Typical UWI Student

October 15, 2008 at 3:10 am (Funny, Life, Trinidad) (, , , , , , , , )

This is already online as it was sent in to 2 major local newspapers, the Newsday and the Trinidad Guardian and both published it today, October 14th. I however felt the urge to scan it as further solid proof of the legendary stupidity of UWI students. Please, for a good laugh, check out the letter below that this girl (who also included her name!!) submitted as some sort of appeal to get back her very expensive Samsonite bag which she nonchalantly left outside of the UWI library.
Typical UWI student
Typical UWI student
The history of the “bag outside of the library” thing is interesting. Years ago before Bhoe Tewarie was principal and the university did not function as a free-for-all accept anyone money factory, people put their bags outside of the library when they were just too lazy to go walk back to their locker…or because they didn’t have a locker seeing that they were always scarce. Incidents where people got their bags stolen outside of the library began almost instantly with Tewarie’s 15,000+ a year student intake (amounts to a 300-400% increase) and smart people began to not carry their bags inside. Noob freshers come in every year and see the few slack final-year students like myself who may be lazy on a particular day and leave their bags outside…and think that’s some sort of “in” thing and do it to death.
On my last visit to UWI, there were about 60 bookbags all just thrown outside of library, with their owners inside. Despite the numerous incidents of people losing their bags from this stupid practice,  despite the  flyers stuck across campus with people begging to have their bags returned after they themself engaged in this stupid practice, despite the new signs posted clearly outside of the library advising students to not leave their bags there as UWI has more lockers…..people continue to leave their bags outside of the library. Its gotten so bad the girl’s bag was gone in 15 minutes.
The audacity and sheer stupidity of her to then publicly identify herself as yet another person to throw their personal belongings in front of a public place, leave it unattended, and expect to get it back intact when you’re done checking your facebook friend requests in the lab inside. Why don’t I throw my wallet in front of the mall before going in to prevent me from spending too much money, go in, eat, watch a movie and come back and seek to find it???
And listen to her amazing description, as if her audience wasn’t already lost or rolling on the floor laughing at the first sight of “UWI…student….leaves…bag…outside…library….bag gone” :

The right strap is starting to wear out and there may be one or two pen marks on the
interior. It has seven pockets, including a sleeve in the main compartment that could fit a laptop. I had it in a black woolen sweater; two notebooks, one light blue thick hardcover Scholar with various course handouts inside, the other, a bright pink ringed John Dickenson for scrap work; a paperback novel..LG phone charger…bottle of tylenol….There were also some sweetie wrappers, flyers and two bright pink buttons in what should be the right-hand side pocket..

Holy shit. She even remembered she had candy wrappers and the colour AND NUMBER of buttons that were in the “right-hand side pocket” of the bag.

With memory like that, why can’t she remember the numerous incidents where this already happened, and NOT BE ANOTHER STATISTIC?

Stupid, naive and misplaced indignation sums up the entire affair. Typical UWI student.

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