Bleach Fillers Almost Over

September 17, 2008 at 6:38 pm (Anime) (, , )

Episode #188 : Duel! Amagai vs Ichigo comes out tonight. You can get direct downloads from or This episode marks the beginning of the end of the ever-so-long-been-bugging-me-since-exam-season stupid Amagai Shuusuke filler arc.

— Spoiler Alert —

What kind of stupid finale are they building up to anyway? I can’t believe they used another captain betrayal story. Amagai is really the son of a shinigami killed by Captain Commander Yamamoto, so he’s back to take his revenge. Wow. And Ichigo is going to have one of those “final battles” with him, angry because Lurichiyo was “put through so much”. Can you say underwhelming?


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