Bill Maher is a Bigotist Asshole

October 27, 2008 at 5:10 am (Celebrities, Entertainment, Life, Rants) (, , , , , , , )

Bill Maher is a smart, very funny comedian. I’m been a fan of his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” since 2003 and I watched all of his standups…but he’ a bigotist asshole, and its really starting to get to me. His movie Religulous, seeks to poke fun at not just Christianity, but religion as a whole. I haven’t had the opportunity of seeing it yet, but I can predict what it will be full of, seeing that he has always had this attitude of being condescending to all who aren’t atheist like him. It seems as if he aims to throw small punches at religion in all of his shows, interviews and appearances : mocking people who believe in angels, calling praying “talking to an imaginary friend”, generalizing all religious people as stupid because he came across a few religious people that apparently are, etc.

Why does he do this? I am a Christian, I went to church today but I am not a frequent Church-goer, nor a 100% believer in 100% complete adherance to every literal word the Bible says, nor the great defender of the Christian faith, as I know there are some things about it, as with all things in life, that should be taken with a few pinchs of salt, so I’m a lot liberal than most Christians, but even I have a problem with Maher.

It seems as if he really does have deep psychological issues that makes him so adamant against religion. If you’re an atheist, and misguided as you are, then fine, believe that, keep it to yourself and stop mocking people’s beliefs. Stop the unfair generalizations of an entire following of people just because you met a few ignorant of them who follow the words of the Bible without question and can’t answer your bullshit pseudo-intellectual questions….just because you can. Don’t you realize whenever you make jokes poking fun at religion 90% of the Friday nights that you do, you don’t get that much laughs? Nobody thinks its that funny, not even Liberals and Libertarians. Stop trying to be George Carlin. Only he can pull it off and be funny..and even with him it was mildy unnerving.

He goes so far as to say that religion isn’t just stupid but its also bad. Only thing bad is his shitty-ass, deceptive movie :

“I wonder whether we’ll hear about other examples of deceptive editing besides this one and the misleading John Adams quote I mentioned earlier. Religulous is a comedy based on making believers look foolish. Yet while he attacks the intellectual dishonesty of religion, his movie seems to be chock full of it.”

“He declared the God of the Old Testament “barbaric” for ordering the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child during their conquest of Palestine. Now, you and I know there are biblically sound, intellectually satisfying answers to these questions. But people like Bill Maher aren’t really looking for answers, they’re looking for opportunities to ridicule God’s Word and everyone who believes in it. He had no interest in listening to anything I had to say.

(See full details of the total failure and deception of Maher and his movie at

But wow. Religion is bad? He obviously has had the joy and pleasure of living a very trouble-free, non-crisis afflicted, happy go lucky little stupid life. Evidently, because he gets paid a lot just to tell stupid jokes and aggravate people. Try telling patients at a hosptial with only months to live with a Bible, Koran, or whatever holy book of their religion next to them that religion is stupid. Religion gives people hope, inspiration, comfort, strength and solace, common in all denominations of theist faith and others. Why go so out of your way to mock it?

What a sad fool. Its so stupid and pathetic to me to see him consistently depict to the world that he is an ignorant asshole that is more guilty of what he accuses religious people of, being irrational and stupid.

“Some audience members at early screenings of “Religulous” have protested that the film focuses on irrational believers. “That’s not true,” Maher said. “Everybody we talked to was reasonable. They’re normally functioning people. “But if you’re religious, it means you believe in some crazy stuff. And at that point you don’t look reasonable. People think we sought out crazy people and ignored this mythical rational religious person.”




  1. michael said,

    you are a mental midget

  2. Matt said,

    He makes issue of God and religion, therefore, he is admitting that they exist. According to my understanding of author Emmet Fox’s ideas, the Lord’s name CANNOT be taken in vain; whatever we believe in regards to God is what God is for us. Everyone believes in
    God; Bill Maher’s relationship is that he chooses to believe in a negative and he is practicing spiritual pride. Shame on him. His ego is puffed up. Maybe it’s a cry for help…?

  3. Ezra Betancourt said,

    I Touhgt I was The only one that hated this idiotic,Pessimist. Not much of a Man Bill Maher …My quandary is why does He keep getting Shows ., Year after Year At HBO ?
    what compells People to Listen to this Modern Madeline O.Hare.?
    Such Compicated World…TSTSTSTSTSTSTSTS…………….

  4. jim Ferguson said,

    The concept of dependence on a holy and loving God evedes Mr. Maher. Certainly, if he doesn’t have a relationship with God now, he probably won’t have one in the next life. The best thing a Christian can do is pray that Christians will not support him or be influenced by him.

  5. DV said,

    The problem with Maher started years ago when he first appeared on TV screens. He declared himself an intellectual, and no one ever challenged him on it. With Maher and other narcissistic personality types, it’s always unclear to me whether they think of themselves as brilliant beyond measure, or whether they think that everyone else is just so stupid as to be unworthy of an opinion. Anyway, you can always spot these types because they know so much about any subject under the sun. You of course, are sub-human especially in intellect. Now even liberals are looking at this man and thinking, where the hell does this a-hole get off saying this sh*t. But it’s too late. We should have said something years ago. But you know, that’s the thing about TV. You can’t talk back to it. If we could have, we would have. Now everybody just winces everytime this fool opens his mouth. He’s gone from smart-ass wise cracker to arrogant, know-it-all, butthole of the first order. And there’s nothing you or I can do about it, except to turn him off when we see him. But we all know that if that’s the solution to public dick- heads like Maher, we’re on a runaway train that no one can stop. Finally, Let’s be honest here. No, I mean brutally honest. Bill Maher is a one man anti-Semitism production factory. I mean, how do you think that Joe Sixpack in Fly-Over country reacts to clowns like Maher? I mean when someone sh*ts on everything you’ve been taught your whole life to believe in, how do you think the people on the publically humilated end of the Maher shaming ritual are going to react?

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