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Ranked #89 of the top 100 visited sites in Trinidad and Tobago which is down about 50 places since introducing a “pay-per-view” system. Am I a hobo or is this wrong? The bright idea of this site is to share porn, Trinidadian porn. Sounds cool, problem is, a lot of what is being shared are just nude pics of girls, not porn stars but just regular trini girls without their consent. Some of what is shared is actual “member produced” content but um, who really cares. The site is basically a forum divided into “levels” of which supposedly the higher the level the more hardcore the stolen porn is. I can vouch that this is true and there actually are a lot of unfortunate people whose very personal pictures have somehow floated into the “elite” section of a sleazy porn forum based in Trinidad.

Furthermore, the pseudo-entrepreneurial admin of the totally ad-free site has recently instituted a “service charge“..effectively now selling and distributing pictures and videos of people who probably did not know their picture was taken or knew it was but never intended for it to be distributed without their consent.

This is a message from “Admin” of :

This is an idea of some of the topic posts that are on the site…includes pictures as well!!!!!!!!!!!

LEVEL 1: folder named ”D Common Cold”

1)Synergy Girl
2)naps girl
3)uwi girl
4)wet-t-shirt event
5)The Queen and her crew
6)central girl
7)Arima! represent
8)shara ramsawak
9)Isabella from Villa
10)Jermaine from Marabella

Well poor Shara Ramsawak better hope her boyfriend is computer illiterate. Additionally the material of a well-known local softcore naughty magazine named Sunday Punch is being sold at trinifever.

Isn’t this all very wrong and fucked up? Needless to say people may lose their jobs and have their reputations ruined over such things. Just ask Sampson Nanton, whose infamous sex pics made public via email 2 years ago are also floating around somewhere on trinifever.

I’m all for sharing porn, but I surely wouldn’t like if a group of people were to share a naked pic of me and refer to it as “porn”, charge people to see it and think they’re doing a service to the world. Not to mention the unbelievable naivete of the people behind the site in thinking that because their little freeware SMF forum software divided the site into levels that its impossible for anyone to hack trinifever and freely mass distribute everything on it, underlying the idea that there should not be such a site or central stash of stolen porn. A further annoyance is the arrogance of the staff there and its sycophantic members who think the site is the best thing since google. Messages from “Admin” and a moderator :

“Trini Fever has become one of the most popular places for trinis to visit online. We have an international audience as well as a caribbean one.I believe that the site has become so popular that we need to start cleaning up our member groups. One method of doing this is to initiate a yearly service charge fee of $100.00 TT dollars”

“International audience”…lol the asininity of these people is boundless. Is there even any site on the *pause* INTER-net that doesn’t have an international audience? Should all bloggers and webmasters get pig-headed and charge per view of a page? $100TT..that’s about $16US. Not much, but after seeing the content offered, its not worth a penny, and its wrong in a number of ways to even charge a penny for seeing unsolicited personal pictures of random, unsuspecting, mildy attractive Trinidadians…and a few idiots who choose to be exhibitionists.

These are some videos that one of Trini Fever’s “competitors” has exhibited as being hot local porn……I decided to share this with you all because I realize that there are several members who purposely try to test the Moderators with fake pics and vids –

So my fellow members enjoy and you tell us (the Moderators) which of these are local and which site is the true leader in local porn……..”

“True leader in local porn” he Who really cares about nationality in porn? See if you can really tell the difference between a Trinidadian and a Barbadian, or a Czech from a Slovak.

Stupid sites like these shouldn’t exist, and such people shouldn’t own a PC, but such is the nature of the internet…apart from having “international audiences”. If you’re ever bored, check out the shameful group of sleazebags over at and guilt-free porno using google 🙂



  1. the agent said,

    after saying all this yet the site has 4496 Members……lol to you

  2. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    Coprophiliac sites have thousands of members too, what is your point? It feels good to cower around your sycophants who hail you as “admin” and kiss your ass, but sadly for you in reality they don’t amount to 4496 actual people. You still illegally profit off the exploitation and humiliation of people. I would lol at how pathetic you and your “retort” are, but i’m too sickened by both of them.

  3. the agent said,

    you should mind your business. you don’t understand anything. you should talk to some of the girls who have been posted on other sites and ask them about my role and then talk about me.

  4. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    I don’t even have to do that because I’ve observed many instances where pictures and videos are up there and noone on the forum even knows the name of the people in them but there is clear evidence that they are Trinidadians and their faces are clearly shown. How then could they have authorized anyone to distribute them? Regardless of their nationality you can never really justify what you are doing especially since you charge for things you have no copyright for.

    But anyway “mind my business?” Why the fuck are you giving me a schedule of actions that I “should” do? Don’t come here with your I’m-the-boss-complex bullshit. Fucking get over yourself.

  5. the agent said,

    do i bad talk you? or your site? get something better to do with your time

  6. the agent said,

    to highlight how much little you know about the reality of the site……..Shara Ramsawak… actually a trini girl who went over to Venezuela and doing porn…

    now for your stupid statement

    ”Well poor Shara Ramsawak better hope her boyfriend is computer illiterate”

    and incase you dont no i have sections where girls are paid for their services and are quite aware they are on the site

  7. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    You apparently don’t know or are pretending to not know the reality of your own site, if she and the rest are porn stars, fine, but my point is not all girls there are. I know you have your stupid hidden sections, like the one where a topic was made over this blog, it still doesn’t change the issue. You’re the incarnate of irony to tell ME to do something better with my time.

  8. killerbee said,

    good points Master.

    The agent fella doing all that ole talk above get put out of Trini Fever and I hear they revamping the place to improve upon the shit he do. They eh charging no $100 again, that was he scam to make some money it look like. He gone and run and make another site now call and promising all kinda thing, but be warned…he go want to talk to everyone privately on yahoo and chain you up to only send him ting and whisper all kinda nice thing in your ear. Beware of the ole talk…play smart, be a member in both site both don’t get fooled into parting with your thing so easily.

  9. masteroftheundisputedtruth said,

    That’s sad. I expected that though. People like that have an insatiable need to appear important. He should run for parliament.

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