John McCain’s Age

February 28, 2008 at 3:20 am (Politics)

I have utmost respect for John McCain. Being a POW in Vietnam of all places and going through shit like this :

McCain Captured

is no joke. However, after seeing him on TV a few times, I can’t help but notice how frickin old he looks. He’s 73 years old!

Here’s a picture of him now :John McCain

he looks like those old men who “think they still got it”. His hands are like raisins. He needs to chill out, go home, take a cruise around the world with his trophy wife who is 19 years younger than him :


and leave this presidency shit to other people. Seeing him on TV give speeches and debate and be on the campaign grind reminds me of seeing the Pope John Paul II….pretty much do anything in public. You feel sorry for them because they’re out there fighting like hell for a stupid job at this very old age instead of retiring their asses and enjoying life like they’re supposed to at age 70+. Seriously, someone close to him needs to get him to quit., for his own good.

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