. But what he needs to realise is that he made us Moderators of TRINI FEVER to act in the board’s best interests, and not as his personal stooges.”

I don’t believe that really, they seemed pretty content with being stooges at the time.

“Think about it. Imagine being hired by a supervisor in a company, who then goes on to embezzle funds. Where would your loyalties remain, with that corrupt officer or the organisation?

As Moderators, it was OUR DUTY to report our dissatisfaction. It was not a coup d’etat. When he was asked to co-operate as a team member with Admin powers, he REFUSED. He chose to leave and asked for his account to be deleted. If he was using that as a BLUFF TACTIC, it did not work.

I hope this explains the jist of what happened.”

If you’re reading : LOL TO YOU. You’re such an idiot you even got mutinied now. You must feel as stupid as your plan to make money off shit you don’t own was, and feel like shit as you’re now power hungry with no power.

If any of you want your money back, please take it up with the individual it was paid to on your slip.

Trying to make Trini Fever a paysite was ILL-ADVISED and WRONG.”

Pay the people back their money asshole.



  1. the agent said,

    ppl actualy beg to pay some fee to gain access that they could not becuz they had no content.. after getting fed up i decided to implement it. no one asked for a refund becuz they got the access to what they wanted. my technical guy to whom the site was registered to know of all this, this was no secret, how it now became a crime, and it was not a crime before. use your own reasoning. Trini fever ran for a long time and was totally free. it was never made a pay site that is a wrong concept, members wanted access and offered to pay a fee if they did not have the content to post.

  2. the agent said,

    Also i find everyone asking back for the people money but not the people. weird The agent was not made by trini fever, i made trini fever so i can be removed from the site it still does not do anything to me

  3. the agent said,

    the person running this ting up to now i have not called you names or refer to u bad i dont no wat you have with me doh.

  4. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,


  5. the agent said,


  6. Panty Puller said,

    Hey Agent22 you finally get your just deserves. And dont feel you can fuck with me. I paid your hundred dollar fee and never get access. I have your real name on the receipt so I will look to get back meh money. Ah hope ah doh have to fuck you up for it. Hey masteroftheundisputed truth, you is ah real boss. I hope you dont mind if I borrow your word here. Hey Agent22, you is a real fucktard. And if you digging ah horrors for that, you could kiss my black ass. I cant call you a cunt because that is a nice ting. so lemme call you what you really are. A BIG BULLER…….Bye fucktard, hope to see you soon. Anybody who know where this asshole living, please send me the details.

  7. snyper6 said,

    Tell this agent asshole he is full of shit. Nobody was begging he for anything, instead, he was posting about “how serious” he is in implementing his pay-per-view program, insisting that anyone who didn’t pay before a certain time would have to pay $150

    He is a liar and deserved getting his ass handed to him on a platter. I wanted to go back on the site and fuck them all up but for now I just watching…with he gone, the place better.

    I hear he is a mooks who used to go UWI, but the man can’t even write properly…lol on you

  8. anon said,

    panty puller “I have your real name on the receipt so I will look to get back meh money.”

    Agent boi if dize d case, it was only a matter of time people woulda know yuh real name and start circulating it since it on a set of ppl receipts. You forget Trinidad small and well facebook is d shit now. People woulda find you there and who yuh freinds is.

  9. Panty Puller said,

    Well I just killing mehself with laugh. The latest twist in the saga is that the fucktard serve trinifever with court papers and they change the name ah the site to They really fucking up he flabby ass now and they even asking for the people who lose money to contact them for details. IAh coming for yuh fat ass now Vish. Yes ah get the info from trini shack ah fella name bad indian really fucking him up. The men on trinilime even make ah game with fucktard.

    You like porn, take porn in yuh ass now. This game really nice and who ever make it, should get a fucking reward. Meh aim get straight and ah like to see he chubby little ass ducking and running –

    I know yuh name, ah know yuh face and ah coming for meh fucking money Vishan…..

  10. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    this whole thing is just LOL.

    Never thought it would spill over into 2009.

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