Obama Drama

February 23, 2008 at 8:44 am (Politics, Rants)

Obama extends lead

Well, to my surprise, its come to this. Barack Obama, a young, perfect personification of the term “johnny come lately” with negligable experience in politics….has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming President of the United States. John McCain, who looks like he may just collapse at any given time is pretty much already the Republican candidate for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, my choice, confident, strong, clear and committed as ever to bringing real solutions to the table, looks like she may have to wait yet another 4 years or even 8 years if Obama were to win and be elected a 2nd term, given his current lead over her.

But why? Why is he beating the wife of one of the most popular U.S presidents since Ronald Reagan, Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton in the race? Apart from her popularity from just being his wife, Hillary Clinton has decades of stripes in fighting for healthcare and children. On the other hand, the only thing about Obama that is interesting is his race and his public speaking skills.

Al Sharpton (a black man), in his bid to capture the Democratic nomination garnered no more than 5% max at each primary and caucus for which he contended. His entire campaign was based on entertaining one-liners (”Unlike Governor Schwarenegger, I do my own stunts”), jokes, and nonsense talk. Here now in 2008 we have the repeat of the same thing, with a bit more finesse and eloquence, yet Obama is WINNING primaries by significant margins.

Why can’t people see beyond the color of his skin? Yes he’s black, hurray for breaking the status quo, but is he really what the media has created him to be? The Lord and Savior of America? Is he really more suitable over any of his competitors? To give credit where it is due, he does indeed have a way with words, but a President is a President, not a motivational speaker. Would you vote for Joel Osteen to handle the affairs of the most powerful and influential country in the world? Or would you leave him to continue giving nice speeches, and leave that up to people who know what they’re doing? America is mixing it up. The democrats are mixing it up, again. Didn’t they learn from John Kerry? Stop fooling around and nominate the best candidate to compete with the Republicans. Before it was Howard Dean, now its Hillary Clinton.

If only people weren’t so blinded by his rhetoric. Analyze his speeches, any speech, even his speech at the Democratic National Convention for the last presidential election which was so inspiring and boldly delivered that he only became a political force to be reckoned with at that moment, they’re all the same.

America is on its way forward
The audacity of hope
They said it can’t be done
It’s time for change
We are the change that we seek
Americans believe in an America where anything is possible

What does it all mean? What the fuck is the “audacity of hope”??? Change what?? Why?? Its all a hot pile of bullshit. Many a time I’ve seen him dodge detailed, specific, bullshit-proof questions, only to come back shortly after with even more of this feel-good rhetoric of his.

This entire situation to me is like someone promoting a product for which you’ve never seen, touched, heard about, smelled or tasted, but keeps brainwashing you of how good the product is, how much different it will make your life, how happy you will become, how brave you will be to use it, charging you a million dollars for it…and…….you happily purchase it.. The product can very well be air or bottled water for all you know, but you choose to put your faith into the description and articulation of it by the person selling it, rather than your own pragmatism.

But, things they say happen for a reason. Its about time the democrats learnt a lesson in character judgement. Let Barack Obama the used-car salesman/Black Joel Osteen/little boy from Sweeney Todd that tried to pass off “piss and ink” as a cosmetic/pastor win the Democratic party’s nomination…..so that he can be torn to pieces by the Republicans and let them win. OR, let him win both, be the first Black president, the American news channels, A&E and the History Channel will go to town with all of the insight into how siginificant it would be, blah blah blah, and then lets all see Pastor I mean President Obama handle a problem, say, talking to the North Korean President, Kim Jong-Il about stopping nuke programs, using the same drivel and rhetoric without substance as he does now, see that approach fail miserably and with much embarassment, come back here, and allow me to tell you that… I told you so.


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