Midnight Bother

February 11, 2008 at 5:19 am (Uncategorized)

After 10 years of blogging (in some form or fashion) sporadically, i’m back. Why? I don’t know..I have a life and a significant other, and i’m certainly not just jumping on the blogging bandwagon..so what is it? Well after analyzing what I’ve always yapped about online I’ve realized that most of my posts share the common denominator of ranting. Politics..relationships…music..ice cream flavours..movies…Darfur…I’ve touched on just about everything. It would therefore logically follow that if I only post stuff like this, not consistently, but in the little by little way i’ve done over a period of time, this must be somehow therapeutic to me. Facebook notes and my MSN Live Space just doesn’t add up to venting to anyone who stumbles into here. Its great that I can find this little blurb through google to support my theory :

A new survey finds that 50 percent of bloggers blog as a form of self-therapy. In fact, according to a survey conducted by AOL and Digital Marketing Services, a research firm specializing in Web-based surveys, therapy is a big motivator for bloggers, more so than politics, news, and/or gossip.

“What we’ve noticed is that bloggers aren’t necessarily wannabe journalists, or people out to break news or get noticed by the public. They’re writing for themselves, and their blogs serve as a recreational and therapeutic outlet for their thoughts,” said Bill Schreiner, vice president, AOL Community, in a statement. “In a way, blogs serve as oral history. When it comes to sharing blogs and reading other people’s blogs, we like to connect with people, learn about their lives, and find common ground.”

Other survey findings are in step with the self-therapy theme. For example, 54 percent of those polled say they like to share their thoughts and feelings with others. And in times of high anxiety, nearly one out of three respondents (31 percent) turn to either writing in their blog or reading the blogs of other people who are experiencing similar issues; that’s six times as many as those who prefer to seek help and counseling from a professional (5 percent).”

So to prevent emotional constipation…here’s my first blog for 2008.


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